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8.3 14:20 
Listened to Ultraflex - Relax
8.3 14:10 RT @wfnuradio: We have a new app coming! Our very own!! #wfnulp #newapp #frogtowncommunityradio
8.3 10:04 @ThePaulMurph All I know is I expect a buncha "nice" replies from bots tomorrow
8.3 10:02 @yo_giveaway @DJ_SLT AMAZING

(and reported)
8.3 00:04 
Wordle 262 5/6*

(Streak: 68)
8.3 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 15.4º - 31.5º
7.3 21:09
7.3 21:07 
I dunno, maybe this looks better in the building #RAW
7.3 21:03 @masonbutler Oh no, don't make his brother come after you
7.3 20:26 
Latest DLC for WWE 2k22: Chloe from Colleyville, TX
7.3 20:17 
We could have had Mr. Mizanin in this segment! #RAW
7.3 20:15 
Can we at least get Mr. Mizanin in the Mysterios' corner, then? #RAW
7.3 19:38 RT @nonmachinable: let's celebrate the NONMACHINABLE launch //

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7.3 19:32 @DJ_SLT Absolutely - granted, I'm sure they make tiny amounts of money for people who aren't the artists/athletes endorsing these scams... when they're not being used for international money laundering (especially when you add kripto to the mix)
7.3 19:24 
Sure hope WWE has some plans for #RAW MVP (most viewed personality) Craig Robinson for WrestleMania
7.3 19:11 
@FiddleElphier With absolutely nothing backing me up and me not plugged into anything, I'd speculate there is a 0.00% chance of Austin on tonight's show
7.3 18:53 
Wow, WWE really just hyped up Cleveland #RAW by promising a segment with Miz, Logan Paul and Jerry Lawler. I guess I'm not old enough for this show after all
7.3 16:40 
   Picking up a Discogs order for a couple things I'll be spinning Sun night at the dance partay!!! (I also can't believe I'm planning ahead!!) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3 15:48 Hilarious how all these buffered "It's official!" en ef tee announcements are coming out as a huge cluster scam glut sell low got so many athletes to unfollow today
7.3 15:09 
Listened to Wu-lu - Broken Homes
7.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 28.35 ▼0.84 (Range: 28.26 - 29.17)
7.3 14:14 Is it really National Cereal Day if this bird site has only seen two tweets (including this one) about Team Flakes today?
7.3 13:47 SUNDAY NIGHT I make a glorious return to the wheels of steel as I make my MORT'S DAYBOO taking part in Uncle Jamez' SIX HOUR VINYL PARTY that WILL have you repeatedly saying to yourself and others:


Put in for your Monday Pi Day PTO NOW - I already have!
7.3 13:37 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
7.3 12:19 100% Colombian
7.3 00:41 
Wordle 261 4/6*

(Streak: 67)
7.3 00:34 
If you shovel your steps, you may be blessed by the winter bun
7.3 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 22.3º - 30.7º - 0.07" rain
6.3 19:02 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
6.3 19:01 @tapemachines @themattadams Yeah that was me dawg I'm sorry
6.3 14:54 Sorry nobody's here for your NFTs, brah
6.3 14:40
6.3 14:22 
Wow, somebody did the sidewalks for the entire block! Wish I knew who to tip
6.3 14:01 Feels
6.3 13:28 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency, beginning at 9 p.m. tonight, Sunday, March 6.
6.3 12:43 RT @LouRaguse: It really is a beautiful January morning here in the Twin Cities
6.3 03:28 Well, so much for that.

#Heardle #9
6.3 03:17 
Wordle 260 4/6*

(Streak: 66)
6.3 02:51 
Okay there is WAY more snow than was promised. Easily my most treacherous drive home since the pandemic started (this is my sneaky way of saying yes, I'm home safe, don't ask me later)
(Prospect Park)
6.3 01:05 
 It's snowing too hard for me to be here...and yet - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
6.3 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 30.7º - 34.0º - 0.75" rain
5.3 22:37 
 Been so long (karaoke) - Morrissey's Irish Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
5.3 18:15 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
5.3 17:12 
Wow. And I'M the troll RT @kfaiplaylist: "Pushin' Too Hard" by The Seeds
Weekend on Demand at 5:06pm
Suggested by Nora
5.3 13:15 Highlander Grog
5.3 02:19 
Wordle 259 4/6*

(Streak: 65)
5.3 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 21.0º - 36.5º - 0.04" rain
4.3 23:11 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
4.3 22:37 I'm kind of a sucker for this kinda thing, so of course I got it in one - let's see if I can pull a streak of ones

#Heardle #8
4.3 20:08 
Sorry, wrestling fans - truck race is starting
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