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28.1 08:15 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
28.1 02:26 @tapemachines I hate to offer this advice, may want to tag at Comcast Cares
28.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 8.6º - 15.3º
27.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.81 ▼0.14 (Range: 20.63 - 21.08)
27.1 14:57 @cannedjazz Not even the G Force album?
27.1 12:17 
Listened to Guardian Singles - s/t on Bandcamp
27.1 12:09 
Listened to Nervous Twitch - Alright Lads
27.1 12:06 
Listened to Nervous Twitch - Keeping Faith in Something
27.1 12:03 
Listened to Nervous Twitch - Tongue Tied
27.1 11:55 Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
27.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 10.0º - 21.9º
26.1 22:11 
One rubber mallet, one shovel and an hour of cardio I AM NOT in shape to perform later - the silver lining is you'd have to be a real dick (to your car) to park in front of my trash cart THIS week...second silver lining is I really got to beat up on some snow banks with a rubber mallet which I'm sure is really cathartic if you ignore all the muscle soreness tomorrow
26.1 21:15 
Hey f you plows
26.1 19:56 
@tapemachines Cheap pop! By the time this movie came out, US Bank stadium had already polluted this skyline. (Somehow the "Grumpy's Bar" sign DIDN'T get blurred, but that's probably because nobody knows where to look for it 'cept us "locals")
26.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.95 ▲0.29 (Range: 20.55 - 21.00)
26.1 10:52 
Listened to SeeMeNot - Joan of Arc - Radio Edit
26.1 10:46 
Listened to SeeMeNot - Joan of Arc - Original Mix
26.1 10:42 White Chocolate Peppermint
26.1 09:48 
Sure wish WWE hadn't borrowed that end zone camera from the NFL on FOX guys because giving their crack-addicted technical directors a shiny new toy is the LAST thing viewers need
26.1 09:03 
"Hey Shahroz Ali, anything to add?"
"Yes, I do."
26.1 08:47 
26.1 08:13 
Listened to Kim Mitchell - The Big Fantasize on Spotify
26.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 10.0º - 21.9º
25.1 22:12 

(Shared from Antonio Mendes Obituary (1928 - 2021) - Modesto Bee)
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25.1 22:03 
Okee well let's see how the Wolves are doing against the Warriors
25.1 22:00 
25.1 21:50 
During the ad break, Asuka lost via countout. GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBODY! #WWERaw
25.1 15:06 jk we all know the folks they're suing have no money
25.1 15:06 Occurs to me that if Dominion wins some of these billion dollar lawsuits they may not need to sell any more voting machines
25.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.66 ▼0.01 (Range: 20.39 - 20.89)
25.1 10:27 
25.1 10:27 
Ahhh that's better
25.1 10:24 
Listened to Minotaur Shock - Qat
25.1 10:15 Breakfast Blend
25.1 09:51 
She really did it RT @amyklobuchar: Welcome to the first full week of the Biden administration.
25.1 09:30 
Aren't they really just turning WWE Network into WWE Canada America?
25.1 09:27 
Do you think WWE is happy or unhappy that the Peacock Premium story isn't trending yet
25.1 09:22 
@tapemachines Create all your GIFs now before they include a cock watermark
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines (Well, paying for it twice)
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines I already get Peacock Premium from Xfinity, I sure ain't paying for it
25.1 09:19 
Can I cancel WWE Network now or will I still need it for Royal Rumble? (actually Googles something) Oh, March 18. OK, I'll cancel after Elimination Chamber I guess. Somebody remind me then
25.1 09:14 
Hey wait Comcast is already forcing me to have Peacock Premium - did I just save NINE NINETY-NINE (plus tax) a month..... until the inevitable Xfinity price hike?
25.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 15.8º - 28.9º
24.1 21:23 
But hopefully we can all agree that there's no point sticking around to see James Corden on television in any capacity
24.1 21:22 It's like how I kept seeing ads for the NEW season of "Tough As Nails" and I didn't even know there'd been A season of "Tough As Nails" - I can't tell if I'm too young for CBS prime time or too old, but I must be too SOMETHING.
24.1 21:20 What I've learned, though, is that "FBI" comes from the mind of Dick Wolf, creator of "Law & Order" - this elite team uses all available skills and technology to keep New York AND the country safe - one case at a time
24.1 21:19 Is it weird that I've never heard of "FBI" before tonight yet somehow it's in its third season?
24.1 04:27 
I mean, go ahead and name "Mr. Zero," don't make us have to figure out which show suddenly mysteriously stopped airing

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It has come to our attention that a programmer involved with WFNU has made disparaging and hateful social media posts that are in opposition with the values of WFNU as a station. We have terminated this programmer's show with us. This programmer is no longer involved with WFNU. We stand by our mission to protect and amplify community voices and do not support hate.
24.1 03:22 RT @FizzySodaWave: He just wants to make sure you’re okay
24.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 11.5º - 21.6º
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