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3.7 14:21 @pyry UniMalc? 27U? RivFrank?
2.7 17:42 @Dellenbach72 @tapemachines Dream On
2.7 17:14 @tapemachines @KTCCLawson Doctor Who 1960s-1980s (which I'm will always be nuts about) is a different beast than Doctor Who 2000s - you probably already know this
2.7 17:12 
@The_Depot @Twins @minnesotalynx Hi! I don't suppose you're selling tickets yet/soon?
30.6 23:19 @d_henney @skiforthree It was definitely "Who's Johnny?" but ya know can have ALL the DeBarges
30.6 23:09 On further review, "Alibis" belongs to @skiforthree, Dan's was "Who's Johnny?" which I don't believe I have (but you never always know what's in this room)
30.6 21:43 Tonight's Twitter experience - fine week of performance, Twits
30.6 19:40 @d_henney Alibis
29.6 09:31 
Woke up to 90 new Instagram followers - thanks to whoever tried out their new bots on my account
29.6 00:45 @grumpymartian Hmmmm, I should add salt to my Major Melon Mtn Dew Zero Sugar?
28.6 21:14 I've been on Twitter like 14 years... I like to think I know best how I me myself care to consume MY timeline
28.6 21:13 Hey F U @Twitter RT @mcclure111: I am seeing several indications that Twitter is legitimately, actually, doing an A/B surveillance test where they remove the "Latest Tweets" option and then *monitoring your feed to see if you complain about it*.
28.6 21:11 Twitter better restore my latest tweets feed tout de suite or there'll be a hell toupee
28.6 14:05 
28.6 13:29 @allisoncollage Wowee!
28.6 12:30 
Bidoof RT @PokemonGoApp: Even MORE Bidoof-related updates are coming your way, Trainers! Get ready for an event that celebrates the lovable Bidoof!
25.6 15:04 RT @PsalmOne: Thread incoming:

Thinking about how it’s been a year since some local artists got called out for sexual violence. Thinking about how it’s been a year since the
#boycottrhymesayers hashtag started.
25.6 14:56 
RT @Rhino_Records: #TheTime never looked so "Cool" Watch the newly remastered HD music video for The Time's "Cool" from their landmark funk debut album 'The Time' released in 1981:
25.6 13:26 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RT @pitchfork: Gift of Gab, one half of the hip-hop duo Blackalicious, has died
24.6 12:58 
Bidoof RT @PokemonGoApp: Bidoof
24.6 12:37 RT @GovTimWalz: There are over 700 locations – and many more mobile clinics – across our state giving out COVID shots.

Getting vaccinated is not only safe and effective – it’s convenient.

Make a plan to get your vaccine at
23.6 21:24 @kimberrussell Sadly, I snoozed on the pride K Swiss Classics
23.6 21:17 @kimberrussell Only if you like them and want to wear them
23.6 16:22 @DublDownDrew Ain't NOBODY he
23.6 12:45 
Bidoof RT @PokemonGoApp: Bidoof
23.6 12:35 @dhm Well it can't be THOSE executives
22.6 23:06 WOW! ESPN's 8K cameras have successfully replicated the look of a dude in a Zoom!
22.6 10:10 Shot down for verification - apparently Twitter doesn't consider radio "entertainment" so I'll have to run for office again or something
21.6 16:35 
Bidoof RT @PokemonGoApp: Bidoof
20.6 20:50 #HIAC ends in time for me to not miss #RickandMorty, #correct?
18.6 19:56 @allisoncollage And, apparently, bespectacled!
18.6 16:39 RT @KFAIweekend: Holy moly RT @_xPropaganda: Holy moly
18.6 16:22 @Bease11 *you're
18.6 15:47 
Current conditions at the airport: 89º with a dew point of 37 - that's a dryyyyyyyyyyyyy heat #mspwx
18.6 12:03 @KrissiTrash87
18.6 12:01 
@HoundstoothLBL Got the EP in my PO Box TODAY! Amazing you could time it so perfectly given how unstable international mail has felt lately - big ups and big thanks from Minneapolis
18.6 11:55 @KrissiTrash87 I mean I'm assuming you're getting the same texts I am
18.6 09:03 So today's a federal holiday, but they're still making postal workers deliver my mail?
18.6 08:57 
@masonbutler @BarbAbney @KfaiamDrive @dessadarling @JSilverdust @MplsPalmers I own a lot of hats, but no Cincinnati Reds ones!
18.6 00:54 @tapemachines We were "cool" so not much - mostly we were just very cringe and thought the big joke at the end wasn't actually funny and that we'd just mostly wasted our time when we could've been practicing abstinence at one of our houses watching something less terrible we'd rented on VHS
18.6 00:51 Aw shit it's out and it's on now @scalpingmusic
18.6 00:47 @tapemachines I saw this in the theatre!

...with a bunch of church youth group friends!
17.6 22:04 RT @DollarBinShow: We just found @CRZ's next hairdon't RT @funkomatic: We just found @CRZ's next hairdon't
17.6 21:28 @luchablog To be fair, who COULD anticipate that both the Hawks AND the Clippers would win their respective Game 5s?
17.6 17:17 @swampynomo Take your tinfoil hat off and enjoy those 5G-free airwaves!
17.6 15:24 
Guys, please stop leaving your body parts behind at Grumpy's and Dusty's RT @kscullinfox9: It now appears there are multiple locations of body parts being found in Northeast Minneapolis…. More to come
17.6 13:38 
@MplsEnergyOpts I saw the note, but just as I went to leave the meeting I was booted. Maybe give me a little more grace period next time, or warn us in the chat that you're about to boot people who aren't leaving? I missed hitting the Leave Meeting button on my own by literally five seconds.
16.6 18:35 (Pretty sure I already know who I'm voting for, but still would have been nice to see some candidates)
16.6 18:33 
Seems I joined the Ward 2 City Council candidates' Zoom too early (why was that even an option for me?)- before I could leave & rejoin later, I was "removed." Now I can't join and my email is on a "can't register" list - way to go, @MN350Action @MplsEnergyOpts @MNIPL @mplsclimate
16.6 18:28 
@MN350Action @MplsEnergyOpts @MNIPL @mplsclimate Hi - could you unban me so I can rejoin the webinar?
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