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20.9 18:41 
Well these were mighty fine. More cheesy than beefy, but hit all the right "cheesesteak" vibes. It might be from blasting my tongue with the heat of yesterday's chips, but today's almost came off as...more subtle than I'd like? Gimme more!! (Part 2 of 5)
20.9 18:01 the-w Survival Football: 2020.02
20.9 16:34 
And then I forgot to repeat it over the air! (But SPOILER: I did mention it at the end of what will be Tuesday's Dollar Bin) RT @cruisectrlkfai: I told @crz while on a few hundred mg of gas station CBD that I'd bring back Cruise Control this Friday at 2pm over on the Irregular Audio stream and I will stick by that. I've loaded about 36 hrs of smooth into their system, so we should be good to sail.
20.9 16:31 @tapemachines Was "orangeremnernin" uttered?
20.9 04:08 Say whaa RT @CopperRoseZM: @CRZ has moved to #Ibex Hill, and tomorrow we shall be having a launch of our new office. #Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us.
20.9 03:17 
RIP to my camo Polo shorts (also, I wonder how long I've had this giant rrrrip in my butt walking around today)
19.9 20:27 
I'LL EAT THAT: I've been hanging onto these so long they're no longer available, if you believe the "ends 9/10/20" on the bag. This tastes like a good hot dry rub you'd put on your chicken. Delicious, nicely spicy, easy to eat the whole bag although the heat builds as you go. Homer GIF courtesy Kris (Part 1 of 5)
19.9 16:54 
 Live in five! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
19.9 15:35 
WEEKLY PLUG: Forget that I'm on at 5, turn to KFAI (90•3/kfai•org) RIGHT NOW so you can catch the rest of Lynval's INCREDIBLE "tribute to Toots" special - I know today sucks and 2020 sucks but music can make you feel better and Toots & the Maytals are definitely lifting ME up right now - and then you can come back down with me at 5 ;-) but I'm starting off with Janelle Monáe so mmmmmmmaybe?
19.9 15:19 Sea Salt Caramel
19.9 04:25 @TheFakeWill1 @lobomendez @jeveuxreveiller I love and miss all y'all!
19.9 04:00 
Just looking over the @KFAIweekend playlist for the week - somehow I'm gonna cram 30 tracks into a two hour show (maybe) - "8 minute remix CRZ" may wonder what kind of presenter I've turned into but 12 shows in, I really like how we've been going... and it continues at 1700 CDT!
18.9 16:49 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
18.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.87 ▼0.01 (Range: 20.59 - 21.07)
18.9 13:11 
I'm suspicious in general, but today I'm suspicious of ANYBODY who feels I should have already voted by now.
18.9 12:55 I can't tell you how many times I've confused you with The Thecubsfan RT @luchablog: tbf I came up with "luchablog" and "thecubsfan" so don't put me in charge of names
18.9 12:27 
Ah, flattery will get you everywhere....or at least spun another time on @kfaiFMradio about 30 hours from now @KFAIweekend (with the requisite hat tips to @cruisectrlkfai and @DJ_SLT) RT @caminodisco: god-tier radio programming move from @CRZ
(oct 2019)
18.9 11:07 Decaf Breakfast Blend
18.9 10:29 Organic Sumatra
17.9 20:15 
 $1.899/g! - M & H (Duluth, MN)
17.9 20:12  Cooool (slightly latergram) - Duluth Lift Bridge (Duluth, MN)
17.9 19:51 
17.9 19:12  Sweets! - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Duluth, MN)
17.9 18:58  Less Trump bumper stickers than I was expecting - Duluth Pack (Duluth, MN)
17.9 17:05 
We travel 150 miles to socially distance
(Ursa Minor Brewing)
17.9 16:37 
 Waiting for Andy - Ursa Minor Brewing (Duluth, MN)
17.9 15:26  (No) Growler detour - Castle Danger Brewery (Two Harbors, MN)
17.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.88 ▼0.23 (Range: 20.52 - 20.93)
17.9 14:55  Yow! - Northern Terminus Of Interstate 35 (Duluth, MN)
17.9 13:35  I'm told there are caramel rolls as big as my head here - Tobies Restaurant & Bakery (Hinckley, MN)
17.9 13:24  I'm told there are caramel rolls as big as my head here - Tobies Restaurant & Bakery (Hinckley, MN)
17.9 11:42 
  zine + future gift + no expensive box set from BLEEP which now lists on Discogs for $400 US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
17.9 11:12 #tbt #recycled Man, I was much cuter last week/a year earlier - oh well
17.9 01:13 
  Finally put Mom's card in the mailbox - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 20:02 
None o' these yokels know how to pronounce FANDANGOO #NXT
16.9 18:24 
Sometimes you find yourself thinking "I wonder which name they were going for - and do they know there really aren't any women named Abraham out there?" Things might be different in Ghana, of course - I say Ghana because all their Likes seem to be tied to that particular country....but who can really read the mind of this "Abarham Abrish"
16.9 16:48 
 Well, that explains the "half off" bulk food last week I guess - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 16:39 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
16.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.11 ▼0.12 (Range: 20.98 - 21.44)
16.9 13:33 @aadesigncreate @AndiHarriman I did spend WAY too much time on this morning after learning this
16.9 12:13 Crème Brûlée Latte
15.9 23:29 High recommendation (via @grumpymartian, via @andicbuchanan) RT @mangopdf: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020 RT @CRZ: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020
15.9 23:27 High recommendation RT @mangopdf: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020 RT @CRZ: for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020
15.9 19:22 
I DIDN'T EAT THAT: Finally throwing out all my not-Top Ramen with freshness dates in years such as 2007 and 2005 (it's entirely possible I bought some of these before moving to Minnesota?!) RIP chicken+Creamora noodles, strange economy brand noodles and interesting imported delicacies I'll never know because I needed to eat white rice for the ten thousandth time
15.9 16:32 
  Ugh - "maybe it'll show up in a few days" is the best they can do...what good was tracking, then - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.9 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.23 ▼0.03 (Range: 21.03 - 21.63)
14.9 20:29 @DublDownDrew I'll have to take your word for it! (I still think it's a shitty, shitty ad)
14.9 19:56 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
14.9 19:44 Guys, be sure to spring now for "ESPN Plus" so you can hear Chris "Boomer" Berman MAKE FUNNY NOISES!!!!!!!
14.9 19:43 Are they only using yellow lights to illuminate MetLife Stadium tonight? I'm relieved I'm not the only person on Twitter to think the #MNF feed just looks kinda WRONG tonight. @ESPNNFL
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