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31.1 21:42 
IS this awesome tho #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:39 
"Guys we forgot about Randy Orton!" #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:32 
Oh so THAT'S why Victoria returned in the Women's rumble.... #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:19 
Kane (and Vince) not about to let Dolph get close to his appearances record #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:14 
Wow. It took a team of (presumably paid) producers to write down "I've heard of flying squirrels, but flying BUNNIES?" for Michael Cole #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:50 
The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever: The Legend of Curly's Gold #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
Edge gonna Brock this Lesnar #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
@tapemachines But that means WrestleMania's on a Saturday---oh. Right
31.1 20:47 
Hasn't anybody checked on poor Rod Zapata yet?! #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:19 
So Adam Pearce ISN'T in this match? #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:00 
RT @ShinsukeN: Shinsuke “ @Snickers ” Nakamura
31.1 19:56 
Shinsuke "Snickers" Nakamura is BACK for WrestleMania!
31.1 19:40 
Oh my God Rhea Ripley smartest woman in the world #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:32 
Jerry "One and Only One Talking Point" Lawler just requested his fellow commentators stop living in the past #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:17 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
31.1 19:15 
Oh goody, WWE is using (overusing) the NFL on FOX end zone camera again #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:08 
31.1 19:04 
As far as I'm concerned, once #5 was in, she'd forfeited - look, if Billie Kay can't respect the sanctity of the numbers I just can't give this #RoyalRumble any validity
31.1 18:21 
Anyway, I'm glad I waited to poop #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:21 
Goldberg's gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:18 
That'll do, pig - that'll do. #RoyalRumble
31.1 18:16 
Oh man if Drew had pinned Goldberg in 7 seconds I would have been so overjoyed #RoyalRumble (quick, tweet this before the match is over)
31.1 17:52 
(Yeah, maybe mute me until the #RoyalRumble is over)
31.1 17:52 
Yu-Gi-Oh! but instead of Duel Monsters they play WWE Supercard
31.1 17:50 
But but but Lacey's a sweet mom who microwaves Foster Farms corn dogs #RoyalRumbleKickoff
31.1 17:18 
Credit One, after watching the previous #RoyalRumbleKickoff segment: Um, can we get our money back?
31.1 16:44 
Manning the board during Drone Not Drones is something I wish I was doing this year too (video)
31.1 01:47 
RT @KFAIweekend: Really proud to have included 23 requests (and snuck in a few that WOULD've been requested if only you'd known they existed)! Check out our latest collaborative 2hr from the savviest listeners in the world!
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31.1 00:29 
Wow, wrestling content! Seven years ago I went to my one and only #NXT taping and the names I saw will probably not surprise you since you pay more attention that I do: (if I recall correctly, exactly ONE episode was crafted from this taping)
31.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 24.8º - 32.7º
30.1 23:45 
Listened to Doc Rhombus - Fine Line
30.1 19:25 
 Headin' home! - West Bank LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1 16:14 
At the top of the hour, I'm live on KFAI bringing two hours of NOTHING BUT LISTENER REQUESTS! I'm happy to say I've been doing this juuuuust long enough that I managed to fill the time without a desperation post here asking you for a request :) It's an interesting eclectic mix, just like the friendly group of folks that have made listening to AND being part of the show a part of their Saturday routine. Please join us! We have a Discord chat and I'll be sharing audio AND video on Mixcloud Live shortly as soon as I bring up the camera, but if you want to fire up one of them fancy radios what pick up 90.3 FM, that works too. Best of all, it's TOTALLY FREE! since you're already paying for the Internet and/or the airwaves. The name of the show in all caps is WEEKEND ON DEMAND
30.1 15:53 
 Made it! Live in an hour with an ALL REQUESTS SHOW!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1 15:33 
 Dead car battery :( wow there are more people on the train than I thought - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1 15:28 
  kept the streak alive! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1 13:44 
My car battery died again but nothing will stop me from delivering a practically ALL REQUESTS SHOW @KFAIweekend from 5 to 7PM CST!
Join our Discord at !
Visit and see me flail about!
Or you can use a - what's it called? Radio (90.3)
30.1 13:38 @swampynomo Aren't they just regular Oreos? I know what those taste like already
30.1 06:29 
RT @KFAIweekend: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the actual f RT @Mixmag: Pioneering artist SOPHIE has died following "a sudden accident" in Athens
30.1 00:43 Anybody just wanna tell me what the next Chrome update breaks NOW, so I can try to prepare?
30.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 18.0º - 24.8º
29.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.07 ▼0.23 (Range: 20.80 - 21.20)
29.1 14:13 My "be more like Larry King" ethos is already paying off in Twitterbux dividends RT @KrissiTrash87: @CRZ This is the content I'm on twitter for
29.1 14:11 
@KrissiTrash87 Couldn't be more wrong. You know what is 100% guaranteed to put me to sleep? WWE #SmackDown LIVE ONLY ON FOX
29.1 13:50 @MTG4Eva Haha well I can only assume I'm trying to lap myself
29.1 13:48 I've now been awake over 19 straight hours for some reason
29.1 12:46 
Listened to Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
29.1 11:29 
Listened to Prince & The Revolution - Parade on Spotify
29.1 10:22 Decaf Hazelnut
29.1 08:46 
Listened to GusGus - Stay the Ride - Instrumental
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