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29.9.20 21:58 
Amusing(?) to see Angie Craig light money on fire for ad buys given her election was pushed to February because the Legal Weed party opponent died
29.9.20 21:56 
Ineligible to SERVE.

(Also, fictional character - maybe should have led with that)
29.9.20 21:55 
Let's be honest - might do better than Kanye West, but as a citizen of Japan ineligible to server RT @LegsWet: @CRZ PRESIDENT PIKACHU
29.9.20 21:52 
I know, I know - but still, let me remind you that here in Minnesota there are seven choices for President on our ballot that aren't either of these two dudes (eight if you count the write-in space)
29.9.20 21:25 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
29.9.20 20:38 
Biden failing to dedicate his COVID-19 answer to Herman Cain was a missed opportunity
29.9.20 20:38 
Trump tweeting during this debate is a serious breach of kayfabe
29.9.20 16:09 
Listened to Blue Öyster Cult - Tainted Blood
29.9.20 16:03 
Listened to Lady Blackbird - Beware The Stranger - Ashley Beedle's 'North Street West' Vocal Remix
29.9.20 15:17 @grumpymartian WD-40! yum
29.9.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.86 ▼0.21 (Range: 20.82 - 21.06)
29.9.20 14:24 
Wouldn't it be funny if somehow watching tonight's debate made you regret already mailing in your vote
29.9.20 14:02 
Listened to Fatima Yamaha - Day We Met
29.9.20 13:28 
On today's show, I finally play this one. Do you need any more hype than that?


(Shared from Christopher)
Some call him the gangster of love
29.9.20 09:59 
Listened to Bob Moses - Desire - Solomun Remix
29.9.20 01:20 

Does Congress even have this power?
28.9.20 16:45 
 Kale hide and seek - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9.20 16:30 
  Wow! Black metal from Netherlands AND a very slow Discogs order from Italy! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9.20 15:00 
This request definitely feels more like one of Nikki's and I have no idea why he's trying to Friend me - "Gana Crezi Madjeri"
28.9.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.07 ▲0.17 (Range: 20.85 - 21.18)
28.9.20 12:27 Saturday brought another two hours of new new music and your requests! I started with Stabbing Westward's cover of The Cure's "Burn" and it just rolled along from there, including new tracks by The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Bob Mould, Rise Against, Jodie Harsh, Big Ooh, Vex Ruffin, Mike Shinoda, Æ MAK, Life Skills, Phoenix, Kylie Minogue, Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu, Pendulum, Vioator, Belle Mt. and The Resistance Revival Chorus....and, oh yeah, Vin Diesel. Give me two hours and a listen from the archive and let me know what you think!
28.9.20 10:04 
Listened to Billie Eilish - lovely (with Khalid)
27.9.20 22:31 @hansen9j There's still time
27.9.20 20:54 
WWE: "It's not racist because we say 'the family' instead of 'Samoans!'" #WWEClash
27.9.20 20:27 
Wow!! Can you believe we're about to refer to Roman Reigns as the transition champion to get us to Jey Uso? #WWEClash
27.9.20 20:16 
Well obviously Drew can't win until Ric Flair intervenes on his behalf #WWEClash #ALegendsReunion
27.9.20 20:00 
27.9.20 18:27 
Pretty sure the ref gave a pretty easy to lipread "five minutes" time cue there #WWEClash (oops, this tweet didn't send - anyway, should be over close to bottom of the hour)
27.9.20 18:02 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
27.9.20 17:22 
Last one! Whenever you get pizza chips, the obvious question is "do they taste like Keebler Pizzarias?" They don't, and I'm happy about that. Nice tomato/cheese/spice blend. Kettle cooking always enhances the wacky flavours and this one's no exception. Probably the best of the bunch ...or in a close tie with the cheesesteak chops, but honestly I don't really need to buy any of these ever again. (Part 5 of 5)
27.9.20 15:49 Clearly neither the Bengals nor the Eagles actually want to WIN this season
27.9.20 15:12 Waiting for the 2 point conversion hot takes, but you gotta admit the Vikes ALWAYS find a way
27.9.20 15:00 RT @thecubsfan: if there are no fans in the stands, they shouldn't put up the net on the kicks. let the ball deflect wildly off a seat for entertainment
27.9.20 13:59 the-w Survival Football: 2020.03
27.9.20 03:00 Three A M thoughts
27.9.20 02:59 
Does @BurgerKing know that that one dude in their "man on the street" ad is saying "Me encanta" which is, like, the @McDonalds slogan and they just left it in because they didn't care or to tweak them or get sued or what
27.9.20 00:58 
So, again...when I think "chile relleno," and this is reinforced by the photo they've selected, that means: 1. Mildest, largest green "pepper" in the world, 2. Whole lotta cheese, 3. Whole lotta breading. Who thinks this translate to a great tater chip besides Lay's? Do they even think that? What I ended up with was something pretty weak in the tastes and just too damned close to plain ol' Sour Cream & Onion. What was the point? So....kinda disappointing crop this season. MAYBE the last bad will redeem them, but I have doubts. (Part 4 of 5)
27.9.20 00:31 
Listened to Hjálmar - Slingur
27.9.20 00:29 
Listened to Propaganda - Duel
27.9.20 00:17 
Listened to Propaganda - The Murder of Love
26.9.20 16:31 
 Live at five with new new music and YOUR requests!!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.20 15:48 
Another great Caribbean Jam is on KFAI right now - and in about 75 minutes I'll take to the board for a new @KFAIweekend!
26.9.20 15:43 
RT @tapemachines: if you're not Flavor Blasting your Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers with Xtra Cheddar then just go live in the woods
26.9.20 15:41 
Both why I never listen to wrestling podcasts and also never had enough stroke to start my own! RT @d_henney: Wrestling podcasts in a nutshell. Run a promotion into the ground, get largely blacklisted from the industry, start podcast shitting on others who have run promotions into the ground and have been largely blacklisted from the industry. And watch the boner pill checks roll in
26.9.20 14:55 
Coming up on KFAI at 3 - Caribbean Jam! Then at 5, ME! Will I play the Vin Diesel single? Yes. Will you see it coming? MAYBE
26.9.20 04:15 
Watched You Don't Nomi
26.9.20 04:13 
Listened to Micahel Rother - Dreaming on Spotify
25.9.20 22:11 
Kimber messaged me a while back to tell me she had already tried these; I believe her verdict was that they were "weird" and that's really a pretty good review. They almost smelled like the pork had been BURNT...I didn't really get "street tacos" vibes from these. Pork but not much else. Jalapeno was in the ingredient list but nonexistent in the taste - these were not hot at all. I think I would have liked a little limón in there somewhere, especially if it had been simultaneously hotter. Maybe that's not proper carnitas, but that's how we did it at the night trucks in Modesto. Probably helped that these were the Wavy entry this year. I don't need to try them again,'s ironic that they were the hardest for me to find. (Part 3 of 5)
25.9.20 20:22 
(To his credit, he did correct himself during the caution)
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