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28.6.22 21:37 
  The real reason I'm here: tubing libations for tomorrow! - Total Wine & More (Roseville, MN)
28.6.22 21:32 
  Ooh they're still open late - Dollar Tree (Roseville, MN)
28.6.22 21:26 
 Ooh they're still open late - Dollar Tree (Roseville, MN)
28.6.22 21:09 
Any friends in Shakopee especially, keep your eyes open, please
28.6.22 20:57 
Why are all the WWE Peacock Per Views on Saturdays now? This is very inconvenient for me!
28.6.22 17:44 On my way! RT @jakevass: Spilled case of Pringles on shoulder south on Hwy 280 near Hennepin
28.6.22 16:52 Just noticed that there's a "Tony Bolognavich" *verified* account with an astonishing 524 followers - excellent expenditure of marketing funds from The Jimmysjohns
28.6.22 15:14 
Listened to Orbital - Chime (Live)
28.6.22 15:08 
Listened to Orbital - Dr Who? (Live)
28.6.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 22.27 ▼0.42 (Range: 22.10 - 22.79)
28.6.22 13:48 @JayJayDean These words were awful but I pipped ya
Daily Quordle 155
28.6.22 10:34 RT @HennepinSheriff: The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office offers free Opioid education and Naloxone training classes. The next class is on July 5th at 5:00 pm and it is offered virtually.

Register for class by clicking on this link:
28.6.22 01:05 Keep on truckin'
28.6.22 00:58 #Heardle #123

28.6.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 56.1º - 83.7º
27.6.22 20:58 
27.6.22 20:42 
OMG he really did have a concussion RT @btsportwwe: "Thank you for being an excellent leader." - Daniel Bryan pays tribute to John Cena

27.6.22 17:32 @JayJayDean I'm with ya - and didn't - er, outdo you
Daily Quordle 154
27.6.22 15:57 Well, hell, turns out I'm four months on the other side of the Brimley/Cocoon Line and I didn't know it until today, for which I totally blame @hansen9j, what an effer that dude is
27.6.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 22.69 ▲0.23 (Range: 22.43 - 22.79)
27.6.22 14:56 
Intense French
27.6.22 13:12 (used a VPN)
Heardle 80s

27.6.22 13:12 #Heardle #122

27.6.22 10:11 
Hey look I made the Star Tribune 😆 #spotCRZ
27.6.22 09:39 RT @geraldstratfor3: I pray you like my little video cheers
27.6.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 59.5º - 73.9º
26.6.22 21:01 
26.6.22 20:18 @AndiHarriman The Depeche Mode B-side? Deep cut but I'd allow it
26.6.22 16:54 
I think they should race through it. Somebody getting struck by lightning would get hella ratings @NASCARonNBC
26.6.22 14:59 
 I crave the Whopper - it's a celebration! - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
26.6.22 14:02 
AURORA WIN!!!!!!!! Final record of 5-0-1 at home in the inaugural season! #MNAurora 4 #Lions 1 #undefeated
26.6.22 12:54 
HALF TIME: #MNAurora 3 #Lions 1
26.6.22 11:43 
Too many scarves #MNAurora
(TCO Stadium Eagan)
26.6.22 11:36 
LET'S GO #MNAURORA! (@ TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN)
26.6.22 11:36 
 LET'S GO #MNAURORA! - TCO Stadium (Eagan, MN)
26.6.22 10:55 Last bus of the regular season! - The Black Hart Of Saint Paul (Saint Paul, MN)
26.6.22 03:44 
So it seems like I either need to do a four hour show every week, or possibly never. YOU decide

Beyoncé "Break My Soul" from Renaissance 2022 @Beyonce @KFAIweekend
Jon Spencer & the HITmakers "Junk Man" from Spencer Gets It Lit 2022 @JonSpencerHITs @KFAIweekend
Gorillaz "Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat)" from Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat) - Single 2022 @gorillaz @Thundercat @KFAIweekend
Pop Will Eat Itself "The Poppies Strike Back" from The Poppies Strike Back - Single 2022 @pweiofficial @KFAIweekend
The Soft Moon "Him (feat. fish narc)" from Exister 2022 @thesoftmoon @Fish_Narc @KFAIweekend
Supergrass "Caught By the Fuzz" from I Should Coco 1995 @SupergrassHQ @KFAIweekend suggested by Skippy
The Dead Milkmen "Bitchin' Camaro" from Big Lizard In My Back Yard 1985 @deadmilkmen @KFAIweekend suggested by Laurie
Paul Simon "The Obvious Child" from The Rhythm of the Saints 1990 @PaulSimonMusic @KFAIweekend suggested by Doc Murphy
John Hiatt "Your Dad Did" from Bring the Family 1987 @johnhiattmusic @KFAIweekend suggested by Jerry
Partner "Play the Field" from In Search of Lost Time 2017 @partner_band @KFAIweekend suggested by Mika
Tegan and Sara "Boyfriend" from Love You to Death 2016 @teganandsara @KFAIweekend suggested by James
Bob Mould "It's Too Late" from Black Sheets of Rain 1990 @bobmouldmusic @KFAIweekend suggested by Pete
Cat Stevens "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out" from Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe Edition) [2020 Remix & Remaster] 1971 @YusufCatStevens @KFAIweekend suggested by Sue
Everclear "Heroin Girl" from Sparkle and Fade 1995 @EverclearBand @KFAIweekend suggested by David
Klack "Pump Up the Jam" from Pump Up the Jam - Single 2017 @_caustic_ @KFAIweekend
Kyoto Jazz Massive "Visions Of Tomorrow" from Message From A New Dawn 2021 @kyotojazzmassiv @shuyakyotojazz @KFAIweekend
Joe Jackson & Friends "Passacaglia - A Bud and a Slice (Sloth)" from Heaven & Hell 1997 @JoeJacksonMusic @KFAIweekend suggested by Lee
Arthur Brown "Once I had Illusions (part 1)" from Long Long Road 2022 @KFAIweekend
Wolfgang Tillmans "Late For the Webinar" from Moon in Earthlight 2021 @KFAIweekend
Zouj "Delete After Death" from Delete After Death - Single 2022 @zouuuj @KFAIweekend
Röyksopp "Unity (feat. Karen Harding)" from Profound Mysteries II 2022 @royksopp @KarenHarding @KFAIweekend
Randy Newman "Short People" from Little Criminals 1977 @RandyNewman @KFAIweekend suggested by Mom
Porridge Radio "The Rip" from Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To the Sky 2022 @porridgeradio @KFAIweekend
Sleaford Mods "Don't Go" from Don't Go - Single 2021 @sleafordmods @KFAIweekend
Utah Saints "Something Good" from Utah Saints 1992 @UtahSaints @KFAIwekeend
Sub Sub "Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) [feat. Melanie Williams]" from Full Fathom Five 1994 @KFAIweekend
Doves "Catch the Sun" from Lost Souls 2000 @dovesmusicblog @KFAIweekend
Betty Boo "Get Me to the Weekend" from Get Me to the Weekend - Single 2022 @bettyboomania @KFAIweekend
Neu! "Hallogallo (Stephen Morris and Gabe Gurnsey Remix)" from Hallogallo (Stephen Morris and Gabe Gurnsey Remix) - Single 2022 @stephenpdmorris @GabeGurnsey @KFAIweekend
Bubblemath "Everything" from Turf Ascension 2022 @Bubblemath @KFAIweekend suggested by Kristen
HorseFace "Sanakirjan takana" from Sanakirjan takana 2022 @KFAIweekend
Bif Naked "Chotee" from I Bificus 1999 @bifnaked @KFAIweekend suggested by James
TR/ST "The Shore" from The Shore - Single 2022 @KFAIweekend suggested by Mari
jennylee "Tickles" from Heart Tax 2022 @rightonjennylee @KFAIweekend
Pierre Kwenders "L.E.S. (Liberté Égalité Sagacité) (feat. Win Butler & King Britt)" from José Louis And The Paradox Of Love 2022 @pierrekwenders @kingbritt @KFAIweekend suggested by Mika
Sea Power "Green Goddess" from Everything Was Forever 2022 @SeaPowerBand @KFAIweekend
Ramones "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)" from Animal Boy 1986 @RamonesOfficial @KFAIweekend suggested by Chris
GusGus "Out of Place" from Remixes Are More Flexible, Pt. 2 2020 @GusGusOfficial @KFAIweekend
Sylvester "Over and Over (12" Version)" from Sylvester 1977 @KFAIweekend
Prince "Dirty Mind" from Dirty Mind 1980 @prince @KFAIweekend
Electronic "Get the Message" from Electronic 1991 @KFAIweekend
Gorillaz "DARE (feat. Shaun Ryder) (Radio Edit)" from DARE (feat. Shaun Ryder) [Radio Edit] - Single 2005 @gorillaz @officialswr @KFAIweekend
Tony! Toni! Toné! "Feels Good" from The Revival 1990 @TonyToniTone1 @KFAIweekend
Hatis Noit "Aura" from Aura 2022 @hatis_noit @KFAIweekend
Cid Rim "Purgatory" from Songs of Vienna 2021 @CID_RIM @KFAIweekend
Poté "Stare" from A Tenuous Tale of Her 2021 @KFAIweekend
All Day Breakfast Cafe "What If Nile Rodgers and Fela Kuti Were Friends" from Builder's Brew - EP 2021 @KFAIweekend
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Spitting Off the Edge of the World (feat. Perfume Genius)" from Cool It Down 2022 @YYYs @perfumegenius @KFAIweekend

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Double the Pride It's a special double episode! which actually has very little to do with Pride Spinitron playlist at:
26.6.22 02:20 Heardle 80s #64

26.6.22 02:20 #Heardle #121

26.6.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 66.2º - 79.7º - 0.22" rain
25.6.22 23:09 Hell yeah!! Gothess x Palmer's x PRIDE (Palmer's Bar)
25.6.22 22:55 
 GOTHESS back in Cedar Riverside for Pride! - Palmer's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
25.6.22 16:58 
 FOUR hours on air tonight! And I'm late! Ope - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
25.6.22 16:03 
Coming up in an hour: NEW Beyoncé, NEW Jon Spencer & the HITmakers, NEW Gorillaz FEATURING Thundercat, NEW Pop Will Eat Itself, NEW The Soft Moon and that's just the first set of my FOUR MASSIVE HOURS with YOU on KFAI 90.3 kfai•org 5PM Central DON'CHA DAAAAAAAAAARE MISSIT (but if you miss it you can catch the archive later too)
25.6.22 14:15 
Listened to Röyksopp - Unity
25.6.22 05:01 Heardle 80s #63

25.6.22 05:00 #Heardle #120

25.6.22 03:15 
Captured from the front row tonight! #spotCRZ #neon (photo from )
25.6.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 68.7º - 89.2º - 0.04" rain
24.6.22 22:54 
 Live in an hour guest hosting True Brit! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
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