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23.10 16:54 
COMING UP on KFAI with a special "Weekend on Demand" for Fresh Air's Fall Member Drive co-starring YOU! Even if you don't listen, listen! Even if you STILL don't listen, please consider visiting and kicking in five bucks to keep our little Community Radio Station alive!

90.3 starting at five (CDT) !
18.10 11:52 
Happy Birthday to DJ SLT! The T stands for Tom and while his page is locked down, you can still tag him to do an end around to get ONTO his page. Sadly, nobody has yet mashed up "This Is America" with "Only After Dark," but several (well, three) people HAVE mashed it up with...

(Shared from Childish Bowie - This Is (Not) America)
Childish Gambino - This Is America VS.David Bowie - This Is Not America---Only one will be left standing.I had dangerous amounts of fun doing this mashup, fo...
18.10 08:36 
Oh crap, which one is the main one and which one is the alt
16.10 15:35 
On the air at 5 with a boatload of your requests and new tracks from Tori Amos, Prospa, Muun Bato, Seawhores, Tom Morello and - if you're very good or very bad - David Lee Roth. Find KFAI on your FM at 90.3 or online at kfai dot org slash live!
16.10 14:36 Some of my favourite old farts and/or old souls are playing at Mort's tonight. Don't sleep on that opening act at 9:30 and don't leave until the last note from The Hostages! SEE YOU THERE
16.10 01:38 
I've never been steered wrong by Costco store brand alcohol and by golly, their $6.99 bottle of malbec is no different. HEY GUESS I'M A WINE GUY NOW

AND I have an additional one: did LeafGuard get Lacey Evans pregnant?
14.10 09:48 Heading back to Dark Horse in two Wednesdays, so yep I spammed you with an invite, sorry about that if you get annoyed by invites. (I LOVE invites! Invite me to everything! I'll still stay home, but) If somehow you wanted an invite and didn't get it, or just can't figure out how to see it, here's a link Facebook also may not show you: As always, feel free to mark "Interested" even if you're not as it helps with visibility! You CAN see me.
14.10 09:09 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
13.10 21:48 Over the weekend, I signed up for Narcan training through the Hennepin County Sheriff's department. It was scheduled to take place today at 5 in Plymouth - and at 4, I visited my St Paul office for the first time in approximately a year to get my flu shot, which is to say I hadn't been there since LAST year's flu shot. I was basically in and out with no line but my paperwork took a while to fill out so by the time I was back in the car, Google Maps was telling me it would be suddenly incredibly tight as to whether or not I could make it across the metro to Plymouth on time after navigating a rush hour which I keep forgetting exists after working remotely for 19 months and counting. After all the stress of the traffic combined with a freshly sore vaxx arm, breathing through a mask when pretty unskilled at doing anything masked AND - in a decision I really should have seen as a bad one before having the benefit of hindsight - having drank an entire Sugar Free Rockst!
ar in the car while eating nothing - by the time Randall from Bold North Recovery started a needle demonstration about 45 minutes in (I should probably remind you here that I am..... really really ... rather not good with needles - especially twice in a day), I found myself getting dizzy, sweating EVERYWHERE, feeling a lightheadedness I'd never felt before, and if anyone else in the room had actually looked in my direction at the time they would have wondered if *I* needed some medical attention. Fortunately the feeling eventually did pass AND I got to hear Bobbi narrating the final video (!) - and now I'm all schooled up on administering naloxone, thankfully as a nasal spray and not via intramuscular injection so as to not have TWO people lying on the floor by the time it's done. Ya know we have a lot of fun here and I kid a lot, but there isn't much funny about opioid overdoses and after taking the class, I hope and pray I'll never have to put into practice what I learn!
ed today but I'm very glad I learned it and feel prepared - yo!
u never know when you might save a life. There's no reason you can't take the same class! The next two sessions take place November 23rd and December 16th. You don't have to drive to Plymouth and attend in person, although you can and you'll get your Narcan that day - but virtual attendance via Zoom is also an option! To apply, visit their Office Form at Just try to limit your stress, flu shots and caffeine intake ahead of it - don't make the same mistakes I made.
13.10 15:48 
It's here and it's beautiful! Muun Bato
(Post Office)
13.10 13:27 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2021-22 SEASON: ☠ (yesterday, forgot to tell you, sorry)

Unfortunately, this is an early start - last season's first (and only) dead mouse didn't appear until March!
12.10 16:54 
Good PO Box trip today. Expensive and pretty. Pretty expensive
11.10 17:13 
Not sure the intended target but this one did a coupla mighty swoops... although was still empty-taloned by the time I fired up the camera
9.10 21:52 LET'S 2OOO
9.10 16:46 
I have 28 tracks lined up - 24 are either requests or brand new. NEW Tears for Fears WHAT, NEW Soft Cell HUH, NEW Bahamas! NEW Bonobo! NEW KYLIE MINOGUE WITH YEARS & YEARS!
All this PLUS not one but TWO regular listeners test the limits of my love with their insanely long track requests, and two regular listeners request tracks at least 60 years old - sounds like a good time to me! KFAI/90.3 in 15 minutes (5PM CDT) streaming live video from where at some point I WILL drink a new soda and tell you how it tastes DON'CHA DAAAAAAAAARE MISSIT

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
9.10 05:01 All right, look - I don't make the rules, but we're all doing this tonight. That's it. SEE YOU THERE
8.10 20:03 Come buy all the WINGTIPS merch!! I'm behind the table and I even wore a (mostly) black shirt to look more professional!
6.10 16:59 
Sir, can you identify the turkey that woke you up?
5.10 15:18 
4.10 15:40 
Boy SOMEBODY at FACEBOOK's got a CASE of the MONDAYS am I right
Anyway, just enough time to read and watch the 60 Minutes report again, I suppose:
4.10 15:22 
Well well well look who tweeted like five times since 2020 RT @mplsltd: The worst part of Facebook and Instagram being down is not getting to see what all of my friends had for lunch.
3.10 22:17 
If you missed this piece on our social network and its algorithm on "60 Minutes," I have a hunch you may not get to see my link anyway ;-) Depressing stuff, but I'm sure I'll still be hanging around here for another hour - and back again tomorrow...

(Shared from Whistleblower: Facebook is misleading the public on progress against hate speech, violence, misinformation)
Frances Haugen says in her time with Facebook she saw, "conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook." Scott Pelley reports.
3.10 13:52 
I've been uploading my 2020 shows that weren't already on KFAI's Mixcloud week by week as they come up - the show from a year ago today was a really good mix of what was new a year ago with some fine requests sprinkled in, including a little nonsense in the middle. It's also KFAI's first spin of Chuck's favourite request, "Alexa." :) Track list:

WoD 013: Octoberfest
Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World R (Jay)
Bob Mould - Forecast of Rain N
Deftones - Error N
Public Enemy - Public Enemy Number Won (feat. Mike D, Adrock & Run-DMC) N
Souls of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity (LP Clean)
HAAi - Bon Viveur N
Alison Wonderland - Bad Things N
Information Society - Hack 1
Tunng - Death is the New Sex N
Bastille - survivin' N
LØLØ - Dear First Love, N
Sufjan Stevens - Run Away With Me N
Bat for Lashes - We've Only Just Begun N
Amaranthe - Scream My Name N
Cora Novoa - Black Out N
BRKLYN x LöKii - Bass Face N
rap legend Jesse Dangerously - Pumpkin Spice Illuminatte (no swears) R
The Cool Greenhouse - Alexa! N
Neil Cicierega - Aerolong R N
Neil Cicierega - Sleepin' R N
Neil Cicierega - Superkiller R N (Mason)
Alanis Morrissey - This Ironic Man R (Dan)
Future Funk Squad - Lock Down (feat. The Crystal Method) N
John Hiatt - Snake Charmer R (Lee)
Gully Boys - Violet L N
Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom (Coming Home) [Adam K & Soha Radio Edit] R (Tim)
Klack - Two Minute Warning N
Shy Boys - Fraid I Might Die N
Fatima Yamaha - Day We Met N
Arca - Time R N (Allison)
Vin Diesel - Feel Like I Do N

(Shared from Weekend on Demand 013 (10/03/2020))
Octoberfest This is our 14th week - I don't know if we're allowed to call the show "new" any more - but I still got a whole lotta music that wasn't released even a week or two ago! Spinitron playlist at:
2.10 19:19 
Well I look terrible but Luke was already in "selfie" mode - he'll give me some pointers next week
(KFAI-FM (Minneapolis))
2.10 17:16 
I'm live on KFAI but playing music YOU selected! or 90.3 on your local radio dial - it's KFAI Weekend on Demand!

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
1.10 20:34 
UPDATE: Even cheaper
(Target Store St-Paul-Midway)
1.10 17:17 Hey DJ!!
30.9 15:00 
also hello it's also Kat's birthday, FB pickin' favourites again
30.9 02:45 Happy Birthday, Sam!
28.9 16:14 It's TOMORROW! I am mostly reminding MYSELF! Tonight I'll take ten things out of the crate. Just before I leave the house I'll sneak two of them back in. Try the brisket and you must add a side of mac & cheese! We'll put HAPPY back in at least a few hours! Follow Dark Horse Bar&Eatery for more FOOD FOTOS
25.9 11:44 When you dream about people, do you feel an intense need to let them know and check up on them just in case the universe is trying to let you know something? For me, probably because it doesn't seem to happen very often, I usually act on it, but this morning it just feels creepy so I'm not gonna. (I actually had two - TWO! - separate dreams about people I know, but both of them are folks I haven't actually spoken to for at least a couple months, but must think about often enough for my dream brain to manifest them this morning) Anyway, good morning! I'm on the air at 5 playing new music and your requests and absolutely not discussing anything remotely close to this ;-)
22.9 20:49 Holy crap, I saw METZ for free seven years ago?! Thanks, Nightosaur!
20.9 20:05 New Order & Pet Shop Boys: Postponed
Alan Parsons Live Project: Postponed
Gary Numan: Postponed
Dead Can Dance: Postponed
Once again I'm running out of reasons to leave the house
(DJ CRZ at Dark Horse 9/29: STILL ON FOR NOW)
18.9 19:17 Oh wow, how great was it to encounter Amy Griffis in the wild!! ("The wild" is the patio of The Acadia)
18.9 17:19 
Oh hey I'm on the air live RIGHT NOW! 90.3 / KFAI (dot) org (slash) live
18.9 01:45 
Way back when I tried the jalapeño Cheetos for the first time and raved about them. Joseph and a few other people let me know this stuff existed and I probably should buy some, make it and eat it. Cub actually stocked it, so I bought these two boxes and they sat on the kitchen island for....a while. TONIGHT I decided it was a special enough night (in that I was alone and bored, had milk that hadn't expired and there wasn't really anything else in the house calling to me to have for 1am dinner) so here we go.

First of all, turns out I VASTLY prefer macaroni to spiral.....oni and was a little sad that I didn't really look too hard about which kind of mac was in this "mac and cheese" box, not that that's why you buy this stuff - you want to experience this FLAVOUR. Perhaps spirals, by virtue of their larger amount of surface area to which the sauce can stick, was an educated choice. I'm not working for Kraft for reasons, probably. (Is this even a Kraft product? I don't know, the boxes are already in the garbage and I'm back upstairs.)

ANYWAY. YES. It WAS delicious, and close enough to the actual Cheetos themselves that I was happy. I probably didn't need to ingest 1500 calories' worth in one sitting, but that's kinda how you do boxed Mac and Cheese - load up and know you'll regret it almost immediately after you've cleaned up the dishes.

I stopped buying mac and cheese boxes completely years ago, so I won't buy these again as part of that. I DO kinda want the ol' reliable blue box mac & cheese one more time now, though. I'll see if it's ever at a sale price I feel like paying. This and homemade Chex Mix are the only things that I use margarine for so it might be good to do those two things more than twice a year.

I'm not sure which alcohol to follow this up with but with the lingering jalapeño sauce taste in my mouth and throat I know the first few swigs are gonna taste weird no matter which selections I make.

For Chester Cheetah, this is CRZ - and this has been another episode of "CRZ's Life Choices!" As always, we humbly thank you for your feigning of interest to make it this far into the block of text.
17.9 17:16 
AND somebody lost their mask on my steps. Cute
17.9 17:14 
They look bigger...or just closer
17.9 17:02 
You know what a summer of drought is great for? Aloe plants. Mine finally had babies! So cute! I'll try to repot them before the big one comes inside for the winter.
15.9 21:27 
In two weeks, I'm back at Dark Horse for the early happy hour! If somehow you weren't blessed with an invite, the event link will be the first comment on this status!
11.9 22:41 Tested negative again - I feel like vaccines work
10.9 18:07 
JUST IN! Tomorrow I will be doing a FOUR hour KFAI Weekend on Demand... except I only have TWO hours of show programmed, so there's never been a better time to help me put together my playlist - preferably if you'll also be listening in between 5 and 9 PM CDT!
10.9 16:39 
CALLBACKS: It's my lucky day!!
10.9 02:23 
PANDEMIC PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: Some time in my 30s I bought this way too large bottle of steak sauce. Freshness date was almost but not quite 13 years ago. Tonight while making late night cheeseburgers, I finally finished it.
9.9 19:24 
Check out "Stone on Bone" coming up at 8PM on KFAI!
8.9 17:01 
RIP Archbishop Carl Bean

(Shared from Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (Motown Records 1977))
"I Was Born This Way" is a disco song by Valentino, released in 1975, then by Carl Bean in 1977 (both artists for Motown), and a re-recording in 1995 by coun...
7.9 19:03 What the Falk (Trylon Cinema)
6.9 17:18 
Happy Labor Day/Christopher Muench's birthday

(Break Dance: Jerry Lewis vs. Shabba Doo and Boogaloo Shrimp (1984) - MDA Telethon)
6.9 04:19 
You know you've made it when The Algorithm suggests you Like your own page
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