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2.11.20 15:27 
Albert Raley and Darlene Raley />R19 Boddie and Eric Stoneham (C.U.P.) />*Jason Stanek and Taylor Motari
*Frederick Michael Carl Frederickson and Todd William Larson />Debroah (sic) Ann Rouse and Sheila Cannon />*Andrew Palmiscno and Kyle Palmiscno
Mark Charles and Adrian Wallace />Brian Carroll and Amar Patel (American Solidarity) />Michael Laboch and Raechelle Pope
Kasey Wells and Rachel Wells />*Ryan J. Gilmer and Brent S. Duncan,nm3681364 />Don Blankenship and William Alan Mohr (Constitution) />Mary Ruth Caro Simmons and Sherne Dow />*Patrick Whitcomb and Jason Horine
Darlo (sic) Hunter and Dawn Neptune Adams (Progressive) />Katherine Forbes (Kate Forbes) and Heath King
Barbara Bellar and Kendra Ann Bryant
Shawn Howard and Alyssa Howard />Marcus E Sykes and James Edward Mcfadden />Tom Hoefling and Andy Prior (Life, Liberty, Constitution) />Demetra Wysinger and Cedric D. Jefferson

*only registered in Minnesota

I'm sure I've put so many URLs in here that there's no WAY you'll ever be allowed to see it, but Facebook's all about voter suppression, right? Heh

Note: some of these are surely ineligible as you're not supposed to nominate a Pres AND Veep residing in the same state - we anxiously await all court challenges
2.11.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.94 ▲0.37 (Range: 20.53 - 21.01)
2.11.20 14:24 

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2.11.20 14:20 WOW HERE'S TWENTY MORE (thanks @MNSecofState) (9B/9)
2.11.20 14:18 
Mark Charles and Adrian Wallace (Independent) (9A/9)
2.11.20 13:32 @hack0tv @MNSecofState @HackmanRSPW Huh. What a platform, eh?
2.11.20 13:18 @hack0tv @MNSecofState Well that's interesting. Of course from my view I don't see a problem - and it came up in Icognito mode, too. What magic settings are you using? Do you have his name muted, perhaps?
2.11.20 12:58 Velvet Moon
2.11.20 12:11 
Finally, there's a write-in space, but unless you vote for a pre-registered write-in candidate, it won't show up in the tally as whoever you've written in. I don't believe we have any registered write-ins in Minnesota for President/Vice President (correct me if I'm wrong!) (9/9)
2.11.20 12:11 
Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy "Spike" Cohen (Libertarian)
2.11.20 12:11 
Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett (Socialist Workers) Coulnd't find a campaign website, but you can find more about their platform at
2.11.20 12:11 
Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard (Independent)
2.11.20 12:11 
Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier (Socialism and Liberation)
2.11.20 12:11 
Kanye West and Michelle Tidball (Independent)
2.11.20 12:11 
Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green)
2.11.20 12:11 
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson (Independence/Alliance)
2.11.20 12:11 
In Minnesota, there are nine tickets for President/Vice-President on the ballot. Maybe you'd like to know about the seven that AREN'T Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris? Here they are in the order provided by @MNSecofState, along with my best guess at their campaign websites: (1/9)
2.11.20 12:00 
My fellow Americans, I want YOU to VOTE!
No matter what!
No matter who!

Believe it or not, you can still cast a ballot for president without voting for Trump OR Biden!

This cycle, in the state of Minnesota, there are nine choices for President and Vice President of the United States. Here are the other seven, in the order listed at the MN Secretary of State's site, along with my best guess at their websites:
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson (Independence/Alliance) />Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green) />Kanye West and Michelle Tidball (Independent) />Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard (Independent) />Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier (Socialism and Liberation) />Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett (Socialist Workers) />Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy "Spike" Cohen (Libertarian) />FYI: There's a space to write in other folks but unless they've registered as write-in votes for Minnesota, those votes aren't counted. I have no knowledge of any registered write-in candidates.
2.11.20 10:46 
Listened to Robyn - Ever Again - Soulwax Remix
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Listened to Joe Goddard - Unknown Song - Extended Version
2.11.20 10:32 
Listened to Bush - Heroes
2.11.20 10:20 
Listened to John Carpenter - Weeping Ghost
2.11.20 10:13 
@davefinton Let's add one that's practically already happened: When/if Trump concedes, it will be a concurrent speech with his announcement of an intention to begin a 2024 campaign.
2.11.20 10:01 
@tapemachines Random: Senior Trip was probably the first time I thought to myself "huh, so Jeremy Renner DID make it outta Modesto"
2.11.20 08:12 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
2.11.20 08:07 
Listened to Foals - Inhaler - Tom Vek's Wheezemix
2.11.20 01:05 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
1.11.20 22:25 Chromebook asks to update Linux, says "this may take up to 30 minutes"
It's okay... I needed that nap
Still not sure why I needed that given THIS IS A CHROMEBOOK
1.11.20 17:57 Anybody else surprised NFL hasn't sold some sponsorship so commentators could call it, like, "the Rocket Mortgage medical tent presented by Quicken Loans"
1.11.20 17:18 topics of interest: October 2020
1.11.20 13:32 Crème Brûlée Latte
31.10.20 20:30 
If it's still Halloween where you are and you need two hours of offbeat spookiness, I got you. If it's no longer Halloween where you's still good!
31.10.20 19:47 
 Picking up a six pack for the bonfire brrrrrrr - Zipps Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
31.10.20 19:25 From KFAI (with detours)! (Walk: Distance: 2.17 miles, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:40:59, Average Speed: 3.17 mph)
31.10.20 16:42 
 HALLOWEEN on Demand LIVE in 20 minutes! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
31.10.20 16:11 To KFAI! (Walk: Distance: 1.8 miles, Elevation Gain: 12m, Moving Time: 00:29:19, Average Speed: 3.73 mph)
31.10.20 15:38 Organic Sumatra
31.10.20 15:08 If I don't see a still from "Zardoz" in my timeline, did Sean Connery REALLY die
31.10.20 15:01 
Caribbean Jam starts NOW on KFAI! Then at 5, I bring to you... HALLOWEEN ON DEMAND!
31.10.20 14:27 
These photos are excellently cropped

(Shared from Friendversary Video with Chuck)
31.10.20 00:27 I finally created this thing
30.10.20 21:44 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
30.10.20 17:08 
  The other 19 pounds of records arrived! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.10.20 16:34 
Listened to Goat Girl - Sad Cowboy - Tony Njoku Remix
30.10.20 16:30 
Listened to Fatima Yamaha - We Are Drops
30.10.20 16:27 
Listened to Logic1000 - Perfume - Edit
30.10.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.57 ▼0.04 (Range: 20.05 - 20.76)
30.10.20 13:37 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
30.10.20 13:33 
Listened to GusGus - Higher
30.10.20 01:51 
(It now occurs to me I forgot to send last week's cover, so the previous observation makes no sense)
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