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25.1 10:24 
Listened to Minotaur Shock - Qat
25.1 10:15 Breakfast Blend
25.1 09:51 
She really did it RT @amyklobuchar: Welcome to the first full week of the Biden administration.
25.1 09:30 
Aren't they really just turning WWE Network into WWE Canada America?
25.1 09:27 
Do you think WWE is happy or unhappy that the Peacock Premium story isn't trending yet
25.1 09:22 
@tapemachines Create all your GIFs now before they include a cock watermark
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines (Well, paying for it twice)
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines I already get Peacock Premium from Xfinity, I sure ain't paying for it
25.1 09:19 
Can I cancel WWE Network now or will I still need it for Royal Rumble? (actually Googles something) Oh, March 18. OK, I'll cancel after Elimination Chamber I guess. Somebody remind me then
25.1 09:14 
Hey wait Comcast is already forcing me to have Peacock Premium - did I just save NINE NINETY-NINE (plus tax) a month..... until the inevitable Xfinity price hike?
25.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 15.8º - 28.9º
24.1 21:23 
But hopefully we can all agree that there's no point sticking around to see James Corden on television in any capacity
24.1 21:22 It's like how I kept seeing ads for the NEW season of "Tough As Nails" and I didn't even know there'd been A season of "Tough As Nails" - I can't tell if I'm too young for CBS prime time or too old, but I must be too SOMETHING.
24.1 21:20 What I've learned, though, is that "FBI" comes from the mind of Dick Wolf, creator of "Law & Order" - this elite team uses all available skills and technology to keep New York AND the country safe - one case at a time
24.1 21:19 Is it weird that I've never heard of "FBI" before tonight yet somehow it's in its third season?
24.1 06:47 
Watched Source Code
24.1 04:27 
I mean, go ahead and name "Mr. Zero," don't make us have to figure out which show suddenly mysteriously stopped airing

(Shared from WFNU 94.1 FM Frogtown Community Radio)
It has come to our attention that a programmer involved with WFNU has made disparaging and hateful social media posts that are in opposition with the values of WFNU as a station. We have terminated this programmer's show with us. This programmer is no longer involved with WFNU. We stand by our mission to protect and amplify community voices and do not support hate.
24.1 03:22 RT @FizzySodaWave: He just wants to make sure you’re okay
24.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 11.5º - 21.6º
23.1 19:54 
Bonus content - of course this makes me think of @ear_potatos for no particular reason
23.1 19:51 
Mamie Van Doren is STILL ALIVE?!
23.1 19:29   I was kinda hoping I'd be the only one here but I guess it's not snowing enough - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
23.1 16:51 
@jkalyn @KFAIweekend It's a great fourth hour of "Sabados Alegres"
23.1 16:44 
I hope you're inside taking a snow day! I'm on your radio/web stream for two hours at the top of THIS hour with @KFAIweekend if you'd like some fresh tunes (and a couple stale ones)

90.3 - -
23.1 16:21 
 Live at 5 for A SNOW SHOW - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
23.1 15:52 
It's snowing! You should be staying indoors anyway, but here's another reason. Stay indoors and turn on your radio/streaming thing - Caribbean Jam is on another hour, and then it's meeeeee with some rock of the 20s and your requests!
🎵I can't wait for the Weekend to begin🎵
23.1 14:29 Jericho: yeah, I think we'll be okay to include the Benoit one, people will probably only see my face in that one
23.1 13:30 I gotta be more like him. Maybe others do, too. RT @kingsthings: Thanks for the Twitter fun tonight, I bid you a fond adieu.
23.1 13:29 RT @kingsthings: It's a visual metaphor, “Fail Whale” = too many people on the servers.
Birds trying to carry a whale = too much info so Twitter can't fly
23.1 13:28 RT @kingsthings: When Twitter is over capacity and there are “too many tweets”… why is there a picture of birds carrying a whale? What does that mean!?
23.1 13:26 
RT @kingsthings: Get ready to hold on to your suspenders -@truekofi is the real deal! #WWELarryKing #RAW
23.1 13:26 
RT @crz_ebooks: I must confess I like that #WWELarryKing
23.1 13:25 
RT @kingsthings: I respect @Ryback22 for defending @JRSBBQ #WWELarryKing #RAW
23.1 13:25 RT @kingsthings: There's nothing in the world like an Oreo cookie with some cold milk.
23.1 13:24 RT @kingsthings: Does anyone not like lemon meringue pie?
23.1 13:24 RT @kingsthings: Is there anything tastier than a BLT?
23.1 13:12 Toasted Southern Pecan
23.1 12:46 RT @kingsthings: I don't get it... how does Twitter make money?
23.1 11:44 
Listened to Franke & The Knockouts - Sweetheart
23.1 11:40 
Listened to Sérgio Mendes - Alibis
23.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 1.8º - 16.2º
22.1 21:23 
RT @Profgampo: Worst team in the @nba RT @Timberwolves: Worst team in the @nba
22.1 20:39 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
22.1 20:14 
WOW! Holding the Hawks' lead to......14 RT @Timberwolves:
22.1 19:25 
Holy crap RT @JBFlint: NBC Sports Network is shutting down later this year and big events (NHL and NASCAR among them) will migrate to USA Network. Story coming ASAP.
22.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.67 ▲0.05 (Range: 20.51 - 20.85)
22.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 8.2º - 36.9º
21.1 21:49 I don't know who needs to hear this but the 21st hour was 8PM-9PM
21.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.62 ▼0.29 (Range: 20.54 - 21.09)
21.1 11:16 @masonbutler I stand by my previous response RT @CRZ: @TheKFV At this time, I don't have plans (or $500) to run. STAY TUNED
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