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9.5.22 18:33 
 Definitely half off pizza weather - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
9.5.22 18:22 
Well this is some nutso #mspwx from Prospect Park
9.5.22 15:32 Trans women are women.
9.5.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.57 ▼0.13 (Range: 24.19 - 24.75)
9.5.22 10:59 
Breakfast Blend
9.5.22 00:23 Man that first second was almost all silence! I'm still proud of myself

Heardle 80s

9.5.22 00:21 #Heardle #73

9.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 52.2º - 65.7º - 0.09" rain
8.5.22 21:37 
Dunkin' Donuts changed their corporate name to Dunkin'® in 2018 but never bothered to tell the folks in Providence, I guess #WMBacklash
8.5.22 20:25 @RyanNPike I can't wait to not watch!
8.5.22 20:23 
Well. That made no sense...which I suppose fits current WWE logic these days #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:52 
I'll give this to Omos - he's got the "makin' a funny face" sell job DOWN #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:46 
What, did they get a guest director for this Lashley/Omos match? So many weird camera angles #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:13 @hansen9j That's odd.....this premiere live event is in no way a movie
8.5.22 19:05 
(TAPE would probably correctly note this is actually S17 E1)
8.5.22 19:04 
As TAPE might say: Guys WrestleMania Backlash S16 E1 is starting
8.5.22 18:56 
Have a popcorn-free Mother's Day!

(Shared from You Got To Have A Mother For Me)
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupYou Got To Have A Mother For Me · James BrownMotherlode℗ 1988 UMG Recordings, Inc.Released on: 2003-01-01Producer...
8.5.22 15:13 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
8.5.22 02:11 VPN required

Heardle 80s

8.5.22 02:06 My bad

#Heardle #72

8.5.22 00:31 
Walked home from The Fillmore; found some crap in the street to model. (So no, she didn't actually say Yes.)
8.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 51.4º - 74.3º
7.5.22 23:01 Walked home from The Fillmore - a profoundly stupid idea after two hours of dance-like movement. OMD? OMG!
Walk: Distance: 3.92 miles, Elevation Gain: 78ft, Moving Time: 01:07:34, Average Pace: 17:14/mi
7.5.22 21:14 
From Merseyside, it is Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark (@Offic=ialOMD /
7.5.22 20:37 Memories are uncertain friends (The Fillmore Minneapolis)
7.5.22 20:02 
From Grand Rapids, it is In The Valley Below (@inthevalleybelow /
7.5.22 19:55 
 OMG I mean OMD! - The Fillmore (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:29 
 Goin' downtown to see OMD! - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:23 
  It was next to my house the entire time. TARGET ACQUIRED - Holiday Station Store (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:22 
Target acquired in my own neighbourhood. Thanks for the tips Mason and Jay !
(Metro Petro)
7.5.22 18:30 
Highlander Grog
7.5.22 18:01 

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
7.5.22 16:32 @LouRaguse @HeggiesPizza Grumpy's NE
7.5.22 15:36 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2021-22 SEASON: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

Only on Saturday mornings, I guess!
7.5.22 10:12 
Temporary profile photo
7.5.22 02:18 Heardle 80s #14

7.5.22 02:16 #Heardle #71

7.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 45.0º - 73.4º
6.5.22 23:52 
@tapemachines Film "wordle" for ya
6.5.22 20:55 
(it wasn't me) RT @MSPPIO: The State Patrol is investigating a serious injury crash eastbound I-94 near Huron Blvd. in Minneapolis. Info will be posted at
6.5.22 17:58 
"When are ya gettin' the purple Mtn Dew?"
"Well, that could mean ANYTHING"

At least I can get a giant Diet Dr Pepper in a giant foam cup for 95¢ out here, I guess...but I probably burned $8 in gasoline for this round trip so it wasn't a net savings...

But also also, every time they scanned something at the register, they played the Sonic "got a ring" noise so that was kinda fun
(Circle K)
6.5.22 17:53 
    This one neither....sigh. DID get a giant DDP for 89¢ tho - Circle K (Centerville, MN)
6.5.22 17:30 
   Hey guess what they DON'T have yet - Circle K (Saint Paul, MN)
6.5.22 17:29 
Lies, damned lies, I say! Not a purple to be found (yet)
(Circle K)
6.5.22 17:28 
   Hey guess what they DON'T have yet - Circle K (Saint Paul, MN)
6.5.22 17:16 (not a Circle K) - Holiday Gas station (New Brighton, MN)
6.5.22 17:01 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.5.22 16:34 Heardle 80s #13

#Heardle80s #80sHeardle #Heardle @heardle80s
6.5.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.70 ▲0.59 (Range: 23.47 - 25.23)
6.5.22 13:43 Won't you PLEASE vaccinate your squirrels RT @RamseyCounty: COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone ages 5 and older. Get a free vaccine and $50 gift card for each dose or booster from Ramsey County, while supplies last.

Schedule your appointment today:
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