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6.10 11:58 RT @whataweekhuh:
6.10 10:31 Would we celebrate Jack Nicholson's performance in BATMAN (1989) as much if Jack Palance hadn't ALSO been in Batman?
5.10 12:46 
No action will be taken RT @amyklobuchar: We have not done a thing to update U.S. competition, privacy, & tech laws. Nothing. Zilch. Why? Because there are lobbyists around every single corner of the Capitol hired by tech. Today’s testimony from @FrancesHaugen is a catalyst for change. The time for action is NOW.
5.10 12:18 
RT @kateknuth: The Mayor has full authority of the Police Department under our current charter. He can act right now and take necessary ste… RT @MNReformer: The Mayor has full authority of the Police Department under our current charter. He can act right now and take necessary steps to make it clear that this violent, toxic culture is not acceptable. The mayor’s office is
silent on this and, therefore, complicit.
5.10 12:18 
RT @SheilaFTP: I was there when this was happening. Iwo of my fellow medics biked to help at the 5th precinct, officers walked over and sla… RT @MNReformer: I was there when this was happening. Iwo of my fellow medics biked to help at the 5th precinct, officers walked over and slashed all their bike tires.
This is why I've been pushing at city hall for sweeping changes for years, and why I will fight for the most change as mayor.
4.10 21:10 
Jimmy: We can't wait for October 22nd for the new look #RAW!
Me: October 22nd is a Friday
4.10 21:09 
I love that Goldy has now repeatedly violated WWE style/scriptwriting guidelines by promising to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Bobby #RAW
4.10 20:25 @D_V_D_V_R
4.10 20:21 Wow, RAW in St Paul at the X in December - surely this isn't retaliation for Target Center booking AEW, but one never knows
4.10 20:05 @hansen9j @tapemachines Something about a chest of tools?
4.10 18:33 
@janashortal Tonight on @kfaiFMradio:
8PM -
10PM - Spin with Cyn with
Midnight - Pakemon's Patari with
4.10 15:40 
Boy SOMEBODY at FACEBOOK's got a CASE of the MONDAYS am I right
Anyway, just enough time to read and watch the 60 Minutes report again, I suppose:
4.10 15:36 
@KrissiTrash87 The parts I saw were good tho!
4.10 15:36 
@KrissiTrash87 I was behind anyway (still had that Teams call) - by which I mean I'm working right now, of course
4.10 15:22 
Well well well look who tweeted like five times since 2020 RT @mplsltd: The worst part of Facebook and Instagram being down is not getting to see what all of my friends had for lunch.
3.10 22:36 @kimberrussell F
3.10 15:57 @thecubsfan You picked a road team, you knew what you'd get
3.10 15:53 @thecubsfan I suppose it wasn't any consolation that a tie would have ALSO knocked you out
3.10 14:17 RT @tinbroforever:
3.10 01:18 @grumpymartian Oh noooooooooo I'm so sorry
2.10 00:49 @funkomatic Mason reminds me this had already been cancelled:
1.10 17:43 @tapemachines Hell yeah I'm finally as old as her
1.10 10:29 @funkomatic I'm probably sleeping through it. If I manage to get anywhere it'll be the Record Show at the Hook (because I nabbed a free pass from the station) I actually DO NOT NEED MORE STUFF but that hasn't stopped me in the past
29.9 16:20 
It IS Wednesday, but actually I don't know what that means
29.9 16:04 
Howdy! I should have given you more notice but in an hour I'll be spinnin' vinyls over at @darkhorsestpaul and go until just after 8ish! Them's HAPPY hours, folks!
29.9 11:52 RT @whataweekhuh:
28.9 17:34 @tomkarroll It is not.
28.9 16:28 
What the hell, I am also willing to host AEW Dynamite RT @Fightful: Mall Of America Willing To Host AEW Dynamite
28.9 11:27 
RT @DollarBinShow: Attention! Today's episode is 90 minutes for no really good reason BUT feel free to use it as an excuse to take a longer lunch! We kick off at 12 on!
27.9 21:33 
I'm, like, an hour behind on #RAW - why didn't he just change his nickaname to Keith "Black Guy" Lee and make it even more obvious?
27.9 09:15 
@skiforthree @KFAIweekend @masonbutler Quiet, you
26.9 22:31 
26.9 22:26 
Well at least they only need a field goal to win
26.9 22:25 
26.9 22:13 
Oooh they listened to me! #GoPackGo
26.9 22:05 
Way to run that clock down, A-Rod
26.9 18:00 
Wow Lynx stunk it up tonight. Season over.
25.9 15:00 
Yo I slept through the Gophers game - did they cover the 31 points and were the boats rowed or whatever
25.9 01:06 This is apparently my 30,957th tweet - I will surely miss the 31,000th one so let me now say THANKS for however much of my 14 years on Twitter you've subjected your timeline to my "contributions"
25.9 01:05 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a day after @kwatt! #MyTwitterAnniversary
24.9 22:08 Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
24.9 21:36 
I kinda hope Todd Gilliland can hold onto this one if only so these NASCAR on FOX guys might suddenly remember there's also an owners' championship playoff going on
24.9 17:27 
You might say we can't wait for it to begin RT @KFAIweekend: I must admit I am having some difficulty anticipating the arrival of the weekend
24.9 17:18 
RT @dhm: Can’t wait to see all of these WWE #Superstars in person at SmackDown tonight!
24.9 16:23 
RIP Pee Wee Ellis
24.9 01:21 F U State Patrol, your midnight surveillance is real time government waste
24.9 01:07 
Back and forth and back and forth and whyyyyyyyyy RT @policeoverhead: Minnesota State Patrol #N115SP (SR22) was spotted near Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul, MN at approx 05:16 UTC squawking 355 #MSP
23.9 16:51 @JayJayDean Mambo King and Mambo Kings only (okay, I still like Assassins too)
22.9 14:26 
RT @KarlTowns: wtf…
22.9 14:24 
When's this team leaving town
@Twolves_PR: Timberwolves/Lynx owner Glen Taylor released the following statement:

“Today, the Minnesota Timberwovles parted ways with President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas. As an organization, we remain committed to building a winning team that our fans and city can be proud of.”
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