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8.4 19:59 
Really disappointed the brain trust at WWE didn't choose a truly marketable name such as:
• Raquel Latina
• Raquel Español
• Raquel Sombrero
• Raquel Quinceañera
• Raquel Salsa Verde
• Raquel Francisco Franco RT
@_denisesalcedo: Raquel Gonzalez is now now Raquel Rodriguez. #Smackdown
8.4 19:21 

Pacafee: "That's how he got the name BUTCH, because he's like a butcher--"
8.4 19:11 
This replay of the New Day match from WrestleMania took longer than the New Day match from WrestleMania #SmackDown
8.4 19:05 
Kayla Braxton brings Ronda Rousey to the ring where they will surely engage in an outfit adjustment tugoff #SmackDown
8.4 19:05 
Hey remember when we watched WrestleMania and all that Metallica was playing in the background during the big main event #SmackDown
8.4 16:55 
wrng nswrs nly RT @tapemachines: what the fuck is nxt level up
4.4 21:53 
Is WWE finally done with that shitty "augmented reality" entrance crap? #RAW
4.4 20:52 
So who were Zelmellaz' opponents? #RAW
4.4 20:45 
".....a booking and writing style which later came to be known as CRASH TV" #RAW
4.4 20:44 
Yeah, there it was - look, if you know our crack WWE directing team at all, that was them at their most amazingly telegraphed and obvious (the repeated cuts to a beaming MVP during Lashley's face entrance sealed the deal)
4.4 20:40 
Well, if Omos is still on the red brand, I can only think MVP is gonna turn on Lashers and hook up with him #RAW
4.4 20:38 
Oh goody, Lashley has a new "I'm totally a face" thing where he goes "bum bum" in time with his music #RAW
4.4 20:33 
4.4 20:17 
Announced main event for the 6/17 SmackDown taping at the Target Center is still Usos vs. Shinsuke & Boogs for the tag team championship but I suspect Boogs may not be healed up by then #RAW
4.4 20:12 
Oh shit I fell asleep and now it's Tuesday #NXTTwoPointOh #RAW
4.4 19:47 
Not my Ezekiel #RAW
4.4 19:17 
Bro sure says "belt" a lot #RAW
4.4 19:11 
Jericho's already done this bit #RAW
3.4 23:33 
Come to think of it, has anybody seen these men since the Ukraine war started? #WrestleMania
3.4 23:29 
Still thinking about what could have been #WrestleMania
3.4 22:37 
3.4 22:31 
Last chance for me to remind you that it ain't truly #WrestleMania without international commentary teams
3.4 22:24 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ will Roman's entrance take longer than the new days match? - RevRay
3.4 22:08 
I can't believe my eyes! FOUR AUSTINS! #WrestleMania
3.4 22:07 #WrestleMania
3.4 22:03 
Vince McMahon is 76. #WrestleMania
3.4 22:01 
This Pat/Vince confrontation is taking longer than the New Day match #WrestleMania
3.4 22:00 
Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat Pat Pat - Pat. #WrestleMania
3.4 21:49 
Those were CLEARLY the Colts colours, I don't know what to tell ya RT @Slemsdeathlysm1: @CRZ Wrong team.
3.4 21:49 
McAfee didn't even take off his chain - smdh #WrestleMania
3.4 21:48 
Pat McAfee's entrance is taking longer than the New Day match #WrestleMania
3.4 21:46 
3.4 21:45 
I appreciate that Vince is still trying to make contrast ties a thing in 2022. If I wore ties, I'd definitely be looking for those at the Goodwill #WrestleMania
3.4 21:44 
@d_henney Edge: 48
AJ: 44
me: got 'em both beat
3.4 21:41 
@tapemachines Really confused because this was NOT an ad for Father Stu
3.4 21:40 
I bet this Pat McAfee piece is longer than New Day's match was #WrestleMania
3.4 21:33 
I bet Take is out there longer than New Day was #WrestleMania
3.4 21:28 
Wow, that Butch guy REALLY hates Black people! #WrestleMania
3.4 21:26 
Woods & Kingston: "I WANT 5 [minutes for this match]" #WrestleMania
3.4 21:23 
Son of a bitch, they showed it AGAIN. WHYYYYYYY #WrestleMania
3.4 21:20 
Ah, yes, leave it to the crack WWE technical team* to focus on Edge's face for the Damian Priest kneel reveal #WrestleMania

*because they're on crack, get it
3.4 21:16 
@d_henney Other way round
3.4 21:15 
Let's bring Wee Man back out to bodyslam one or both of these guys #WrestleMania
3.4 21:13 
@farwell3d Yes.
3.4 21:13 
This show's going, like, three hours over, right? #WrestleMania
3.4 20:58 
Shout out to the guy who dressed for black lights at WrestleMania, which is also how I try to look at the goth show
3.4 20:29 
At this point, the WWE Women's Division is 90% eye makeup #WrestleMania
3.4 20:14 
PAT. PAT PAT PAT. PAT PAT. #WrestleMania #Pat
3.4 20:03 
Pat McAfee: "Those [cookie sheets] don't give!"
Cookie sheet: <now curved in the shape of Knoxville's spine>
3.4 19:52 
Bye, Omos
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