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6.12.20 22:25 
Just read about Mark Dayton getting hitched. I can't wait to find out which 8-year-old out there will want to marry me in 25 years! Well... I guess I have to wait 25 years actually
6.12.20 18:03 I'm a few days late on this one, but that might just be the denial...RIP Leah Ottman
6.12.20 17:09 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
6.12.20 15:57 I miss you, McSluto
6.12.20 15:48 
6.12.20 15:45 
Okay, three more Arby's ads and THEN we'll join the Packers game in progress?
6.12.20 15:45 
@LegsWet I dunno... this is all I got on Sundays when WWE isn't running* and NASCAR isn't until February

*(although there is NXT tonight)
6.12.20 15:41 
I just feel like I could have been watching the Packers way earlier but Vikings gonna Vike
6.12.20 15:34 There have been a couple hundred fumbles in this game but sure, put off that game winning field goal and really run down that clock to guarantee the draw
6.12.20 15:33 Jay Feely wouldn't be content with winning by 3 when you can try and fail to win by 6
6.12.20 15:28 Highlander Grog
5.12.20 16:41 
Today I learned that on Riverside Ave, red lights are merely suggestions
5.12.20 16:14 
Weekly plug: I'll be live with new music and YOUR requests at the top of the hour on KFAI! A few minutes AFTER top of the hour, I'm likely to ALSO be broadcasting live video from the studio for one of the few chances this year to see one of my Mele Kalikimaka shirts! 90.3 / kfai dot org / kfai dot org slash live !!! We got a Discord chat too (kfai dot org slash chat) !
5.12.20 16:10 Organic Sumatra
5.12.20 15:17 
Oh wait it's Saturday! You know what that means - lock in 90.3/ at 5PM CST for @KFAIweekend where I'll present another two hours of STUFF
4.12.20 20:08 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
4.12.20 17:16 
Hey time for one of our regular checks of FEC data! Well sure, there's good ol' Julius with his oddly timed donations of $47.50 and $2.50 to Trump and GOP PAC "Winred." Why not just give $50 a time? I'm sure there's some weird accounting reason in somebody's mind. All in all, somewhere north of $500 well spent this cycle. I hope he gave at least that much to KMOJ this year...
4.12.20 16:28 @ryderfakin Oh I see you're doing some weird not-threading thing. Never mind! (Pat Patterson didn't appear in THIS set either....I feel like he's getting closer, though!)
4.12.20 16:26 @ryderfakin (Pat Patterson did not appear in this story)
4.12.20 16:24 
RT @TotallyGNP: Minneapolis has lost a wonderfully creative, kind, and talented artist. Rest In Power, Leah Ottman. You will be missed.
4.12.20 15:34 I loved "Red Sky" since it got a stealth premiere on Crap from the Past back in October and am so happy to share the video with you now! Simon's album "Pop" is now available at his Bandcamp page - HEY IT'S BANDCAMP FRIDAY Y'ALL
4.12.20 15:12 Breakfast Blend
4.12.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.27 ▲0.17 (Range: 18.98 - 19.29)
4.12.20 03:38 
@pyry @BullyCreative I'm still bitter I guess
4.12.20 03:32 
Finally, a little transparency from the mayor and the chief RT @pyry: @BullyCreative Just in case anyone needs it, here's a transparent png:
4.12.20 03:24 
Wellllllllll guess I'll spend some money on Bandcamp since that'll surely put me to sleep
4.12.20 02:49 
Listened to Coque Tornado - In Your Heart EP on Spotify
3.12.20 21:39 
@kfaiFMradio @KLOVERadio We could call it Fresh Air North - KFAN
3.12.20 21:22 (DISCLAIMER: I never listened to either station before, and surely won't in 2021, either)
3.12.20 21:21 RT @Go953mn:
3.12.20 21:21 RT @Go963MN:
3.12.20 21:20 Sooner than we think...sounds like they already fired everybody and will flip to K-Love and Air 1 as soon as possible: RT @d_henney: @CRZ Might be able to finally catch some Jars of Clay in this town for pete’s sake
3.12.20 21:12 
Go (into the Light) FM RT @MSPBJnews: Minneapolis radio stations Go. 96.3 FM and Go 95.3 FM, both owned by the Pohlad family, have been sold to Educational Media Foundation, a California nonprofit that specializes in Christian music broadcasting.​
3.12.20 20:28 
Okay, just this once, go ahead and read the replies RT @MayorFrey: Great to be with friends tonight for the @ul_twincities Unity Ball. And beyond honored to be recognized alongside Chief Arradondo with this year’s Truth and Justice Award.
3.12.20 19:38 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
3.12.20 16:42 
    Discogs order from Italy yay! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.12.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.10 ▲0.51 (Range: 18.57 - 19.27)
3.12.20 08:22 
Listened to Simon Husbands - Pop
3.12.20 02:31 
Listened to Domo - Domonautus, Vol. 2 on Spotify
3.12.20 02:02 
@chigh Unrelated story just for you: As part of CRZnet I run a cron job that scrapes my scrobbles - very, very rarely the LastFM API returns *somebody else's scrobbles.* Just today I ended up grabbing 183 scrobbles of Taiwanese acts and Billie Joe Armstrong(?) I later had to delete.
2.12.20 20:48 
Listened to 告五人 - 新世界
2.12.20 20:23 
Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is how they try to get us to use "Stories" isn't it. <click>
2.12.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.59 ▲0.36 (Range: 18.17 - 18.73)
2.12.20 11:25 
So if I wanna see @Spotify wrapped I gotta use the mobile app? But..... I don't use the mobile app. Ever. So that's kind of a bummer. Would it have killed them to do up a cool website like they've done every other year?
2.12.20 10:01 
Listened to Faux Real - Spooky Bois
2.12.20 09:50 Dec 1: Facebook finally took away my ability to revert to the design I'm used to and I'm very sad. I'd go visit diaspora* or MeWe but I have, like, ~940 less friends at those places.
1.12.20 18:50 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
1.12.20 17:39 
BONUS: Somebody else stole their bit!
1.12.20 17:37 
The Ranch Smells Like Cookies
1.12.20 17:21   Need a couple staples (kale and unspoiled half & half) - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
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