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25.2 11:01 
Two years and a day or two ago, Mark Hollis died. The Friday of that week, DJ SLT very graciously allowed me to sub in his timeslot on KFAI and broadcast a four hour tribute to Hollis and his band Talk Talk, with tracks from 1977 to 2019, rarely heard Hollis productions and tracks recorded under alias, other Talk Talk spinoffs and some covers as well. Somebody ended up sharing it to a Talk Talk Facebook group and we ended up getting 500 Likes out of it, making it probably the most KNOWN thing I'd ever done in radio up to that point... heck, maybe since. All in all it's four big hours I'm still pretty proud of, finally available once again thanks to the Internet Archive.

(Shared from Across The Board 2019-03-01 Tribute to Mark Hollis and Talk Talk : CRZ : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive)
KFAI's Across the Board 2019-03-01 - CRZ hosts a four hour tribute to Talk Talk and Mark Hollis, who had passed away earlier in the week
23.2 09:27 
Just spent an hour going through every record in the house attempting to locate a particular 12" single to include in my KFAI Twin Cities New Wave Day set...which I'd carefully placed in my "set aside for TCNWD" pile a week ago. And... I BET I DON'T EVEN SPIN IT IN MY SET
23.2 08:20 
RT @DollarBinShow: Today's Pepsiode got me very nostalgic, unintentionally bringing back a lot of "dance music" styles I listened to in the 80s and 90s, yet almost all of these 12" singles I may have never played before taping this show! Get crazy with me at noon on!
20.2 17:16 
I'm LIVE at! Let's see what they choose to use as the still frame THIS week...

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
20.2 16:26 
 Live at five! Will I stop catching Pokémon for two whole hours? We'll see! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
18.2 12:31 
Wow, somehow I hosted three KFAI radio programmes in the past week! Catch up with these handy on demand links:
17.2 16:44 
 Oops, forgot to check in for hosting GLORTH! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
17.2 08:13 
Hey hey! I have been once again pressed into duty as a substitute host and will be presenting Glorth Radio on KFAI TODAY from 2 until 4PM! I have two hours of stoner rock and more ready - don't miss your weekly dose of afternoon doom, only this week with that special CRZ twist!
90•3 / kfai•org !
kfai•org/live !
kfai•org/chat !
17.2 01:45 
Hey guess what? Bonus CRZ radio this week as I step in to sub for @Seanofthelife and present two hours of stoner rock and more on GLORTH Radio! 2PM CST, @kfaiFMradio on air, audio stream and if you're REALLY good (and if I find a clean shirt) video on our Mixcloud Live stream!
13.2 17:07 

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
13.2 00:30 

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
12.2 23:13 
 Surprise! It's ten below and I'm guest hosting "True Brit! Radio" at midnight! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
12.2 08:20 
Hi there! I can't wait for the three day weekend to begin. At midnight, I'm in to present "True Brit! Radio" because in 2021, I only guest host on the COLDEST nights. Tune in to 90.3 FM at midnight if you're in Minnesota, or KFAI•org at 6am if you're in a slightly more British place. Two hours of the best of British music, past, present and future - and a small amount of stumping Ron - await!
11.2 21:01 
RT @cruisectrlkfai: Spread the news - a special 69th birthday mix for #MichaelMcDonald drops tomorrow on @kfaiFA2 at 1pm. 2 hrs of backing vocals, leads, co-writes and covers. is the place to listen
10.2 16:20 
Doooooo iiiiiiiiit

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Community Radio - 90.3 FM HD)
KFAI is seeking program proposals for 24 hours of special International Women's Day programming airing on March 8, 2021! More information and sign up at:
10.2 10:29 
RT @kfaiFMradio: KFAI is seeking program proposals for 24 hours of special International Women's Day programming airing on March 8, 2021! More information and sign up at:
10.2 08:27 
Looks like Todd's the only 2020 nominee back this year ("Rufus & Chaka Khan" nominated last year) RT @KFAIweekend: 2021 Rock and/or Roll "Hall of Fame" nominee list:
Mary J. Blige
Kate Bush
Foo Fighters
The Go-Go's
Iron Maiden
Chaka Khan
Carole King
Fela Kuti
LL Cool J
New York Dolls
Rage Against the Machine
Todd Rundgren
Tina Turner
Dionne Warwick

vote for five
9.2 12:12 
Ya know sometimes I can't believe I record these shows and they go out and people listen to them RT @kfaiFA2: "The Streets Are Filled With Dancing" by Bob Guillaume with Fay Hauser
Dollar Bin at 12:05pm
7.2 05:13 
This was a good show. I bet I say that every week but how else will I convince you to check me out?

(Shared from Player | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
6.2 16:54 
LIVE IN FIVE! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
6.2 03:02 
What I can tell you at 3am is two things:
• Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry is not the stellar mixer for Kirkland "Canadian Whiskey" you'd think it might be
• I have somehow once again fallen ass backwards into an amazing sequence of another dynamite two hours of new new music and your requests for broadcast at 5PM and
• If you don't have better plans, it might be fun to spend them two hours between 5 and 7 on KFAI and/or optionally on Mixcloud and/or Discord sharing the experience of radio presented by ME, a man who (like it or not) (somehow) (after a lifetime of preparation (however unintentional)) has (again, somehow) become moderately successful at presenting radio (somebody alert the Star Tribune)
• But please, no more requests... unless they're for the 13th
31.1 16:44 
Manning the board during Drone Not Drones is something I wish I was doing this year too (video)
31.1 01:47 
RT @KFAIweekend: Really proud to have included 23 requests (and snuck in a few that WOULD've been requested if only you'd known they existed)! Check out our latest collaborative 2hr from the savviest listeners in the world!
@kfaiFMradio: /> @mixcloud:
30.1 16:14 
At the top of the hour, I'm live on KFAI bringing two hours of NOTHING BUT LISTENER REQUESTS! I'm happy to say I've been doing this juuuuust long enough that I managed to fill the time without a desperation post here asking you for a request :) It's an interesting eclectic mix, just like the friendly group of folks that have made listening to AND being part of the show a part of their Saturday routine. Please join us! We have a Discord chat and I'll be sharing audio AND video on Mixcloud Live shortly as soon as I bring up the camera, but if you want to fire up one of them fancy radios what pick up 90.3 FM, that works too. Best of all, it's TOTALLY FREE! since you're already paying for the Internet and/or the airwaves. The name of the show in all caps is WEEKEND ON DEMAND
30.1 15:53 
 Made it! Live in an hour with an ALL REQUESTS SHOW!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1 13:44 
My car battery died again but nothing will stop me from delivering a practically ALL REQUESTS SHOW @KFAIweekend from 5 to 7PM CST!
Join our Discord at !
Visit and see me flail about!
Or you can use a - what's it called? Radio (90.3)
23.1 16:51 
@jkalyn @KFAIweekend It's a great fourth hour of "Sabados Alegres"
23.1 16:44 
I hope you're inside taking a snow day! I'm on your radio/web stream for two hours at the top of THIS hour with @KFAIweekend if you'd like some fresh tunes (and a couple stale ones)

90.3 - -
23.1 16:21 
 Live at 5 for A SNOW SHOW - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
23.1 15:52 
It's snowing! You should be staying indoors anyway, but here's another reason. Stay indoors and turn on your radio/streaming thing - Caribbean Jam is on another hour, and then it's meeeeee with some rock of the 20s and your requests!
🎵I can't wait for the Weekend to begin🎵
20.1 15:11 
Everybody needs fans like MfR! Thanks for enjoying what I do. RT @skiforthree: @BarbAbney @masonbutler @CRZ


I didn’t realize until now. A missed opportunity to celebrate this morning on
@KfaiamDrive !

Thanks for all the fun and entertainment you bring to the airwaves.
20.1 12:56 
Glorth Radio is on @kfaiFMradio at 2 - and if you need some tunes RIGHT NOW between now and then, I can kill that hour for ya too RT @DollarBinShow: Our "O" show is now available! Listen closely as I obsess over minutiae and incorrectly add 10 years to the life of a previously unopened 12" single
KFAI: /> M-X:
16.1 22:27 
 Left my hat behind - hmm did I even check in this afternoon? Heh - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
16.1 16:39 
On air at 5 with a coldwave set, a space set, a shanty set (of course) and alllllll your requests! kfai•org/live and on your local radios at 90.3!
15.1 16:04 
9.1 16:53 
 Live at five NOW MORE THAN EVER - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
9.1 15:56 
I thought this week would stop last night - turns out it's still going! We'll try to turn it around on KFAI in an hour with some new music and your requests. Oh and DON'T BE LATE I MAY SAY SOMETHING POLITICAL
6.1 15:58 
RT @kfaiFA2: Tell your friends: @DJ_SLT is extending his usual #davidbowie birthday bash onto @kfaiFA2 and it's gonna go all day - midnight to midnight. Engage extended Bowieverse this Fri, Jan 8th.
2.1 20:38 
 Forgot again - good show tho! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
2.1 17:25 

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
If I did resolutions, I would resolve to use this Insta account more in 2021 - well, I used it once last year so I'm already almost past the post! Live in 5 minutes!
2.1 15:25 
RT @KFAIweekend: We're live at five with new new - well, RECENT music and your requests! Get palindromic with us or come back December 11th!
2.1 04:53 
I'm coming up on six months doing KFAI Weekend on Demand and every week I am flabbergasted that I somehow end up with a mostly coherent AND interesting playlist of two hours somewhere between Wednesday and Caribbean Jam - part of that (a large part) is your requests, which take me places I had never thought of going but am always so thankful to be able to take those cues and explore further. In just over 12 hours I'll have slept off this scotch and be back on the air with another 25-30 selections which I really think you'll enjoy - honest! I encourage you to tune in: 90.3 if you're local, kfai•org/live if you're not - and if you're using a computer at the same time, please join the Discord /chat and add to OR just watch the conversation! And thanks for reading my unsponsored content every week - it'll probably continue throughout 2021 so ye been warnede!
29.12 01:49 
My Christmas Day overnight/morning shift is now available forever!* If you have six hours to spare-- no, I know, nobody REALLY has six hours to spare

*Is Mixcloud forever? Let's find out together RT
@kfaiFMradio: I just uploaded "CRZ's six hours of 2020" to @mixcloud. Listen at
28.12 22:09 
The scales of @kfaiFMradio's Irregular Audio second stream are currently being tipped by my thumb (and folder of 2020 tracks)! Check out @kfaiFA2 tonight and hear how the robot minions handle my curation -
28.12 14:42 
Great job from our radio pals on @KfaiamDrive today! I knew the year wouldn't be a problem for ya.... maybe I'll provide a shorter clip next time?
26.12 16:52 
Last Saturday of the year - I'm on air from 5 to 7! 90.3 / !
26.12 16:45 
 LIVE at five! (Aw shoot, didn't check in on Christmas...oh well. I did six hours on Christmas, too :) ) - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
25.12 21:37 
@skiforthree @KfaiamDrive Low key: I ignored you both ;-)
25.12 20:48 
@masonbutler @KfaiamDrive It sure FEELS like (I do)
25.12 20:37 
@KfaiamDrive He dared you to do the tiny backspin to...... 2020! Can you handle it?
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