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8.4.22 20:11 
@hansen9j I forgot Raquel Muy Alta
8.4.22 19:59 
Really disappointed the brain trust at WWE didn't choose a truly marketable name such as:
• Raquel Latina
• Raquel Español
• Raquel Sombrero
• Raquel Quinceañera
• Raquel Salsa Verde
• Raquel Francisco Franco RT
@_denisesalcedo: Raquel Gonzalez is now now Raquel Rodriguez. #Smackdown
8.4.22 19:21 

Pacafee: "That's how he got the name BUTCH, because he's like a butcher--"
8.4.22 19:12 
Well, the NASCAR is back on - enjoy your Butch show! #SmackDown
8.4.22 19:11 
This replay of the New Day match from WrestleMania took longer than the New Day match from WrestleMania #SmackDown
8.4.22 19:05 
Kayla Braxton brings Ronda Rousey to the ring where they will surely engage in an outfit adjustment tugoff #SmackDown
8.4.22 19:05 
Hey remember when we watched WrestleMania and all that Metallica was playing in the background during the big main event #SmackDown
8.4.22 18:45 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
8.4.22 17:27 
Was Tonio K worried we'd all be bored this Friday afternoon without his newsworthy dump? Good lookin' out bro, thanks for the dozen "parody" tweets I've already had to endure because of it
8.4.22 16:57 
Sorry, Papa JOHNS
8.4.22 16:56 
If the Twins win, do I still get half off Papa John's?
8.4.22 16:55 
wrng nswrs nly RT @tapemachines: what the fuck is nxt level up
8.4.22 16:39 
Remember the other day when I was talking about how cheap I was? I REALLY wanna find and set $2,199.98+tax on fire to get two of these
8.4.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 26.79 ▼0.37 (Range: 26.74 - 27.28)
8.4.22 14:37 
100% Colombian
8.4.22 14:15 
I've been keeping quiet during my suspension but sometimes momentous shit happens that deserves comment. Good luck, Barb! YOU'LL NEED IT

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
Congrats I guess ;-) to Barb Abney for rejoining the evil empire and hosting their "request show." How STRANGE that after only one guest hosting stint of THIS program, MPR came running - that's my version of how it happened, at least.

Although... that almost subliminal "hey CRZ, wanna trade?" aside she made back on March 26th now carries an exciting new context none of us knew about at the time...

(Nah, just kidding - I've still got six Saturdays left on my sentence)
8.4.22 03:31 Awake at 3:31 am contemplating TAPE's browser history RT @tapemachines: awake at 3:23 am trying to see if there ARE same idea budget alternatives to gwyneth paltrow's pussy candle
8.4.22 03:24 
Listened to Howard Jones - I Believe In You
8.4.22 03:21 
Happy Friday from HoJo 'n' me!
8.4.22 03:11 

(Shared from Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up (feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox))
Here is the official video for 'Hey Hey Rise Up', Pink Floyd’s new Ukraine fundraiser feat Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox. Stream / download from midnight at ht...
8.4.22 01:15 #Heardle #42

8.4.22 01:14 
Wordle 293 3/6*

(Streak: 99)

Sure hope I don't crap out tomorrow!
8.4.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 30.7º - 37.0º - 0.04" rain
7.4.22 20:33 RT @GothBlairWaldrf: LOVE a sponsored tweet. Every time I get one, I’m like OH YES this is ME
7.4.22 19:57 
Today was local vinyl day at the PO Box! First, a long-awaited arrival of my splattered copy of "Ylem" by Sunless (ah shoot, I slept through their Icehouse show, didn't I) - second is the oh so opulent clear double LP from Foam Giant (Flavor Crystals & The Telescopes) which, even though Christian had repeatedly said copies were in the mail, I was still surprised to find mine today. Both of these extremely limited releases still have a very small number of copies available via their Bandcamp pages ("sunlessband" and "flavorcrystals" respectively) or you can just get the digital downloads and get the music without having to figure out where to proudly display the physical versions beyond on your lap for the phone photos
7.4.22 18:27 
7.4.22 17:46 
Remember when the Oscars were almost exclusively white? Closer Weekly remembers!
7.4.22 17:35  Well the weather sucks and I'm sure it's gonna be hella busy but this is really the best time and I needs mah groceries - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
7.4.22 17:16  Since I'm in the hood let's check out this teeny tiny Target - Target Express (Saint Paul, MN)
7.4.22 17:10 
While I'm here, I may as well taste the future (hat tip to...I think it was Susie?)
7.4.22 17:03 
  Gettin' boosted! Pfizer 2, Moderna 2! - Walgreens (Saint Paul, MN)
7.4.22 17:01 
Boosted x2! EXACTLY four months since the last one, one year and 2 days from the first one. I'm not messin' around! Our score is now Pfizer 2, Moderna 2. I'm gonna live forever!
7.4.22 16:18 
    Couple of Bandcamp orders I think? mpls ltd + Willowtip! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.4.22 15:57 
Listened to Bronson - Essential Mix 2021-04-03
7.4.22 15:37 @vespadaddy E'rywhere, it's Tornado Drill day. Will also happen at 6:45
7.4.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 27.16 ▲0.39 (Range: 26.66 - 27.25)
7.4.22 14:35 Speaking of tickets, I DID discover that the ticket I ordered for Alan Parsons Live Project back in May, originally for the State Theatre in September and postponed until two weeks from tonight, never arrived in the mail months ago and I never noticed until now. Fortunately Ticketmaster still has plenty of time to screw me over. ;-)

Still stuck to the fridge with a magnet: New Order/Pet Shop Boys at Armory
Still "in the app:" Gary Numan at First Ave
NEW! Blood Red Shoes at Fine Line
7.4.22 12:53 RT @ClassicPopMag: So who's going to stay up till midnight to hear the first new Pink Floyd song in 28 years?
7.4.22 12:20 
Vanilla Hazelnut
7.4.22 12:01 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
7.4.22 10:32 Passing on Bauhaus because I'm frugal (cheap)
7.4.22 00:24 #Heardle #41

7.4.22 00:21 
Wordle 292 6/6*

(Streak: 98)
7.4.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 33.1º - 40.1º - 0.26" rain
6.4.22 22:59 
Me in a mirror + a really lucky shot
6.4.22 20:41 
RT @luchablog: This is the first AAA Tag Team championship match to include no Mexican wrestlers since Go Shiozaki & Atsushi Aoki defeated Takeshi Morishima & Taiji Ishimori for these belts in 2010.
6.4.22 20:41 
FTR have some lovely Whiskey Bravo Victor trunks #AEW
6.4.22 20:39 
I dare TBS to let them go 60 minutes #AEW
6.4.22 20:38 
Hell yeah Bobby Cruise #ROH #AEWDynamite
6.4.22 20:02 
@CoolMojo I retired undefeated!
(Just don't try too hard to fact check that and we'll be fiiiiiine)
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