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19.4 02:40 How come the "Operation Safety Net" bot never starts a tweet with "We've been getting a lot of questions about the 2:30am helicopters"
17.4 20:51 A BLATANT breach of kayfabe
17.4 15:33 
Check out Caribbean Jam with Lynval Jackson live at and stick around for Weekend on Demand with MEEEE at 5!
16.4 16:18 Ladies and gentlemen....the weekend
16.4 11:53 
@d_feldman While a Symantec employee, it took all my engineering skill but I managed to disable "edpa.exe" EVERY TIME...I think I can now safely reveal that on the Tweeties
15.4 22:34 @jmshapyro Shap why you gotta one-up Albert like that
13.4 11:38 @TheFakeWill1 For mayor, @SheilaFTP. Dunno about governor
13.4 02:37 
@MisaRox Thanks! For a moment there I felt like Carol Alt on the Family Man.
13.4 01:11 
@tapemachines This tweet was worth the wait
12.4 21:19 
If nothing else, tonight I have had it truly impressed upon me how I must watch the upcoming movie-like structure Nobody But Bob Odenkirk #WWERaw
12.4 20:29 I have like 1700 more Twitter followers than DJ Citizen Jane, where's MY Modelo commercial
12.4 19:41 
@tapemachines NOW who's gonna tell me if Charlotte had any more work done or not
12.4 15:45 
...but be home by 7 or else RT @mnhumanrights: Ramadan Mubarak to Minnesota’s Muslim communities. We wish you a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. #ramadanmubarak
12.4 15:33 RT @dream_salad: They are asking for our help to keep peace when they can’t be peaceful. They are going to hold the public accountable tonight, when they can’t hold themselves accountable. They are seeking to prevent trauma by increased presence of officers and national guard??
12.4 10:14 @_blancmange_ Thanks, that was bugging me but not enough to ask
12.4 08:44 @masonbutler From my experience, a whole lotta J Mascis comparisons
11.4 22:07 
Isn't it fun how every couple of minutes they start talking as if people are just tuning into #WrestleMania for the first time all night or ever
11.4 20:58 
Take it from the WWE Super(spreader)stars and get your COVID vaccination! #WrestleMania
11.4 20:48 
Really missed an opportunity not placing a gong-like structure near Michael Cole #WrestleMania
11.4 20:10 
11.4 19:52 
So, Reginald got the rona or what #WrestleMania
11.4 19:26 
Normal people: box
Michael Cole: box-like structure
#WrestleMania #Vintage
11.4 17:35 
Oof - turns out I could have won $204 of Clint Bowyer's money if I had looked at the stats sheet a little earlier #NASCAR
11.4 17:22 @swampynomo @united I'm not ashamed to say I definitely prefer them alive
10.4 20:09 
Oh wow, thanks lightning, I missed none of #WrestleMania Season 37 Episode 1
10.4 15:55 
Check it out - Lynval's live streaming Caribbean Jam RIGHT NOW at ! Then at 5, it's ME with @KFAIweekend on Demand
9.4 15:58 Believe survivors. Deplatform abusers. RT @StarTribune: Survivors are leading the way as the Twin Cities music scene confronts long-standing issues of sexual assault and harassment.
8.4 19:43 
Soooo @peacockTV when can I pause, rewind and fast forward the live stream? Were you aware people like having that ability or do you need more tweets
8.4 17:02 
RT @gabrieldouglas: I am truly sorry for the inexcusable actions being brought forward.

The music scene needs to be safe for every person who wants to be a part of it, and I would like to commit myself to being part of the solution going forward.
8.4 01:23 @tapemachines Wait, are we just gonna ignore that lady that almost made it into the ring?
7.4 20:49 
C'mon you cowards, announce these competitors' weights #NXTTakeOver
7.4 20:03 
@Toast_Jr What if the alternative was chanting "Peacock Plus?"
7.4 16:00 @KrissiTrash87 I looked at birthday plane tickets today! But apparently I'd need the Yook to lift some restrictions before I can enter
7.4 15:55 
@KrissiTrash87 Oh good, I'm out of Papa John's
7.4 13:13 
7.4 13:13 
It's the seven year anniversary of the screen grab of Jeff Jarrett's spellcheck-on Global Force Wrestling press release!! via @The_W and @The_7 #JointheForce
(automatic Don West clip request for
7.4 13:09 
RT @GurdeepPandher: Today, I received my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Then I went to a frozen lake in the lap of pure nature to dance Punjabi Bhangra on it for joy, hope and positivity, which I'm dispatching to Canada and beyond for everyone's good health.
7.4 12:04 
@grumpymartian My hardcore LJ friends went to Dreamwidth
6.4 21:36 @masonbutler My generation couldn't afford real records and I also can't remember if they ended up in my mouth or not
6.4 21:31 @masonbutler "Please stop licking the record player"
6.4 21:04 RT @raynaxmarie: **posting anonymously on behalf of a friend TW// description of sexual assault**

@4otf come get your mans @gabrieldouglas
6.4 11:25 @boydthompson371 One Jefferson, one Madison (and seven quarters)
6.4 09:17 
@silverindow @chris_steller This also is not how MPLS Parking meters work
5.4 22:29 @funkomatic I TOLD you I bought six 12" singles with it
5.4 22:01 
Today on my walk I made $3.75 in "we don't know how MPLS Parking meters work" moneys
4.4 04:39 
RT @kfaiFMradio: Just uploaded "Weekend on Demand 038 (04/03/2021)" to @mixcloud Listen up!
4.4 03:50 @JoshGolberg @RealKevinNash I know it's a year later, but here's the scoop
Back when they were really afraid of WWF lawsuits/sued by WWF, WCW ridiculously called it a "truckstop powerbomb" in an issue of WCW Magazine. Eventually sanity prevailed and they stopped calling it that, but in my recaps, I didn't.
3.4 15:57 
On air in an hour with a very special 4/3/21 show!
(It's not special, I'm just playing "Major Tom" for eight minutes at some point)
3.4 00:54 @LegsWet Noted!
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