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29.9.21 17:00 
DJ'd at Dark Horse
29.9.21 16:51  Lucky #7! - Interstate Parking (Saint Paul, MN)
29.9.21 16:20 
It IS Wednesday, but actually I don't know what that means
29.9.21 16:04 
Howdy! I should have given you more notice but in an hour I'll be spinnin' vinyls over at @darkhorsestpaul and go until just after 8ish! Them's HAPPY hours, folks!
29.9.21 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.55 ▼0.09 (Range: 25.41 - 25.89)
29.9.21 13:10 
Listened to Scott Lavene - Milk City Sweethearts on Spotify
29.9.21 12:59 
Listened to Malia - How Come You Don't Call Me
29.9.21 11:52 RT @whataweekhuh:
29.9.21 11:22 
Listened to Imperial Broads - Counterpart on Bandcamp
29.9.21 10:59 
Jamaica Blend
29.9.21 00:59 Tough night
Walk: Distance: 4.04 miles, Elevation Gain: 37m, Moving Time: 01:11:17, Average Speed: 3.42 mph
29.9.21 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 56.1º - 80.4º
28.9.21 17:34 @tomkarroll It is not.
28.9.21 16:28 
What the hell, I am also willing to host AEW Dynamite RT @Fightful: Mall Of America Willing To Host AEW Dynamite
28.9.21 16:14 It's TOMORROW! I am mostly reminding MYSELF! Tonight I'll take ten things out of the crate. Just before I leave the house I'll sneak two of them back in. Try the brisket and you must add a side of mac & cheese! We'll put HAPPY back in at least a few hours! Follow Dark Horse Bar&Eatery for more FOOD FOTOS
28.9.21 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.64 ▼0.17 (Range: 25.51 - 25.88)
28.9.21 12:04  Team lunch - in person - how terrifying! - Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant (Saint Paul, MN)
28.9.21 11:33 
100% Colombian
28.9.21 11:27 
RT @DollarBinShow: Attention! Today's episode is 90 minutes for no really good reason BUT feel free to use it as an excuse to take a longer lunch! We kick off at 12 on!
28.9.21 00:32 
They're back! Closer Weekly AND The Eagles
28.9.21 00:10   I could hold out no longer...I am out of groceries - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
28.9.21 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 55.9º - 75.9º
27.9.21 21:33 
I'm, like, an hour behind on #RAW - why didn't he just change his nickaname to Keith "Black Guy" Lee and make it even more obvious?
27.9.21 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.81 ▼0.01 (Range: 25.49 - 25.93)
27.9.21 09:15 
@skiforthree @KFAIweekend @masonbutler Quiet, you
27.9.21 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 49.6º - 80.8º
26.9.21 22:31 
26.9.21 22:26 
Well at least they only need a field goal to win
26.9.21 22:25 
26.9.21 22:13 
Oooh they listened to me! #GoPackGo
26.9.21 22:05 
Way to run that clock down, A-Rod
26.9.21 18:59 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
26.9.21 18:00 
Wow Lynx stunk it up tonight. Season over.
26.9.21 15:09 the-w Survival Football: 2021.03
26.9.21 14:47 
Listened to Steve Lacy - N Side
26.9.21 14:32 
Toasted Southern Pecan
26.9.21 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 42.8º - 69.6º
25.9.21 19:23 
Made up for the shortcut earlier by taking a long detour home to get my 4 miles total
Walk: Distance: 2.13 miles, Elevation Gain: 76ft, Moving Time: 00:37:52, Average Pace: 17:46/mi
25.9.21 17:17 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
25.9.21 16:58 
 Oh my I'm late.... LIVE IN TWO!!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.21 16:24 
Running late - er, walking late and can't stretch it out to 2 miles
Walk: Distance: 1.97 miles, Elevation Gain: 41ft, Moving Time: 00:30:52, Average Pace: 15:39/mi
25.9.21 15:00 
Yo I slept through the Gophers game - did they cover the 31 points and were the boats rowed or whatever
25.9.21 11:54 
Listened to Blancmange - Commercial Break on Spotify
25.9.21 11:44 When you dream about people, do you feel an intense need to let them know and check up on them just in case the universe is trying to let you know something? For me, probably because it doesn't seem to happen very often, I usually act on it, but this morning it just feels creepy so I'm not gonna. (I actually had two - TWO! - separate dreams about people I know, but both of them are folks I haven't actually spoken to for at least a couple months, but must think about often enough for my dream brain to manifest them this morning) Anyway, good morning! I'm on the air at 5 playing new music and your requests and absolutely not discussing anything remotely close to this ;-)
25.9.21 01:06 This is apparently my 30,957th tweet - I will surely miss the 31,000th one so let me now say THANKS for however much of my 14 years on Twitter you've subjected your timeline to my "contributions"
25.9.21 01:05 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a day after @kwatt! #MyTwitterAnniversary
25.9.21 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 51.3º - 60.6º - 0.05" rain
24.9.21 22:08 Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
24.9.21 21:36 
I kinda hope Todd Gilliland can hold onto this one if only so these NASCAR on FOX guys might suddenly remember there's also an owners' championship playoff going on
24.9.21 19:40 Extra Toasty
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