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5.11 18:41 
RT @AndrewFeinberg: This is art.

@evanvucci / @AP
5.11 18:20 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
5.11 17:16 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
5.11 15:13 
I dunno, @SwarmApp - looks kinda depressing to me
5.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 22.02 ▲0.04 (Range: 21.96 - 22.48)
5.11 14:11 Actually, watching yet another press conference with anything except updated vote totals is an "arduous process"
5.11 14:03 Wow can you imagine what Gloria Borger and Van Jones' baby might look like
5.11 14:01 Hey John King, why don't you run through all those hypotheticals again, we can both pretend I haven't been watching for 45 hours straight
5.11 14:00 UPDATE: I keep pressing fast-forward but CNN is still taking an hour to give me 15 seconds' worth of no new news
5.11 13:17 Costa Rica Blend
4.11 21:43 @d_henney More broken promises RT @realDonaldTrump: Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!
4.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.98 ▲0.41 (Range: 21.50 - 22.37)
4.11 14:53 Sea Salt Caramel
4.11 10:40 
Well, this is weird - none of these are me
4.11 01:12 @hansen9j Are they playing the downtempo injury remix?
3.11 23:53 Hoo boy is CNN repetitive - every few minutes they play the KEY RACE ALERT music so Wolf can give the exact same numbers in the Arizona race he gave last time
3.11 23:48 "You forgot Poland" - Trump
3.11 23:37 Hoo boy is CNN repetitive - every few minutes they play the KEY RACE ALERT music so Wolf can give the exact same numbers in the Arizona race he gave last time
3.11 23:28 @hansen9j Spoilers, man
3.11 23:22 Hoo boy is CNN repetitive - every few minutes they play the KEY RACE ALERT music so Wolf can give the exact same numbers in the Arizona race he gave last time
3.11 18:20 @dream_salad BUT DID YOU GET ALL MY BIRTHDAY WISHES?????
3.11 17:16 
  🇺🇸 US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.57 ▲0.63 (Range: 21.02 - 21.63)
3.11 14:25 
Here's to ya, America
3.11 13:45 
For a little over an hour of election-free content, may I recommend RT @DollarBinShow: If you missed it on FA2 or just want to immediately hear it again, head over to @Mixcloud for our latest ep!
3.11 12:34 Since voting, I have received three texts from multiple parties imploring me to vote for their candidate
3.11 12:33 It took me approximately 0 minutes to vote. Now it's just 70º for no reason! Hell, it's almost too hot to do the yardwork I neglected to complete in October!
3.11 11:57 Colombian Supremo
3.11 11:41 
No line! Voter 368 (10151)
(Pratt Elementary)
3.11 11:38 
     Wasting - I mean, CASTING my vote! No line! Voter 368 (10151)! - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
2.11 21:29 
I bet an AMERRRRRRRRICAN NIIIIIIIIIIINJA WARRRRRRRRRRRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could scale it. Let's assemble some RT @shomaristone: JUST IN: White House Building ‘Non-Scalable' Fence, Increasing Security Ahead of Election.
Right now in downtown Washington DC, workers board up dozens of businesses.
@nbcwashington #ElectionEve #Election2020
2.11 20:28 
Sorry, fell asleep. Commentary team still don't know Jordan Omogbehin's name yet, huh? Ohhhhh well now they can never "collapse the ring" again #RAW
2.11 19:13 
Oh good we're back to that "guys the bell never rang" nonsense - well, at least Drew DID something? #RAW
2.11 19:10 
RKO HER, Randy! #RAW
2.11 19:08 
Oh, Drew McIntyre's a face, I suppose. He better interrupt this interview before I completely forget about him #RAW
2.11 19:07 
So Randy Orton (heel?) has to keep an eye out for such challengers as The Fiend (heel?) or perhaps contract holder Miz (heel?) and if he remains champ (likely, since they don't have title matches on #RAW) he'll go to SurSer, face...Roman Reigns (heel?) Did I get all that right?
2.11 19:02 
Okay well grab your balloons guys time for #RAW
2.11 18:51 
2.11 18:34 @grumpymartian You are probably expecting a comment from me. This is it.
2.11 18:11 Well, this is just a lovely website that focuses like a laser on a single topic and does it well:
2.11 16:30 
      Another Discogs order!! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
2.11 16:10 UPDATE: In an EXCLUSIVE statement just released to this reporter, Motari stated: "Dont vote for me."
2.11 15:45 
This concludes my TED Talk. Thank you for participating and if you STILL haven't found somebody to vote for...I guess YOU should have run. (22/21 oops)
2.11 15:43 
*were only registered as write-ins in Minnesota, according to Wikipedia
2.11 15:43 
...and folks I found NOTHIN' on:
*Andrew Palmiscno and Kyle Palmiscno
Michael Laboch and Raechelle Pope
*Patrick Whitcomb and Jason Horine
Katherine Forbes (Kate Forbes) and Heath King
Barbara Bellar and Kendra Ann Bryant
2.11 15:42 
*Ryan J. Gilmer and Brent S. Duncan - no website but it appears they've worked on lots of other projects together,nm3681364
2.11 15:42 
*Jason Stanek and Taylor Motari - hey I totally know the Motari Jaguar guy
2.11 15:42 
Demetra Wysinger and Cedric D. Jefferson (Couldn't find her except for her LAST run - @WYSINGERin2016)
2.11 15:41 
Strong hat tip for entertainment value to *Frederick Michael Carl Frederickson and Todd William Larson
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