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9.3.22 20:58 
Would you REALLY like to show off your EXTREME music licensing skills? This one's for the real heads: #AEW #HardyBoyz
9.3.22 20:57 
Would YOU like to license the Hardy Boyz theme? A chatbot is standing by at EXTREME MUSIC: #AEW
9.3.22 20:56 
I'm about 90 minutes late on this observation but I suppose if they'd called William Regal "Steve" it would have been as confusing as Punk's Revolution entrance apparently was #AEW
9.3.22 20:49 
@hansen9j Library music - let's see if this link works
9.3.22 17:04 
Good news, everybody! Yesterday I acquired a THESAURUS OF ANECDOTES from the nearest Little Free Library. Please make your requests NOW for topics upon which I can regale you with an anecdote YOU will be able to use now and forever! (Note: please restrict your topics to pre-1942 ones)
9.3.22 16:46 
@MissAliDaniels @NaomiKritzer Guess it's this one: /> (Also, early birthday wishes to Don, who will turn 73 in May - really the perfect age to join Congress)
9.3.22 16:31 
"Don Samuels is running against Ilhan Omar?




9.3.22 16:29 
@NaomiKritzer @MissAliDaniels From
9.3.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 27.73 ▲0.35 (Range: 27.52 - 27.96)
9.3.22 13:49 Kirkland cold brew can
9.3.22 13:21 
You know a word I'd thought I might've heard more around Kevin Owens and Steve Austin is "cinematic" - I'm not saying it would be GOOD or that I'd WANT it; just that I thought I'd've heard it more #RAW
9.3.22 13:19 @IlcaniaA @womenofcrypto_ @PunkAngelsNFT @Crypt0Emma @NFTverse_ I don't know you
9.3.22 13:15 
RT @dzaffrann: Thread that really says all you need to know about MPD and Mayor Frey’s office. RT @cosborne83: Thread that really says all you need to know about MPD and Mayor Frey’s office.
9.3.22 05:36 RT @whataweekhuh:
9.3.22 00:14 
Wordle 263 3/6*

(Streak: 69)
9.3.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 20.3º - 38.3º
8.3.22 17:09 
Finally walked over to the Speedway to confirm that yes, they had SLURPEES and yes, the Coke flavour was already out of order - also, gas is already four bucks a gallon (thus me walking in the snow for a frozen drink - hey wait)
8.3.22 17:06 
       SLURPEES are back now that the 7-Eleven acquisition of Speedway has gone through (7-E left MN in 1989!) Also, gas is up 50¢ woof (I walked) - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
8.3.22 16:39 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.3.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 27.38 ▼0.97 (Range: 27.22 - 28.14)
8.3.22 14:20 
Listened to Ultraflex - Relax
8.3.22 14:10 RT @wfnuradio: We have a new app coming! Our very own!! #wfnulp #newapp #frogtowncommunityradio
8.3.22 10:04 @ThePaulMurph All I know is I expect a buncha "nice" replies from bots tomorrow
8.3.22 10:02 @yo_giveaway @DJ_SLT AMAZING

(and reported)
8.3.22 00:04 
Wordle 262 5/6*

(Streak: 68)
8.3.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 15.4º - 31.5º
7.3.22 21:09
7.3.22 21:07 
I dunno, maybe this looks better in the building #RAW
7.3.22 21:03 @masonbutler Oh no, don't make his brother come after you
7.3.22 20:26 
Latest DLC for WWE 2k22: Chloe from Colleyville, TX
7.3.22 20:17 
We could have had Mr. Mizanin in this segment! #RAW
7.3.22 20:15 
Can we at least get Mr. Mizanin in the Mysterios' corner, then? #RAW
7.3.22 19:38 RT @nonmachinable: let's celebrate the NONMACHINABLE launch //

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7.3.22 19:32 @DJ_SLT Absolutely - granted, I'm sure they make tiny amounts of money for people who aren't the artists/athletes endorsing these scams... when they're not being used for international money laundering (especially when you add kripto to the mix)
7.3.22 19:24 
Sure hope WWE has some plans for #RAW MVP (most viewed personality) Craig Robinson for WrestleMania
7.3.22 19:11 
@FiddleElphier With absolutely nothing backing me up and me not plugged into anything, I'd speculate there is a 0.00% chance of Austin on tonight's show
7.3.22 18:53 
Wow, WWE really just hyped up Cleveland #RAW by promising a segment with Miz, Logan Paul and Jerry Lawler. I guess I'm not old enough for this show after all
7.3.22 16:40 
   Picking up a Discogs order for a couple things I'll be spinning Sun night at the dance partay!!! (I also can't believe I'm planning ahead!!) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.22 15:48 Hilarious how all these buffered "It's official!" en ef tee announcements are coming out as a huge cluster scam glut sell low got so many athletes to unfollow today
7.3.22 15:09 
Listened to Wu-lu - Broken Homes
7.3.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 28.35 ▼0.84 (Range: 28.26 - 29.17)
7.3.22 14:14 Is it really National Cereal Day if this bird site has only seen two tweets (including this one) about Team Flakes today?
7.3.22 13:47 SUNDAY NIGHT I make a glorious return to the wheels of steel as I make my MORT'S DAYBOO taking part in Uncle Jamez' SIX HOUR VINYL PARTY that WILL have you repeatedly saying to yourself and others:


Put in for your Monday Pi Day PTO NOW - I already have!
7.3.22 13:37 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
7.3.22 12:19 
100% Colombian
7.3.22 00:41 
Wordle 261 4/6*

(Streak: 67)
7.3.22 00:34 
If you shovel your steps, you may be blessed by the winter bun
7.3.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 22.3º - 30.7º - 0.07" rain
6.3.22 19:02 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
6.3.22 19:01 @tapemachines @themattadams Yeah that was me dawg I'm sorry
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