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6.5 20:55 
(it wasn't me) RT @MSPPIO: The State Patrol is investigating a serious injury crash eastbound I-94 near Huron Blvd. in Minneapolis. Info will be posted at
6.5 16:34 Heardle 80s #13

#Heardle80s #80sHeardle #Heardle @heardle80s
6.5 13:43 Won't you PLEASE vaccinate your squirrels RT @RamseyCounty: COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone ages 5 and older. Get a free vaccine and $50 gift card for each dose or booster from Ramsey County, while supplies last.

Schedule your appointment today:
6.5 11:59 @dream_salad Mason, you know what to do
6.5 00:01 #Heardle #70

5.5 20:18 Golly! #rangers
5.5 19:42 RT @AKPressDistro: May 5th is Day of Awareness for our Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives.

Please take action today by sharing, advocating and donating to organizations that are on the ground fighting to end this epidemic.
5.5 16:35 #Heardle #69

4.5 23:26 
IT IS A FINAL - Wild 6, Blues 2. Series tied at 1-1. Great rebound for the #Wild and definitely a game worth watching in Minnesota
4.5 23:10 
GOOOOOOAL #WILD 6-2 #hats #notsomanyhats
4.5 23:07 Ope - give all them hats back. 5-2
4.5 23:03 
WHOA GOOOOOOAL #WILD 6-2 !!!!!! #hats
4.5 23:02 
4.5 21:45 
4.5 21:25 Maybe I can go for that walk now!
4.5 21:23 
goal. #Wild 3-0
4.5 21:10 
4.5 21:02 
4.5 21:00 
Oh wow match ended at the top of the hour, what are the odds #AEW
4.5 20:59 
Only 50 minutes left in the time limit! #AEW #ROH
4.5 20:43 
(Sorry I didn't tweet that earlier, I was busy calling all my friends to let them know Coach Harbaugh was on TBS and they should immediately switch from the Wild playoff game and they all hung up on me #AEW)
4.5 20:40 
You know how when there's an indy show at your local high school they always have the principal get in a good shot on the heel in the main event helping the face win? Starting to think that's NOT the big plan for Coach Harbaugh in the ROH Women's unification match tonight #AEW
4.5 16:32 @grumpymartian Okay, I held back once but not twice

4.5 15:38 
Right where I left 'em
Go WALKING! down memory lane or something RT
@HaveTilFive: Just found a bunch of @CRZ recaps.

"1992-1994 Prime Time Wrestling and RAW, 1998-2002 many shows" says the description.

Shit he even reviews WXO TV (and if you don't got it, get it... And if you don't get it, figure it out!)
4.5 11:44 
with Mason Radio RT
@masonbutler: My new radio spot, Wednesdays from 2-4pm, starts today. Still no official name and never an official focus.
4.5 11:33 big time eyeballs emoji RT @soulclap: New music with @thegyptianlover soon!
4.5 11:33 
@efetusmpls @surlesvagues @Sunflower_Bean @FineLineMPLS Hell yeah
4.5 08:42 RT @whataweekhuh:
3.5 23:19 I'm sorry but how great is "Dr. Rick" really supposed to be when they've never shown him successfully keeping somebody from turning into their parents
3.5 12:22 @tapemachines Twitter's borked
3.5 12:17 Twitter kinda broke threading today - too many "This tweet is unavailable" notifications when I know they're still around
2.5 17:49 Hey! Cool! I'm special guest of @jamezicarius bringing a pile of 1980s vinyl to play coming up at 7 on Same As It Ever Was on @KRSMradio - 98.9 on the FM dial, on the Internet!
2.5 12:27 
RT @WedgeLIVE: PREMIERING NOW: The Sights and Sounds of Lake Chipotle: A Slow TV Experience (shot in 8k Ultra HD 10-Bit HDR)
2.5 11:07 
Hey NASCAR's on, make sure your DVR is recording FS1
2.5 01:03 #Heardle #66

1.5 05:43 #Heardle #65

30.4 03:21 Ope

#Heardle #64

30.4 03:10 I am chock full of stupid ideas! Thank the higher powers I can only act on so many of them at once at 3am
30.4 02:53 @NatoColes Still not spending any money on tickets, tho
29.4 08:55 First round's on Hutch, boys! RT @HennepinSheriff: Say hello to the new class of HCSO deputies! These six individuals were ceremoniously sworn-in on Thursday, April 21st. Welcome to the team!
29.4 00:51 #SexagintaQuattuordle 36 69/70* nice
29.4 00:22 #SexagintaQuattuordle 36 67/70
29.4 00:07 #Heardle #63

28.4 22:27 (Watch, they're gonna trade it again)
28.4 22:25 Quick, everybody turn to whichever channel the NFL Draft is on for the Vikings' pick
28.4 22:25 @tom_hynes @TujungaDude @JohnGunson @infinitsummer See I thought that Byte reference was just some Creative Computing
28.4 22:04 
Call me Chris. @robin4mpls is my council member! RT @PrisonReform15: Ignorance is Bliss huh Robin
28.4 20:29 @emmdee22 I DO know the truth! Cops are racist!

Did you somehow miss the MNDHR 72 page study that was released yesterday which said as much, or are you just willfully ignoring it for....some reason?
28.4 20:25 @emmdee22 @kare11 Thanks for asking! It's racist. Have a nice day
28.4 17:05 @PokemonGoApp Say "Mega" again
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