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27.3 02:27 Looks like one of those T-shirt companies with a zillion Facebook ads didn't take kindly to my "hey, send the Cease & Desist letters here!" comment - weird that I still get served their ads even after they blocked my ability to react or comment on them....seems like a waste of their money, but I suppose Facebook still gets paid
26.3 02:43 
Believe survivors. Deplatform abusers.

(Shared from Accused of misconduct by women, Minneapolis singer Har Mar Superstar offers ‘deep apology’)
Sean Tillmann was accused by several women of sexual assault and harassment.
25.3 21:06 Believe survivors; deplatform abusers.
25.3 18:38 
Always a thrill to expand my Midnight Music Club collection!
25.3 03:56 Well, well, well - if it isn't my old friend 4am ffffffffffff
24.3 01:24 

How odd - I got direct deposit the first two times but this time... they're gonna mail it to me? I'm not sure I believe them!

(Also, doesn't that mean DeJoy's gonna find some way for it to be reallllllllly delayed even longer?)

Oh well, I'll check with the credit union on Friday.
22.3 23:55 
My what now
22.3 23:43 
Tried 'em. I reckon they'll take at least six months to finish
20.3 17:13 
I'm live on the rad radio! 90.3 / kfai dot org!
19.3 11:18 
My kid brother Aaron is hiding his birthday on Facebook so for no apparent reason, here's a photo of us at Grumpy's DT from 2013
16.3 22:19 First dead mouse of the winter: 16 March. Guess that's one (and only one) blessing from my constant presence in this house during lockdown times: it's somehow kept the mice away until today
14.3 00:13 
CRZ PRESENTS ROUNDY'S KITCHEN - a strangely ongoing series
13.3 15:25 
One year later, I'm more beard than man
13.3 14:06 
Today at 5 I'm on the air with a special Spring Member Drive episode of Weekend on Demand! Tune in early for a story from my mom and stick around for two hours of requests, new music and me begging you to visit or call in with a measly five dollar donation (which will be doubled to ten bucks thanks to a matching donation active today only!)

12.3 09:25 Happy Birthday, Berni! Facebook loooooooooooves those trivia winner photos
11.3 08:40 Happy Birthday, Marin! See you.........hell, I dunno, hopefully some time this year
10.3 19:36 
Well, here's an account that's existed for all of one hour - or at least everything public says "1h" on it. They are widowed, so they must think I'm a pretty lady. The account has Liked four things and all of them are Nigerian. The username is Suleman Shehu so I'm thinking the photo of the.....what, cruise ship captain? (Or perhaps the parrot) Anyway...he also chose an acronym for a last name and a typo for a first - here's "Pual Afaek"
10.3 08:27 Okay, local grownups, please lend me your expertise. My garage door opener expired this morning (time of death: 0545, also known as "the most inconvenient time") - it was installed June 2000 according to the handwriting on the sticker so even attempting to call out for repair isn't worth it, right? Do you have any friends in the garage door opener replacement business you'd like to recommend before I just pick somebody at random? I'm not sure the next time I actually have to DRIVE so I can take a few days or a week on this, I'm sure...
9.3 02:33 Okay, THIS was my last social thing. In my defense, who can remember a year ago without the help of the Internet? Judging by our creative team name, ACKKT!, this was probably Yo, me, Kimber, Kelsey and...gonna guess Ted? Kelsey may still possess this fun money because we figured we'd spend it "next week..."
8.3 14:41 Trivial note: Didja know I was the last person to spin using Christian's equipment at Republic? Not only did his gear "disappear" later, but Republic finally gave up and closed in February! :( Oh, this was also the last social thing I did. What a d'pressing year plus
6.3 22:58 
Good news, everyone! There's plenty of sale bacon for all!
6.3 13:56 
Back on KFAI live at five! Hope you'll tune in and listen/watch!
4.3 01:16 
Temporary profile photo
3.3 13:12 
TOMORROW is March 4th, and that means Twin Cities New Wave Day! Since we're still in lockdown, no live DJ'ing this year BUT from midnight to midnight, KFAI's second stream will be the spot for nothing but new wave, curated by dignitaries, luminaries and also me! It's online only but that means you can access it from anywhere on the Internet, so who needs radios? Head over to the website tomorrow or download the KFAI Community Radio app RIGHT NOW and be ready when the time comes! I CAN'T WAIT
2.3 17:13 
My Weather Station silver vinyl arrived yesterday! But it was too cold to walk to the PO until today. Tagging Luke Andrews because I think I said I would once it finally arrived
2.3 17:11 My parents each received their second shot today!
1.3 16:12 Just finished a pound of bacon, ask me anything
1.3 13:38 Hey I remember Krista (Friendiversary video with Krista)
28.2 15:31 I'm sadly a few days behind on this story and missed yesterday's protest. Lola was my late night checkout more times than I could count but I see no need to ever return to Lake Street Cub.
25.2 15:41 
I do not fear death...I fear only a day when I no longer find Roundy's product in my house
These hash browned tater patties came from the deep freeze and held up surpisingly well - I still had a bit of the "block of ice" problem and those parts baked up dry and terrible but I put a good dousing of 7 year old ketchup on 'em and ended up satisfied.
25.2 11:01 
Two years and a day or two ago, Mark Hollis died. The Friday of that week, DJ SLT very graciously allowed me to sub in his timeslot on KFAI and broadcast a four hour tribute to Hollis and his band Talk Talk, with tracks from 1977 to 2019, rarely heard Hollis productions and tracks recorded under alias, other Talk Talk spinoffs and some covers as well. Somebody ended up sharing it to a Talk Talk Facebook group and we ended up getting 500 Likes out of it, making it probably the most KNOWN thing I'd ever done in radio up to that point... heck, maybe since. All in all it's four big hours I'm still pretty proud of, finally available once again thanks to the Internet Archive.

(Shared from Across The Board 2019-03-01 Tribute to Mark Hollis and Talk Talk : CRZ : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive)
KFAI's Across the Board 2019-03-01 - CRZ hosts a four hour tribute to Talk Talk and Mark Hollis, who had passed away earlier in the week
24.2 22:33 
Changed my cover photo
22.2 19:28 
Hey look it's my Daft Punk MiniDisc
20.2 17:16 
I'm LIVE at! Let's see what they choose to use as the still frame THIS week...

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
19.2 09:09 
Whoa, a year! A YEAR!

...of which I have spent a grand total of 19 days in my office and the rest of it in bed
19.2 01:55 
This was NEVER a good idea but also I've never not loved it. RIP Prince Markie Dee - who dies the day before their birthday? 😢
(The Fat Boys & The Beach Boys: Wipeout)
19.2 00:16 
Well, it took four extra months and a sob story email to Ochre support but BLEEP has finally connected me with a Global Communication vinyl box set after my first one was mysteriously disappeared from my post office (this one ALSO delivered without signature collection and just left on the porch...still unimpressed with Aramex' concept of "tracking" but I guess all's well that ends with me finally getting my expensive UK vinyl birthday present)
18.2 10:30 
"Social" "networking"
18.2 09:44 

(Shared from Vaccine Connector / COVID-19 Updates and Information - State of Minnesota)
Sign up to be notified when a vaccine is available for you.
17.2 08:13 
Hey hey! I have been once again pressed into duty as a substitute host and will be presenting Glorth Radio on KFAI TODAY from 2 until 4PM! I have two hours of stoner rock and more ready - don't miss your weekly dose of afternoon doom, only this week with that special CRZ twist!
90•3 / kfai•org !
kfai•org/live !
kfai•org/chat !
16.2 11:11 
All right, which one of you guys is committing fraud using my social security number in Texas? (Also, if you never hear from me again, I've been dragged off to prison for ignoring the magistrate or something)
16.2 08:16 
Oh no my mud room got so cold the pop cans exploded and now I have to clean up before the thaw (you know, I THOUGHT I heard some bangs over the weekend but I've been upstairs in bed and not looking down here)
13.2 17:07 

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
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13.2 03:43 
-7 outside - good time for a 4am steak
13.2 00:30 

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
12.2 08:20 
Hi there! I can't wait for the three day weekend to begin. At midnight, I'm in to present "True Brit! Radio" because in 2021, I only guest host on the COLDEST nights. Tune in to 90.3 FM at midnight if you're in Minnesota, or KFAI•org at 6am if you're in a slightly more British place. Two hours of the best of British music, past, present and future - and a small amount of stumping Ron - await!
10.2 16:20 
Doooooo iiiiiiiiit

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Community Radio - 90.3 FM HD)
KFAI is seeking program proposals for 24 hours of special International Women's Day programming airing on March 8, 2021! More information and sign up at:
7.2 05:13 
This was a good show. I bet I say that every week but how else will I convince you to check me out?

(Shared from Player | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
6.2 23:11 
Yep, missed last week's - here you go (sadly, bad timing on the Cicely Tyson placement)
6.2 21:47 
Eight below - this is not a drill
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