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20.9 18:01 the-w Survival Football: 2020.02
20.9 16:34 
And then I forgot to repeat it over the air! (But SPOILER: I did mention it at the end of what will be Tuesday's Dollar Bin) RT @cruisectrlkfai: I told @crz while on a few hundred mg of gas station CBD that I'd bring back Cruise Control this Friday at 2pm over on the Irregular Audio stream and I will stick by that. I've loaded about 36 hrs of smooth into their system, so we should be good to sail.
20.9 16:31 @tapemachines Was "orangeremnernin" uttered?
20.9 04:08 Say whaa RT @CopperRoseZM: @CRZ has moved to #Ibex Hill, and tomorrow we shall be having a launch of our new office. #Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us.
20.9 03:17 
RIP to my camo Polo shorts (also, I wonder how long I've had this giant rrrrip in my butt walking around today)
19.9 20:27 
I'LL EAT THAT: I've been hanging onto these so long they're no longer available, if you believe the "ends 9/10/20" on the bag. This tastes like a good hot dry rub you'd put on your chicken. Delicious, nicely spicy, easy to eat the whole bag although the heat builds as you go. Homer GIF courtesy Kris (Part 1 of 5)
19.9 16:54 
 Live in five! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
19.9 15:35 
WEEKLY PLUG: Forget that I'm on at 5, turn to KFAI (90•3/kfai•org) RIGHT NOW so you can catch the rest of Lynval's INCREDIBLE "tribute to Toots" special - I know today sucks and 2020 sucks but music can make you feel better and Toots & the Maytals are definitely lifting ME up right now - and then you can come back down with me at 5 ;-) but I'm starting off with Janelle Monáe so mmmmmmmaybe?
19.9 15:19 Sea Salt Caramel
19.9 04:25 @TheFakeWill1 @lobomendez @jeveuxreveiller I love and miss all y'all!
19.9 04:00 
Just looking over the @KFAIweekend playlist for the week - somehow I'm gonna cram 30 tracks into a two hour show (maybe) - "8 minute remix CRZ" may wonder what kind of presenter I've turned into but 12 shows in, I really like how we've been going... and it continues at 1700 CDT!
18.9 16:49 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
18.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.87 ▼0.01 (Range: 20.59 - 21.07)
18.9 13:11 
I'm suspicious in general, but today I'm suspicious of ANYBODY who feels I should have already voted by now.
18.9 12:55 I can't tell you how many times I've confused you with The Thecubsfan RT @luchablog: tbf I came up with "luchablog" and "thecubsfan" so don't put me in charge of names
18.9 12:27 
Ah, flattery will get you everywhere....or at least spun another time on @kfaiFMradio about 30 hours from now @KFAIweekend (with the requisite hat tips to @cruisectrlkfai and @DJ_SLT) RT @caminodisco: god-tier radio programming move from @CRZ
(oct 2019)
18.9 11:07 Decaf Breakfast Blend
18.9 10:29 Organic Sumatra
17.9 20:15 
 $1.899/g! - M & H (Duluth, MN)
17.9 20:12  Cooool (slightly latergram) - Duluth Lift Bridge (Duluth, MN)
17.9 19:51 
17.9 19:12  Sweets! - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Duluth, MN)
17.9 18:58  Less Trump bumper stickers than I was expecting - Duluth Pack (Duluth, MN)
17.9 17:05 
We travel 150 miles to socially distance
(Ursa Minor Brewing)
17.9 16:37 
 Waiting for Andy - Ursa Minor Brewing (Duluth, MN)
17.9 15:26  (No) Growler detour - Castle Danger Brewery (Two Harbors, MN)
17.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.88 ▼0.23 (Range: 20.52 - 20.93)
17.9 14:55  Yow! - Northern Terminus Of Interstate 35 (Duluth, MN)
17.9 13:35  I'm told there are caramel rolls as big as my head here - Tobies Restaurant & Bakery (Hinckley, MN)
17.9 13:24  I'm told there are caramel rolls as big as my head here - Tobies Restaurant & Bakery (Hinckley, MN)
17.9 11:42 
  zine + future gift + no expensive box set from BLEEP which now lists on Discogs for $400 US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
17.9 11:12 #tbt #recycled Man, I was much cuter last week/a year earlier - oh well
17.9 01:13 
  Finally put Mom's card in the mailbox - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 20:02 
None o' these yokels know how to pronounce FANDANGOO #NXT
16.9 18:24 
Sometimes you find yourself thinking "I wonder which name they were going for - and do they know there really aren't any women named Abraham out there?" Things might be different in Ghana, of course - I say Ghana because all their Likes seem to be tied to that particular country....but who can really read the mind of this "Abarham Abrish"
16.9 16:48 
 Well, that explains the "half off" bulk food last week I guess - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 16:39 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.11 ▼0.12 (Range: 20.98 - 21.44)
16.9 13:33 @aadesigncreate @AndiHarriman I did spend WAY too much time on this morning after learning this
16.9 12:13 Crème Brûlée Latte
15.9 23:29 High recommendation (via @grumpymartian, via @andicbuchanan) RT @mangopdf: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020 RT @CRZ: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020
15.9 23:27 High recommendation RT @mangopdf: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020 RT @CRZ: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020
15.9 19:22 
I DIDN'T EAT THAT: Finally throwing out all my not-Top Ramen with freshness dates in years such as 2007 and 2005 (it's entirely possible I bought some of these before moving to Minnesota?!) RIP chicken+Creamora noodles, strange economy brand noodles and interesting imported delicacies I'll never know because I needed to eat white rice for the ten thousandth time
15.9 16:32 
  Ugh - "maybe it'll show up in a few days" is the best they can do...what good was tracking, then - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.23 ▼0.03 (Range: 21.03 - 21.63)
14.9 20:29 @DublDownDrew I'll have to take your word for it! (I still think it's a shitty, shitty ad)
14.9 19:56 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
14.9 19:44 Guys, be sure to spring now for "ESPN Plus" so you can hear Chris "Boomer" Berman MAKE FUNNY NOISES!!!!!!!
14.9 19:43 Are they only using yellow lights to illuminate MetLife Stadium tonight? I'm relieved I'm not the only person on Twitter to think the #MNF feed just looks kinda WRONG tonight. @ESPNNFL
14.9 16:34 
  Man, where's that box set?! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
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