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11.2 08:56 
@CityMinneapolis Hmm, there's a big "POSTPONED" on that page
11.2 08:53 
Listened to Django Django - Free from Gravity - Wrongtom's Expanding Space Dub
11.2 08:47 
Listened to Django Django - Free from Gravity - Busy P Remix
11.2 08:41 
Listened to Django Django - Glowing in the Dark - Dance System Rework
11.2 08:36 
Listened to Django Django - Glowing in the Dark - Hot Chip Remix
11.2 08:31 
Listened to Django Django - Glowing in the Dark - Django's Iridescent Remix
11.2 08:28 
Listened to Django Django - Free From Gravity
11.2 08:22 
Listened to NZCA LINES - Pure Luxury - Django Django’s Boogie Beat Remix
11.2 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -5.6º - 11.5º
10.2 17:17 @SonorantPlosive I also categorically deny being the Zodiac Killer
10.2 16:20 
Doooooo iiiiiiiiit

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Community Radio - 90.3 FM HD)
KFAI is seeking program proposals for 24 hours of special International Women's Day programming airing on March 8, 2021! More information and sign up at:
10.2 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.65 ▼0.39 (Range: 21.48 - 22.16)
10.2 14:39 @discord Is there a way to see the Discord news/update popup again after I dismissed it too soon?
10.2 13:27 @d_henney I think my parents were 1 at the time so I *believe* I have an alibi
10.2 13:07 Costa Rica Blend
10.2 12:15 @OG_Jaybird I'm here to help!
10.2 12:09 @MickLenny Ah but of course
10.2 12:08 Curious to know which Republican senator she thinks she tagged but got me instead RT @5876M: @AP_Politics During the Nuremberg trial cult memebers ignored violence and murder in the same way as.@RandPaul
@HawleyMO @SenateGOP @CRZ @marcorubio
10.2 10:29 
RT @kfaiFMradio: KFAI is seeking program proposals for 24 hours of special International Women's Day programming airing on March 8, 2021! More information and sign up at:
10.2 08:27 
Looks like Todd's the only 2020 nominee back this year ("Rufus & Chaka Khan" nominated last year) RT @KFAIweekend: 2021 Rock and/or Roll "Hall of Fame" nominee list:
Mary J. Blige
Kate Bush
Foo Fighters
The Go-Go's
Iron Maiden
Chaka Khan
Carole King
Fela Kuti
LL Cool J
New York Dolls
Rage Against the Machine
Todd Rundgren
Tina Turner
Dionne Warwick

vote for five
10.2 08:20 
Listened to Squid - Narrator
10.2 08:19 Hey have you guys seen this Zoom where the guy has to say he's not a cat YES A HUNDRED TIMES THANK YOU
10.2 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -6.7º - 11.7º
9.2 21:41 Cheese Pizza
9.2 17:00 Well, maybe I HAVEN'T destroyed my dishwasher...

9.2 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 22.04 ▲1.48 (Range: 20.48 - 22.06)
9.2 12:12 
Ya know sometimes I can't believe I record these shows and they go out and people listen to them RT @kfaiFA2: "The Streets Are Filled With Dancing" by Bob Guillaume with Fay Hauser
Dollar Bin at 12:05pm
9.2 11:28 
Like 14 hours later - WWE's gotta be thrilled. (Sadly, WWE probably IS thrilled)
9.2 10:44 Organic Rainforest
9.2 08:27 Breakfast Blend
9.2 07:25 
  "Open at 6:30am" my BUTT - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.2 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -10.3º - 3.4º
8.2 22:28 
@SonorantPlosive If I told you it could only trend on a Monday Night, would that be enough of a hint?
8.2 21:07 
@KrissiTrash87 @dennyhamlin No. I reject the premise!
8.2 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.56 ▼0.51 (Range: 20.52 - 21.20)
8.2 14:31 
Listened to Porter Robinson - look at the sky
8.2 14:28 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
8.2 12:18 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - The Chase - Paul Oakenfold Remix
8.2 10:59 Kona Blend
8.2 08:22 
So yeah football's done! Bring on NASCAR!!
8.2 08:19 I've had a night to sleep on it but I'm still haunted
8.2 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -13.9º - -1.7º
7.2 22:40 Hey! I liked it!
7.2 21:40 All right, CBS and Queen Latifah, you have ONE chance to win me over. GO
7.2 21:18 I gotta give it to the Bud Light Legends - they built on years of backlog. I think the Michelob Ultra hard seltzer ad with all fake celebs was good. Oatly ad was an absurd waste of money and what you want out of a Super Bowl ad. Avocados from Mexico were missed. #SBLV
7.2 21:08 
Amazon: Jeff Bezos sucks
Guaranteed Rate: Cool ad for UFC?
CB SCARES: support local business! Wait - you just played a super long ad for Amazon
7.2 20:57 Bass Pro Shops: It's currently two below - I ain't goin' outside
Robinhood: HA HA HA
CBS: Wow, CBS could end operations tomorrow and I would be largely unaffected
Tough As Nails: I do not care
7.2 20:52 I may have been too hard on the Michelob Ultra hard seltzer ad - dumb product but entertaining ad. NOT CELEBRITIES! #SBLV
7.2 20:51 Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer: We're gonna keep trying hard seltzer huh
Klarna: Oh Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, no
The Equalizer: tonight!
The FBI: this is a show in 2021?
*Xfinity giving me Peacock Plus for now
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