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31.8.20 19:55 Now Trending: Lesso Ranallo
31.8.20 19:12 
31.8.20 18:03 
Hmmmmm @NBCNightlyNews??
31.8.20 17:31 
With one minute to spare...patch cables (yellow)! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
31.8.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 23.52 ▼0.53 (Range: 23.48 - 24.15)
31.8.20 10:38 Breakfast Blend
31.8.20 09:56 
Hey hi! Guess what? I played TWENTY-FIVE REQUESTS (!!!!!) on Saturday, including at least one from everybody I tagged. I'm glad for the musical tastes represented here - yes, ALL of them - but if for whatever reason you aren't hearing what YOU wanted....well, I'm hoping you're ready with YOUR request for THIS Saturday!

(Shared from 08/29/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
31.8.20 02:58 Oh dear - it's finally happened
31.8.20 00:17 
Obsessed with this spider web
31.8.20 00:15 There's a HUGE spider web near my front door but I don't know if it'll survive any rain
30.8.20 20:33 
Dang this PPV ended 27 minutes early #WWEPayback #WWEtimeback
30.8.20 20:32 
At WWE shop Roman Reigns "Wreck Everyone & Leave" T's will set you back $27.99, but tonight you can buy two for $28.99 #WWEPayback
30.8.20 20:30 
RT @tapemachines: fuck this shit it's time for Otis
30.8.20 20:28 
Geez, I should wait for the replay but it looks like Charles Robinson really overslapsticked his ring exit there #WWEPayback
30.8.20 20:18 
Fiend doesn't have his Tom Savini belt, he's losin' #WWEPayback
30.8.20 19:50 
Along the same lines, Rey Mysterio's graphic still has two working eyes #WWEPayback
30.8.20 19:48 
Rollins' "Monday Night Messiah" graphic is still wearing a SHIELD flak jacket #WWEPayback
30.8.20 19:30 
Ah what the hell, he doesn't even get his cool music? They're really WWE-ing up this man #WWEPayback
30.8.20 19:30 
If I were still recapping, he'd be KEITH "GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS" LEE for at least ten years
30.8.20 19:28 
Hahahaha "Greetings and salutations!" I clearly didn't know this man was such a goober #WWEPayback
30.8.20 18:39 
Real time Graves' "uh oh" count for this match: 68,573 #WWEPayback
30.8.20 18:12 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
30.8.20 17:20 
Booker T just said "the hourglass is ticking" and nobody reacted #WWEPaybackPreshow
30.8.20 16:48 
Oh right the weekly WWE PPV is tonight
30.8.20 15:48 One hundred fifty-four million wasted clicks
30.8.20 06:06 
RT @outagedetect: Major Internet #outage detected: #CenturyLink in #Minnesota since 5:05 AM, impacting #Duluth #MapleGrove #Osseo +12 areas

Live map and analysis />
#CenturyLinkHelp #CenturyLinkdown #CenturyLinkoutage #nointernet #EarlyMorning
30.8.20 01:54 
@funkomatic don't leave earth without one!
29.8.20 20:19 
Okay these may be the best "nacho cheese" chips I've ever sampled! GAME CHANGED
29.8.20 19:29 
Oh no my car is so old the little gas cap holder-onner thing has snapped off
29.8.20 19:25 
 $2.099/g (I saw $1.899 in the boonies last night but didn't stop - I do get 30¢/g off from Cub at least, so call it $1.799/g heh) - Holiday Station Store (Saint Paul, MN)
29.8.20 16:50 
Hey wanna know what happened to all the requests I begged you for Thursday night? Tune/stream into KFAI (90•3/kfai•org) in TEN MINUTES for TWO SOLID HOURS of YOURRRRRRRRRR PROGRAMMING! A very special "fifth Saturday" episode of KFAI Weekend on Demand is coming courtesy me - and YOU!
29.8.20 16:45 
LIVE AT FIVE with two solid hours of requests for a fifth Saturday of the month! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
29.8.20 14:23 Italian Roast
29.8.20 13:31 This is the best (and truest) joke about LaLa I've ever shared (so yeah gotta share it again)
29.8.20 02:18 RT @_jazzghost_: .@KylePlantEmoji gave me an idea

Baroque Club Banger (G Minor Fugue 1703 Remix) RT
@_jazzghost_: .@KylePlantEmoji gave me an idea

Baroque Club Banger (G Minor Fugue 1703 Remix)
29.8.20 02:02 @swampynomo @KFAIweekend Also a (the?) highlight of the Beavis & Butthead movie soundtrack!
29.8.20 00:01 Now THAT'S how you grab the younger generations! @ Cub
28.8.20 23:10  IT'S GROCERY TIME - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
28.8.20 23:05  Closed at 10 - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
28.8.20 22:56 Lake Byllesby (Cannon Falls, MN)
28.8.20 22:55 
 Trying out the Purple Ramp...I wouldn't get to use it until at least January, but should I invest in me? - Centennial Parking Ramp (Saint Paul, MN)
28.8.20 19:49  Just need some bits and bobs - Menards (Saint Paul, MN)
28.8.20 17:05 
  probably a shirt? Oh! One of my sale hiviz DICKIES - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.8.20 16:44 
RT @RealSpikeCohen: Check out this quick interview WWE star Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) did with me earlier today!
28.8.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.05 ▼0.12 (Range: 23.85 - 24.30)
28.8.20 14:44 
Listened to "Welcome to Zamrock! Vol. 1" on Spotify
28.8.20 13:29 
Listened to "Welcome To Zamrock! Vol. 2" on Spotify
28.8.20 13:18 
Listened to DJ Pierre - I Feel Love - 1979 Disco Club Mix
27.8.20 23:15 
@gaudifan8 @kfaiFMradio @KFAIweekend I'm sensing a movement! (Tell @GrayBeatMusic I already said yes to the first guy, hehe)
27.8.20 21:26 Curfew's fun, isn't it?

What's something you'd like to hear that I'd be able to find tonight or tomorrow and play on Saturday? Preferably something you're NOT hearing on the radio already, although if it's something that used to be played and isn't now, I'm probably down. But for real, what's your favourite Zambian funk track?
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