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31.1 21:14 
Wow. It took a team of (presumably paid) producers to write down "I've heard of flying squirrels, but flying BUNNIES?" for Michael Cole #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:50 
The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever: The Legend of Curly's Gold #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
Edge gonna Brock this Lesnar #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
@tapemachines But that means WrestleMania's on a Saturday---oh. Right
31.1 20:47 
Hasn't anybody checked on poor Rod Zapata yet?! #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:19 
So Adam Pearce ISN'T in this match? #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:00 
RT @ShinsukeN: Shinsuke “ @Snickers ” Nakamura
31.1 19:56 
Shinsuke "Snickers" Nakamura is BACK for WrestleMania!
31.1 19:40 
Oh my God Rhea Ripley smartest woman in the world #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:32 
Jerry "One and Only One Talking Point" Lawler just requested his fellow commentators stop living in the past #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:15 
Oh goody, WWE is using (overusing) the NFL on FOX end zone camera again #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:08 
31.1 19:04 
As far as I'm concerned, once #5 was in, she'd forfeited - look, if Billie Kay can't respect the sanctity of the numbers I just can't give this #RoyalRumble any validity
31.1 18:21 
Anyway, I'm glad I waited to poop #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:21 
Goldberg's gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:18 
That'll do, pig - that'll do. #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:16 
Oh man if Drew had pinned Goldberg in 7 seconds I would have been so overjoyed #RoyalRumble (quick, tweet this before the match is over)
31.1 17:52 
(Yeah, maybe mute me until the #RoyalRumble is over)
31.1 17:52 
Yu-Gi-Oh! but instead of Duel Monsters they play WWE Supercard
31.1 17:50 
But but but Lacey's a sweet mom who microwaves Foster Farms corn dogs #RoyalRumbleKickoff
31.1 17:18 
Credit One, after watching the previous #RoyalRumbleKickoff segment: Um, can we get our money back?
31.1 00:29 
Wow, wrestling content! Seven years ago I went to my one and only #NXT taping and the names I saw will probably not surprise you since you pay more attention that I do: (if I recall correctly, exactly ONE episode was crafted from this taping)
29.1 14:11 
@KrissiTrash87 Couldn't be more wrong. You know what is 100% guaranteed to put me to sleep? WWE #SmackDown LIVE ONLY ON FOX
26.1 09:48 
Sure wish WWE hadn't borrowed that end zone camera from the NFL on FOX guys because giving their crack-addicted technical directors a shiny new toy is the LAST thing viewers need
26.1 09:03 
"Hey Shahroz Ali, anything to add?"
"Yes, I do."
26.1 08:47 
25.1 22:00 
25.1 21:50 
During the ad break, Asuka lost via countout. GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBODY! #WWERaw
25.1 10:27 
25.1 10:27 
Ahhh that's better
25.1 09:30 
Aren't they really just turning WWE Network into WWE Canada America?
25.1 09:27 
Do you think WWE is happy or unhappy that the Peacock Premium story isn't trending yet
25.1 09:22 
@tapemachines Create all your GIFs now before they include a cock watermark
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines (Well, paying for it twice)
25.1 09:21 
@tapemachines I already get Peacock Premium from Xfinity, I sure ain't paying for it
25.1 09:19 
Can I cancel WWE Network now or will I still need it for Royal Rumble? (actually Googles something) Oh, March 18. OK, I'll cancel after Elimination Chamber I guess. Somebody remind me then
25.1 09:14 
Hey wait Comcast is already forcing me to have Peacock Premium - did I just save NINE NINETY-NINE (plus tax) a month..... until the inevitable Xfinity price hike?
23.1 13:26 
RT @kingsthings: Get ready to hold on to your suspenders -@truekofi is the real deal! #WWELarryKing #RAW
23.1 13:26 
RT @crz_ebooks: I must confess I like that #WWELarryKing
23.1 13:25 
RT @kingsthings: I respect @Ryback22 for defending @JRSBBQ #WWELarryKing #RAW
12.1 03:38 
0337 thoughts: Was Asuka even on the show last night? And if she wasn't, does that mean.................. RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 49 days since @WWEAsuka last defended the @WWE #RAW Women's Championship.
11.1 22:00 
Oh and I guess we now know 100% that HE didn't set HER on fire after all
11.1 22:00 
I like how the fireball exploded into a USA bug reminding me that STRAIGHT UP STEVE AUSTIN IS NEEEEEEEXT #RAW
11.1 21:54 
If I read Cagematch correctly, @TripleH's last #RAW match was on March 14, 2016 against....wait for it... @HEELZiggler. It was nontitle; Paul was WWE Champion at the time - no, REALLY. He'd defeated Dean Ambrose at WWE Roadblock.
11.1 20:30 
I suppose we shouldn't be surprised - somehow they also never learned whether Randy Orton set a dripping-with-accelerant Alexa Bliss on fire or not #RAW
11.1 20:28 
Crack commentary team also apparently not looking at anything during ad breaks either, which is no mean feat when you're FEET AWAY AT RINGSIDE #RAW
11.1 20:28 
They, uh, still didn't show us whatever happened during the ad break to explain why these good buddies are now wrestling each other #RAW
11.1 20:03 
Tonight's guest on "Straight Up Steve Austin" is...... Luke Combs. Wow, starting the new season off strong!! #RAW
11.1 19:18 
Hey remember when Lacey had a kid #RAW
11.1 19:14 
Triple H < Adam Pearce #RAW
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