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19.7 16:19 
RT @efetusmpls: This is insane in more ways than one! @TheSoulflyTribe's Max Cavalera has signed this Soulfly vinyl box set prize. RT to ETW "The Soul Remains Insane: The Studio Albums 1998 to 2004" & we'll pick a winner Thu at 3pm. Winner must pick up prize in the store.
19.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.69 ▲0.91 (Range: 23.82 - 24.78)
19.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 70.3º - 95.9º
18.7 21:35 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 8
18.7 21:17 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 7
18.7 20:54 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 6
18.7 20:31 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 5
18.7 20:01 @leaningcowboy That's Twitter's problem, not mine
18.7 19:58 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 4
18.7 19:37 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 3
18.7 19:23 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 2
18.7 19:17 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 1
18.7 19:04 
What the fuck is this shit #RAW
18.7 16:43 Don't forget to use presale code TRANSPHOBIC RT @FirstAvenue: Just Announced: Dave Chappelle Live at First Avenue on July 20.

Tix go on sale tomorrow morn (Tuesday, July 19) at 10AM →
18.7 16:36 @FirstAvenue Gross why
18.7 16:15 
Listened to Hologram Teen - Radio Staccato
18.7 15:38 
Listened to VR SEX - Rough Dimension on Spotify
18.7 15:32 
Listened to Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Spitting Off The Edge Of The World
18.7 15:19 
Listened to Gabe Gurnsey - You Remind Me
18.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 23.78 ▲0.26 (Range: 23.56 - 24.04)
18.7 14:49 RT @HennepinSheriff: The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office offers free Opioid education and Naloxone training classes. The next class is tomorrow, July 19th at 5:00 pm and it is offered virtually.

Register for class by clicking on this link:
18.7 14:40 
Listened to Jitwam - Stranger Danger on Spotify
18.7 13:57 @JayJayDean Daily Quordle 175
18.7 12:23 
Listened to Spaceheads - Rust EP on Spotify
18.7 11:45 @jkalyn @headtale
18.7 11:42 
RT @MNAuroraFC: A SELLOUT IN RECORD TIME. In less than 24 hours after the semifinals, the @USLWLeague Championship game vs @TormentaWLeague is SOLD OUT.

Simply the best fans. See you Saturday
18.7 10:42 Still alive! 7th day in a row of positive tests but I feel "normal" physically, although I haven't tried doing anything more strenuous than making a coffee (hey, stairs were involved!). Today I woke up at 6 - which I guess THAT is unusual - and decided I might as well log in and go back to work. Can't you tell I'm at work right now? Actually, since I started at 6.30 my day's half over (wow how did THAT happen) so I guess this is a lunch break.
18.7 10:28 
Listened to Sam Prekop - Saturday Sunday
18.7 10:10 Donut Shop
18.7 09:22 
Hey forgot to ask did anybody go to that Har Mar Superstar show on Friday? Ya know I never DID hear which larger venue they moved it to
18.7 09:02 Unapologetic about this one, tho

Heardle 80s

18.7 09:01 I'm kind of embarrassed

#Heardle #144

18.7 08:05 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
18.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 70.2º - 88.2º - 0.11" rain
17.7 17:38 I was already sick of "Ed Vance" before the first time I saw the commercial ended - a new record! Brilliant! Ad execs EARNING THEM DOLLARS!
17.7 15:04 
@cbsminnesota Yo where's the Aurora game stream please
17.7 14:32 
@voxpopvideo @MNAuroraFC Man you're just collecting them today :) Do your first and last name match your email address? Ticketmaster's asking me
17.7 14:26 
@MNAuroraFC Need a last minute ticket? I still need to give mine away!
17.7 14:00 Kirkland cold brew can
17.7 02:58 Heardle 80s #85

17.7 02:57 #Heardle #143

17.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 69.6º - 86.4º
16.7 17:10 
On air NOW! Well, not on air. I think the transmitter is still down. But definitely on the stream!
16.7 17:06 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
16.7 16:53 
RT @KFAIweekend: COMING UP: Another two hours of new new music and your requests! It's also our Summer member drive, so as you enjoy our stream, please consider rising up and supporting Fresh Air by making a side trip to our tip jar at!
16.7 15:20 RT @TheTNHoller: Charles Barkley has a message for anti-LGBT bigots ️‍ ️‍⚧️
16.7 14:36 
Okay, got ANOTHER MN Aurora FC ticket to the USL W Semifinal against McLean Soccer. Kickoff is at 3PM Sunday. You WILL need to apply sunscreen but conditions are just about perfect to root on our team. If you would like to ride the bus from Black Hart, it leaves at 2 and would return before 6 and cost you seven bucks. But the ticket is totally freeeeeeeeeeee please take it off my hands and go and have the best time and make sure they win so I can attend the Final next Saturday! (If you want to attend with somebody, more tickets are for sale for ONLY $14.30 - a bargain if ever there was one, but not like getting my ticket for $0.00!!!)
16.7 03:48 @tapemachines D'you suppose in ten, fifteen years, assuming anyone will want to watch this movie then, they'll look back and go "ahahaha NowThis News - how anachronistic"

(I ask this having no clue in what year this movie is supposed to be taking place)
16.7 03:45 @DJ_SLT @_caustic_ Dang, my efforts to convince you I'm the next Larry King haven't taken AT ALL
16.7 01:45 #Heardle #142

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