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2.11 22:43 
@LouRaguse @dbrauer (the final tally in 2017, I mean - )
2.11 22:40 
@LouRaguse @dbrauer Exhausted ballots' share is still a share tho - the final tally had Frey 44.69, Dehn 33.46, Exhausted 21.85

(I see a path for Kate Knuth but somehow she has to pass Sheila Nezhad before the last round in order to theoretically pass Frey - I don't see a path for Sheila at all)
2.11 22:22 
It's in. All 136 precincts in.
2.11 22:18 
Still waiting on one precinct - Ward 6 Precinct 2 (Seward)
2.11 21:29 
Beer it is.
2.11 21:24 
Maybe beer instead of ice cream tonight, but I'll wait for my home precinct to come in first
2.11 19:00 Just think, in a couple days the elections will be forgotten and we'll be back to tweeting about.... uh..... sea shantys?
2.11 16:30 
RT @kanadgupta: ok i wasn't sure how this would go but... we have data pouring in for 50 (out of 134) mpls precincts!

this data is 100% anonymous and dependent on crowdsourcing, so if you see someone posting their voter # on your corner of the internet, pls submit it!
2.11 16:29 @hack0tv Why, did somebody yell at you?
2.11 16:16 
@d_feldman Technically, it would eliminate standard time as we'd be on DST permanently? I think we should probably switch it up completely and call it Minnesota Standard Time because CST and CDT would become "interchangeable" terms with someone (me) aways saying they're using the wrong one
2.11 16:09 
What a silly question RT @funkomatic: @CRZ Did you vote for yourself?
2.11 15:29 
I voted! W2-P5 #522! (@ Pratt Community Education Center in Minneapolis, MN)
2.11 13:42 Ironic that @TechSmith sends so many #*$% emails about how I can & should make the shift away from using email...

One from Saturday(!) actually said "Stop repeating yourself" in the Subject line!

Yeah, 3 emails in 7 days - really practicing what you're preaching there, my dudes
2.11 12:39 
@hack0tv Tell me you don't live in Minneapolis without telling me you don't live in Minneapolis ;-)
2.11 10:50 
RT @VoteMpls: Get out and VOTE Minneapolis! Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Find your polling place:
2.11 10:50 RT @WedgeLIVE: If the mayor has always had "complete power" over police, and the police budget is up by $14 million since Frey was elected, maybe it's not about "defund" or "14 bosses." As polls open this morning, consider this possibility: maybe Mayor Frey is consistently bad at his job.
2.11 03:14 
Only have two choices for Minneapolis mayor? Writing in me WILL count in the first round! (Then, I'll be eliminated and they move to your #2 and #3 ranked candidates.)

Rank CRZ
1.11 15:56 @MisterOohlala @tapemachines This does beg a question: Tape, have you reviewed Santa's Slay?
1.11 12:43 Kraftwerk 3D at the State Theatre June 1st 2022 - gonna go break my piggy bank now (but I'll be sure to sample it for later) #tschak
31.10 18:31 Brady still has that timeout guys #brady #goat
31.10 18:30 @JAMandTAM2 #brady
31.10 18:29 Saints may have left too much time on the clock by running the interception ALL the way back
31.10 18:29 Wow, Aikman's STILL talking about the Saints passing on first down
30.10 04:17 Hey............uh.........

has it still got a hash brown in it
29.10 20:26 
Boy, no commentary can put over the brutality of a street fight like the dad jokes you were just excoriating "Madcap" over mere minutes ago - another one for the Cole/McPhee highlight reel #SmackDown
29.10 17:54 @shaqsi_zaher So glad you tagged me in this :/
29.10 13:36 RT @geraldstratfor3: Thats amazing RT @joe_co_uk: If you don't follow him already @geraldstratfor3 is Twitter's grandad, the reigning king of vegetables and probably the most wholesome man in the world
28.10 22:33 
27.10 11:37 @benjamiller Must you tho
27.10 11:15 
RT @MaryMorseMarti: A billionaire owns MN's biggest newspaper and has achieved his goal of swinging it to the right. His daughter now runs our statewide public radio network. It's a good day to subscribe to @MNReformer and @SahanJournal. Throw a few bucks to @kfaiFMradio, too.
27.10 10:57 RT @whataweekhuh:
26.10 20:50 UPDATE: Craig Robinson was 50.
26.10 20:32 @D_V_D_V_R Hey wait - ham AND pineapple AND bacon??????
26.10 20:19 UPDATE: Craig Robinson just sampled another slice of Sandra's Tastemaker #notaeuphamism
26.10 20:04 
I think we can all agree that shovel shot didn't look like it hurt enough to keep Raquel down until Vic Joseph emphasized it during the replay by saying "bam" #NXT
26.10 20:00 Why isn't it Geicoween Gevoc
26.10 19:57 I bet your precious CHUCKY would try both pizzas if he had a real human mouth
26.10 19:45 
Although #NXT opened with a commercial-free half hour, in the past 14 minutes, Craig Robinson has tried the same Pizza Hut pizza, like, four times - when's he gonna try that other guy's pizza
26.10 12:51 RT @dream_salad: So early last year my grandma put a literally priceless family and historical heirloom in the mail to a stranger in an attempt to have it get to South Korea so it could be donated to a museum. I lost my shit, for a variety of reasons.
26.10 11:15 After much procrastination, went ahead and filed as a write-in again.

Rank CRZ first and
25.10 21:21 RT @HennepinSheriff: Sheriff Hutchinson is a proud partner with Randy Anderson, who serves as a member of the Sheriff's Office Community Advisory Board. He also leads our monthly opioid training classes. @StarTribune featured Randy and his amazing work within the community.
25.10 16:16 @funkomatic Rivendell still calls 'em carts
25.10 16:14 @funkomatic They're edited all funny tho, aren't they? Not that you'd want to listen to too many episodes all at once, a little goes a long way
25.10 16:11 Before I forget again, let me remind you AND me that I'm spinning at @darkhorsestpaul Wednesday from 5-8PM!
22.10 20:28 
Now Cole's been on a long flight from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so I absolutely shouldn't make fun of him for saying "Corbin's formal downward spile" but also he's blocked me so f him and his shitty enunciation and I hope he does lose his voice #SmackDown
22.10 20:14 
Sorry, but if this is a "new era" of #SmackDown why do we still have AC/DC performing its theme song
22.10 20:13 
Ali needed that sweet eyeliner #SmackDown
22.10 19:38 
Hey so is this the REAL sword or #SmackDown
22.10 19:38 
Boy, that Patty Mac really lets those moments breathe, doesn't he #SmackDown
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