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13.12 14:08 
 Nope - Lids (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12 14:04 Nope - Vikings Locker Room Store (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:56  Different no - Barnes & Noble (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:44 Haha no - House Of Hoops (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:42  Nope - Pro Image Sports (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:36  Nope - Nike (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:32  More last-days shopping with the Brit - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:31  Mall Of America West Parking Ramp (Bloomington, MN)
13.12 13:25 
Listened to Ella Fitzgerald - Wait Til You See Him (De-Phazz remix)
13.12 13:22 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - Martha My Dear
13.12 13:20 
Listened to Elbow - My Very Best
13.12 13:08  Lookin' for a Vikings hoodie for Kris - DICK'S Sporting Goods (Richfield, MN)
13.12 13:01 
Listened to Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling (Extended)
13.12 12:00 
I'll be honest...I didn't know this affront to nature existed until @mutilatoralligator ordered it
13.12 11:47 
 Authentic! - Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12 11:39 
Listened to Ikonika - Essential Mix 2021-02-06
13.12 11:00 
 Quick detour for Kris' fancy testing site - MSP Gold Ramp (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12 10:52 
 Let's get tested! - Covid Test Site (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12 10:51 
 Yeehaw - MSP Blue Parking Ramp (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 22.5º - 37.4º
12.12 19:47 "We haven't really experienced any buffering" - ah, what natural organic dialogue
12.12 16:45 
 Here for the cow - Red Cow (Minneapolis, MN)
12.12 15:34 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
12.12 00:43 
 Hipshaker DJs! - DJ Brian Engel - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
12.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 21.6º - 32.0º
11.12 22:06 Best soundtrack for watching the Wild - hey DJ
11.12 21:47 
   (accent) Watchin' the gihm wit da bros - Dusty's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
11.12 19:47 Can of Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar
11.12 19:21 
 We're going INSANE with this order - Taco Bell (Minneapolis, MN)
11.12 16:30 
 Live in 30 with Kris Head! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
11.12 16:14 
Listened to Budgie - Facety Lady
11.12 15:59 
On air in an hour with a whole lotta death and one very alive guest
90.3 (hopefully Kris doesn't mind a camera on him - whoa nice thumbnail from last week!)

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
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11.12 06:05 It's hitting me a little hard that it's been so long since I've walked to Kitty Cat Klub to join a criminally undersized crowd catching a noise lineup like Tim Kaiser, Noise Queen Ant, Celica, ABNA and Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult on a Wednesday night. God was I nuts for Celica - still am, I guess. What's up $ho? (Celica footage in comments)
11.12 03:13 
I saw this 36 years ago, then never again, yet still vividly remembered the entire thing. @ArsenioHall RT @drinkingwithian: Thanks, Nez.. No way this would've been on air otherwise.
11.12 02:53 
Here it is - the first Costco liquor I have ever had second thoughts about purchasing. But! By the booze gods, I WILL finish it....eventually...
11.12 02:44 
Official measurement from the backyard: ten inches (still falling)
(Prospect Park)
11.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 26.4º - 30.0º
10.12 22:36 Like you, I can't help but wonder if @Grubes69 still remembers his password (and that he's still on this social network)
10.12 19:21 @HackmanRSPW This time especially, tho, it had to be said
10.12 19:19 
That segment made no sense! #SmackDown
10.12 18:33 
Ay yi yi RT @NWSTwinCities: This is the additional snowfall expected tonight from 6 PM onward. It does not include what already fell.

Some areas in the south metro will exceed 12 inches for a storm total.
10.12 18:29 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency. Parking rules go into effect at 9 p.m. tonight, Dec. 10.
10.12 17:26 Can of Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar
10.12 17:01 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
10.12 16:38 
 $2.799/g! - Costco Gasoline (Minneapolis, MN)
10.12 15:10 RT @zota: I made this many years ago, and just moved it to a slower server for ~bonus authenticity~
10.12 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.32 ▲0.42 (Range: 24.02 - 24.41)
10.12 13:44 
(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Community Radio - 90.3 FM HD)
KFAI is mourning the passing of Bill Cottman, who left town on Sunday, December 5th, 2021. Cottman has co-hosted with his family on the Saturday morning program, Mostly Jazz for over 25 years, leaving behind a spirit and legacy of community engagement in the arts through his work with multiple non-profit organizations and artist collectives in the Twin Cities

On Saturday, December 11th, Mostly Jazz will be hosted by Bill’s daughter, Kenna Cottman, and beloved colleague Janis Lane-Ewart. They will honor Bill by selecting his personal favorite selections, and will also take requests in memory of Bill through the phone line. Be sure to tune-in Saturday, 9-11am, and request a “Bill” song by calling the studio line, 612-341-0980.

We love you Bill, and thank you for your service.
10.12 13:11 
Listened to Boris - Pardon?
10.12 01:59 
Catch Spider every Monday at midnight on THE NEW JACK SWINGBEAT REVUE!
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