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14.10 15:08 Breakfast Blend
14.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.29 ▲0.21 (Range: 25.07 - 25.50)
14.10 13:50 
Listened to Zitronen - Varsovia
14.10 12:58 
Listened to Pictish Trail - Natural Successor - Django Django's 'Fazed and Confused Remix'
14.10 09:48 Heading back to Dark Horse in two Wednesdays, so yep I spammed you with an invite, sorry about that if you get annoyed by invites. (I LOVE invites! Invite me to everything! I'll still stay home, but) If somehow you wanted an invite and didn't get it, or just can't figure out how to see it, here's a link Facebook also may not show you: As always, feel free to mark "Interested" even if you're not as it helps with visibility! You CAN see me.
14.10 09:09 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
14.10 09:00 
Listened to Muun Bato - Paraphonic Vapors on Spotify
14.10 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 55.8º - 63.0º
13.10 23:29 I capped off tonight with a wine - yeah I'm a real health nut now
13.10 21:48 Over the weekend, I signed up for Narcan training through the Hennepin County Sheriff's department. It was scheduled to take place today at 5 in Plymouth - and at 4, I visited my St Paul office for the first time in approximately a year to get my flu shot, which is to say I hadn't been there since LAST year's flu shot. I was basically in and out with no line but my paperwork took a while to fill out so by the time I was back in the car, Google Maps was telling me it would be suddenly incredibly tight as to whether or not I could make it across the metro to Plymouth on time after navigating a rush hour which I keep forgetting exists after working remotely for 19 months and counting. After all the stress of the traffic combined with a freshly sore vaxx arm, breathing through a mask when pretty unskilled at doing anything masked AND - in a decision I really should have seen as a bad one before having the benefit of hindsight - having drank an entire Sugar Free Rockst!
ar in the car while eating nothing - by the time Randall from Bold North Recovery started a needle demonstration about 45 minutes in (I should probably remind you here that I am..... really really ... rather not good with needles - especially twice in a day), I found myself getting dizzy, sweating EVERYWHERE, feeling a lightheadedness I'd never felt before, and if anyone else in the room had actually looked in my direction at the time they would have wondered if *I* needed some medical attention. Fortunately the feeling eventually did pass AND I got to hear Bobbi narrating the final video (!) - and now I'm all schooled up on administering naloxone, thankfully as a nasal spray and not via intramuscular injection so as to not have TWO people lying on the floor by the time it's done. Ya know we have a lot of fun here and I kid a lot, but there isn't much funny about opioid overdoses and after taking the class, I hope and pray I'll never have to put into practice what I learn!
ed today but I'm very glad I learned it and feel prepared - yo!
u never know when you might save a life. There's no reason you can't take the same class! The next two sessions take place November 23rd and December 16th. You don't have to drive to Plymouth and attend in person, although you can and you'll get your Narcan that day - but virtual attendance via Zoom is also an option! To apply, visit their Office Form at Just try to limit your stress, flu shots and caffeine intake ahead of it - don't make the same mistakes I made.
13.10 21:16 @tomkarroll
13.10 20:11 @David_E_Powell Oh no, I still wore shorts - it was just a pop-in for a flu shot. I'm still remote until February, last time they told me
13.10 20:00 Does Wayne Gretzky realise they're scoring goals while he endlessly answers unrelated questions?
13.10 18:24  Heck, I was in the neighborhood - Costco Wholesale (Saint Louis Park, MN)
13.10 17:05  Narcan training! - Hennepin County Communications Center (Plymouth, MN)
13.10 16:33 
Listened to Duck Sauce - Essential Mix 2020-12-12
13.10 16:23 
    FLU SHOT MMXXI - Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
13.10 16:13 
 Wow, have I been here since my LAST flu shot? - Centennial Parking Ramp (Saint Paul, MN)
13.10 15:48 
It's here and it's beautiful! Muun Bato
(Post Office)
13.10 15:47 
     My MUUN BATO LP is finally here! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
13.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.08 ▼0.30 (Range: 25.06 - 25.60)
13.10 14:11 Found my work badge - it was clipped to the pants I haven't worn since the last time I went to the office some time in 2020
13.10 13:27 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2021-22 SEASON: ☠ (yesterday, forgot to tell you, sorry)

Unfortunately, this is an early start - last season's first (and only) dead mouse didn't appear until March!
13.10 13:19 Jamaican Blend
13.10 12:02 RT @whataweekhuh:
13.10 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 56.8º - 64.2º
12.10 23:14 @d_henney Raven should have wrestled in his leather jacket!
12.10 20:22 
NXT 2.0
12.10 17:17 
   $3.099/g 1+ gallon for the lawn mower (3¢ off with Speedway loyalty card) - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 16:54 
Good PO Box trip today. Expensive and pretty. Pretty expensive
12.10 16:48 
          Triple vinyl from Austria, Saint Etienne exclusive from Rough Trade and WHAT'S FROM EL FANO?!?!?! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.38 ▼0.21 (Range: 25.22 - 25.77)
12.10 13:45 Costa Rica Blend
12.10 12:37 
RT @DollarBinShow: Just one Steve Winwood banger after another here on The Bin RT @kfaiFA2: Just one Steve Winwood banger after another here on The Bin
12.10 11:19 He said "Folks" so I'm sure something will get passed this time RT @POTUS: Folks, it’s time those at the top pay their fair share.
12.10 00:32 
Shockingly, these Legends are still Living!
12.10 00:10   Badly needed groceries run - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
12.10 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 49.6º - 68.9º
11.10 23:35 
@TheKFV Oh no my crossposted Instagrams are especially universally despised on Twitter
11.10 22:14 
I'll even give you a screen grab since it's 2021 and I'm looking to get DMCA'd - check out that noggin knocker #RAW
11.10 22:00 
DAMN that goose egg on Drew - let's go out on that one. GOOD NIGHT FROM #RAW
11.10 22:00 
I'm so glad they stopped slapping their thighs when kicking and now slap some other part of their body instead #RAW
11.10 21:57 
Inconsistent officiating #RAW
11.10 21:55 
RT @KFAIweekend: One year ago I jokingly did a weather report over an Axiom track and now, listeners actually start to get itchy if I wait… RT @kfaiFMradio: One year ago I jokingly did a weather report over an Axiom track and now, listeners actually start to get itchy if I wait too far into the second hour to read them a forecast
11.10 21:48 @DublDownDrew I must say I'm pretty pleased I correctly predicted which clip you'd selected before clicking
11.10 21:26 
Man, remember when I'd get emails like this all the time? "I GET LETTERS," I'd say. Did you know I totally stole that from David Letterman (or whoever he stole it from) RT @AndyAkeko: @CRZ STICK TO YOGURT OF THE DAY, WOKE BOY!

CRZ, more like CR!

I always liked Scott Keith better anyway!

Exclamation points mean I'm legitimately upset!
11.10 21:20 
What the hell sport is Stephanie McMahon notable enough in to be inducted into an International Sports Hall of Fame?! #RAW
11.10 20:45 Oh shit Al Michaels already took next week off, didn't he
11.10 20:40 
Tonight during #RAW I've been heartened and repulsed respectively by local drop-in ads for "Yes on 2" and Mayor Frey
11.10 20:36 
@tapemachines C'mon tape, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton are participants in the Federation's sole long-term program of the 2020s
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