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5.7 20:44 
Actually not terrible idea to rerun angle of Baron Corbin losing his crown on #RAW because nobody saw it on SmackDown because nobody's WATCHING SmackDown
14.6 20:13 
(maybe this dumb hypothetical would have been even better and more likely with Meiko Satomura)
14.6 20:12 
I wonder if, say, WALTER were to ever make it to the main roster, would the commentary team have to be like "wha huh who who is huh wha who is this human being huh wha huh" #RAW
14.6 20:10 
@tapemachines Maybe there'll be another one
14.6 19:43 
Fans, I need you to call everyone you know right now and tell them that after this ad break we MAY see Eva Marie! #RAW
14.6 19:06 
I haven't actually watched #RAW in a while (like, at least one play-by-play man, hee hee) so... have they been having background music during ALL the interview segments, just Alexa's, is this brand new, or what?
25.5 14:12 
While I could make myself available for the #RAW gig, Michael Cole still has me blocked
24.5 20:28 
Just tuned in to #RAW - what a brave choice by Creative to let Lashley's hooches script their own lines!
24.5 20:27 
Just tuned in to #RAW - what a brave choice by Creative to let Lashley's hooches to script their own lines!
18.5 19:37 
Good thing Candice & Indi never watch back their own show to see that clip, I guess #NXT
17.5 22:42 
@allnewtpir Haha well I don't feel too bad about it, then. I guess it's something to do with NXT and Jeremy Borash and setting the business back 40 years?
17.5 22:35 
Hey wait.
What's Prime Target? Am I supposed to know what that is? RT
@WONF4W: Prime Target segment announced for WWE NXT
16.5 19:19 
I'm just saying it felt funnier when it was Santino Marella stealing a delicious sandwich
16.5 19:02 
Two and a quarter star frog splash #WMBacklash
14.5 19:12 
14.5 19:00 
I'm fully vax'd, so.....I guess I'm gonna stay home and watch #SmackDown (at least until the Lynx game starts)
11.5 20:31 
Kevin Nash lookin' good RT @JJWilliamsWON: Everybody has a price!

10.5 22:54 
Sure didn't sound like "bust" after Xfinity transmitted it to me but then I do have terrible hearing RT @WWE: His allegiance lies with NO ONE.

@BraunStrowman is barreling his way toward #WMBacklash! #WWERaw
10.5 22:52 
Wait - did Braun drop the f bomb without a mute and I had to find out by watching my DVR? #RAW
7.5 14:17 
Feel old yet?™ RT @WWE: We're taking it back to 2006...

Don't miss a throwback edition of
#SmackDown, live TONIGHT at 8/7 C on @FOXTV!
4.5 21:00 
I don't wanna say #NXT has the oldest demographic in television but... I just saw an ad for sour cream
30.4 20:38 
I like Pat McAfee fine as commentator but it's easy to tell WWE has already gotten to him when he pronounces "1132" as "one thousand one hundred thirty-two" #SmackDown
30.4 20:24 
Corbin's outfit was so heinous I feel like he wore it to try to get me to tweet a photo and I'm just not gonna fall for that #SmackDown
30.4 19:27 
23.4 20:22 
Oh, okay, it's a "royal lance" - that's MUCH better #SmackDown
23.4 20:04 
Apollo was like "think I'm gonna start bringing a spear to the ring" and WWE was like "OMG YES YES YES" #SmackDown
19.4 21:18 
19.4 21:08 
When they inevitably holla holla this, WHY didn't Braun just agree to be Drew's tag partner from the jump? #WWERaw
19.4 20:19 
It took WWE over a week to translate this interview #WWERaw
19.4 20:16 
Hashtag where's Rona Reginald #WWERAW
19.4 19:57 
Charlotte is the face of her division as Riddle is the junk of his division #RAW
19.4 19:39 
Charlotte Flair just said "face of the division" so I lol'd #RAW
13.4 01:11 
@tapemachines This tweet was worth the wait
12.4 21:19 
If nothing else, tonight I have had it truly impressed upon me how I must watch the upcoming movie-like structure Nobody But Bob Odenkirk #WWERaw
12.4 19:41 
@tapemachines NOW who's gonna tell me if Charlotte had any more work done or not
11.4 22:07 
Isn't it fun how every couple of minutes they start talking as if people are just tuning into #WrestleMania for the first time all night or ever
11.4 20:58 
Take it from the WWE Super(spreader)stars and get your COVID vaccination! #WrestleMania
11.4 20:48 
Really missed an opportunity not placing a gong-like structure near Michael Cole #WrestleMania
11.4 20:10 
11.4 19:52 
So, Reginald got the rona or what #WrestleMania
11.4 19:26 
Normal people: box
Michael Cole: box-like structure
#WrestleMania #Vintage
10.4 20:09 
Oh wow, thanks lightning, I missed none of #WrestleMania Season 37 Episode 1
8.4 19:43 
Soooo @peacockTV when can I pause, rewind and fast forward the live stream? Were you aware people like having that ability or do you need more tweets
7.4 20:49 
C'mon you cowards, announce these competitors' weights #NXTTakeOver
7.4 20:03 
@Toast_Jr What if the alternative was chanting "Peacock Plus?"
2.4 12:26 
APRIL F-- oh wait, today is the 2nd. Hmmmmm RT @WWENetwork: No foolin' around here. You're gonna get ... IT!

@IAmJericho joins @steveaustinBSR on the next #BrokenSkullSessions, premiering Sunday, April 11 on @PeacockTV in the U.S. and @WWENetwork everywhere else!
29.3 21:33 
What year did "WrestleMania" become
26.3 03:40 
21.3 18:41 
So is that Old Spice ad canon
13.3 04:53 
@tapemachines I STILL don't know how I was cancelled but I didn't find out until I wanted to watch a The SummerSlam and found out I was no longer a subscriber

What a seven years, huh
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