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10.5.22 19:28 
@FiddleElphier No no I'm NOT running. NOT
10.5.22 19:10 
All these choices are terrible but I always said I'd only run for governor as a Republican so you wouldn't have to vote for the pillow man in the primary and fortunately I don't see him here

(Check that, I remember ALSO saying I'd run for governor if it would get me
@verified) RT @JohnCroman: For the record, here's the slate of gubernatorial candidates on this weekend's Minnesota GOP convention endorsement ballot. The official candidate filing period runs from May 17 to May 31, so technically many others could still file to run in the August primary.
10.5.22 17:57 
 Quick detour for some dirty cash! - Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
10.5.22 17:50 
   Kale time! - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
10.5.22 17:28 
  80° bleeeeah - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
10.5.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.51 ▼0.06 (Range: 24.32 - 25.27)
10.5.22 12:23 
Listened to CELICA - Bouquet for the Sunset U've Never Seen on Spotify
10.5.22 01:46 Sweatier than I'd like — what spring? Tried hard to break my ankle, but failed (phew)
Walk: Distance: 4.33 miles, Elevation Gain: 138ft, Moving Time: 01:11:37, Average Pace: 16:31/mi
10.5.22 01:34 
In what is surely another metaphorical look at my current life, my formerly thriving aloe vera plant decided to react to my finally taking it back outside by leaping from its perch to the jagged cement below. I guess it was top-heavier than I expected after wintering on a table inside, which couldn't have been easy as that was my heaviest sumbitch of a pot. I transferred it to a plastic pot but the roots are once again in a comfortable place so I have hopes it will be as resilient as it's always been despite my nearly constant touch of death every year since I acquired it as a tiny pup from Ikea years ago. Needless to say I have an abundance of fresh aloe if you find you really need some right now - it IS sunburn season! - but much of what fell/broke off will be heading to the freezer in a day or two. THANKS WEATHER but really thanks Chris for being a real dumbass to the only plant you ever trusted yourself to take care of, you really sucked at THAT today.
10.5.22 00:41 Also hell yeah

Heardle 80s

10.5.22 00:41 Hell yeah

#Heardle #74

10.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 57.4º - 86.0º - 0.02" rain
9.5.22 20:52
9.5.22 19:31 
9.5.22 18:43 
This ain't right #mspwx
9.5.22 18:33 
 Definitely half off pizza weather - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
9.5.22 18:22 
Well this is some nutso #mspwx from Prospect Park
9.5.22 15:32 Trans women are women.
9.5.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.57 ▼0.13 (Range: 24.19 - 24.75)
9.5.22 10:59 
Breakfast Blend
9.5.22 00:23 Man that first second was almost all silence! I'm still proud of myself

Heardle 80s

9.5.22 00:21 #Heardle #73

9.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 52.2º - 65.7º - 0.09" rain
8.5.22 21:37 
Dunkin' Donuts changed their corporate name to Dunkin'® in 2018 but never bothered to tell the folks in Providence, I guess #WMBacklash
8.5.22 20:25 @RyanNPike I can't wait to not watch!
8.5.22 20:23 
Well. That made no sense...which I suppose fits current WWE logic these days #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:52 
I'll give this to Omos - he's got the "makin' a funny face" sell job DOWN #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:46 
What, did they get a guest director for this Lashley/Omos match? So many weird camera angles #WMBacklash
8.5.22 19:13 @hansen9j That's odd.....this premiere live event is in no way a movie
8.5.22 19:05 
(TAPE would probably correctly note this is actually S17 E1)
8.5.22 19:04 
As TAPE might say: Guys WrestleMania Backlash S16 E1 is starting
8.5.22 18:56 
Have a popcorn-free Mother's Day!

(Shared from You Got To Have A Mother For Me)
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupYou Got To Have A Mother For Me · James BrownMotherlode℗ 1988 UMG Recordings, Inc.Released on: 2003-01-01Producer...
8.5.22 15:13 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
8.5.22 02:11 VPN required

Heardle 80s

8.5.22 02:06 My bad

#Heardle #72

8.5.22 00:31 
Walked home from The Fillmore; found some crap in the street to model. (So no, she didn't actually say Yes.)
8.5.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 51.4º - 74.3º
7.5.22 23:01 Walked home from The Fillmore - a profoundly stupid idea after two hours of dance-like movement. OMD? OMG!
Walk: Distance: 3.92 miles, Elevation Gain: 78ft, Moving Time: 01:07:34, Average Pace: 17:14/mi
7.5.22 21:14 
From Merseyside, it is Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark (@Offic=ialOMD /
7.5.22 20:37 Memories are uncertain friends (The Fillmore Minneapolis)
7.5.22 20:02 
From Grand Rapids, it is In The Valley Below (@inthevalleybelow /
7.5.22 19:55 
 OMG I mean OMD! - The Fillmore (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:29 
 Goin' downtown to see OMD! - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:23 
  It was next to my house the entire time. TARGET ACQUIRED - Holiday Station Store (Minneapolis, MN)
7.5.22 19:22 
Target acquired in my own neighbourhood. Thanks for the tips Mason and Jay !
(Metro Petro)
7.5.22 18:30 
Highlander Grog
7.5.22 18:01 

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
7.5.22 16:32 @LouRaguse @HeggiesPizza Grumpy's NE
7.5.22 15:36 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2021-22 SEASON: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

Only on Saturday mornings, I guess!
7.5.22 10:12 
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