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14.10 20:52 
 Moving us onto buses for the rest of the line, what a world - U.S. Bank Stadium LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 20:30 
 Chilly! - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 18:46 
   Mtn Dew check (nothing new) - Metro Petro (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 18:16 
  Well I think I've earned some Singapore noodles before I walk home - Hong Kong Noodle (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 17:35 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 16:55 Wanna enroll as "talent" on Cameo. As I type this, I have 1999 followers. Should I round up or round down? Definitely gonna round a million
14.10 16:30 @tapemachines It's been a while since I uninstalled Fishdom but I would say for me it's that Royal Match is just match, match, match and Fishdom has a bunch of other crap that isn't match.

(Although I understand you don't even need Wi-Fi to play Royal Match! which is supposedly a big deal)
14.10 16:25 @tapemachines Royal Match >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fishdom

(if only I could enroll in Cameo)
14.10 15:15 
Listened to Sorry - Anywhere But Here on Spotify
14.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.78 ▼0.43 (Range: 20.74 - 21.40)
14.10 08:31 
Listened to Justice - Planisphere Part. IV
14.10 08:28 
Listened to Justice - Planisphere Part. III
14.10 08:26 
Listened to Justice - Planisphere Part. II
14.10 08:18 
Listened to Justice - Planisphere Part. I
14.10 08:15 
Listened to Digitalism - People & Machines
14.10 07:53 
Listened to Ladytron - City of Angels
14.10 07:15 
Hoo boy (★½)
14.10 05:20 I fired up Peacock to check out Halloween Ends and got more than a few minutes in before realising audio was set to Spanish for some reason. Perhaps I should have just tried to sleep instead?
14.10 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 36.3º - 45.0º
13.10 22:07 This outcome was probably for the best and definitely the most hilarious
13.10 22:00 Honestly I still don't know who I want to win this game
13.10 21:48 
Hey look a new (to me) Pepsi Zero Sugar! This one is their "Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Cream Soda Cola" which, that's a lotta words, whew. I HAVE seen this before as a full sugar version but never tried it. This one is TASTY - like a fancier Vanilla Pepsi Zero but with half the caffeine (38mg in a can) of the usual ol' Pepsi Max (around 68-69mg) putting it closer to ol' standby regular Pepsi and a smooth cream soda finish. Probably better than the Dr Pepper version.
13.10 19:38 rotfl good job Bears
13.10 19:36 Well at least if the Bears run all the time, this game should be over by 9
13.10 17:30 I see @Zantigo doesn't really do Twitter so it's up to me to try to make their great idea go viral
13.10 17:26 Ya know generally I'm not the kinda guy to say "I bet we could solve this problem with a single brick" but it MIGHT be time for some outside the unmanned unguarded idling MPD vehicle - I mean, outside the box thinking RT @WedgeLIVE: I hope the contingent of city leaders from Wichita were able to experience our innovative and fully integrated scarecrow approach to public safety that parks empty police cars with engines running in bike lanes all day.
13.10 17:14 
HAHAHAHA he even said the thing on TV, Reggie's the man RT @ReggieWilsonTV: Hockey night in Minnesota.

You know the vibes.
#StateofHockey #MNWild
13.10 16:00 
100% Colombian
13.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.21 ▲0.37 (Range: 20.50 - 21.31)
13.10 13:10 
Listened to Sad Boy Dave - Midwest Emo on Bandcamp
13.10 00:18 
Listened to Yousef And Paul Woolford - Essential Mix 2021-08-07
13.10 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 45.0º - 68.2º - 0.15" rain
12.10 23:53 @massdistraction Hehe yup

Good talk - see you at the Turf!
12.10 22:59 
 Showed up for the last hour of Transmission - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 22:48 
 Dirty cash I need ya - TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 22:47 
 Forgot to check into the noise show! - Bitchin Bajas with American Cream Band - The Parkway Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 21:21 
From Chicago, it is Bitchin Bajas (@bitchinbajas /
12.10 20:19 
It is IE (@ie_sounds /
12.10 19:35 
It is American Cream Band (@american_cream_band /
12.10 19:30 .@massdistraction has gotta be right behind me but danged if I'm'a turn around to find out
12.10 19:23 Don't stop the noise (The Parkway Theater)
12.10 17:46 
   It's still a [Impossible] Whopper Wednesday!! - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 17:39 
  Snuck in after closing for a Discogs bunch! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 16:39  Trying out another Walmart - Walmart Supercenter (Saint Paul, MN)
12.10 16:21 
Take that, flu!
(Centennial Ramp)
12.10 15:58 
 Flu Shot Wednesday - has it really been a year? - Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
12.10 15:58 
 Back on the Purple Ramp! - Centennial Parking Ramp (Saint Paul, MN)
12.10 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.84 ▼0.08 (Range: 20.83 - 21.06)
12.10 12:05 
Struck by this "retro" Battleship box at Le Tarzhay last night.....something's missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it.... hmmmmmm.....oh right, they've walled off the kitchen where the women are
12.10 11:35 
Listened to Acid Dad - Brain Body - Live
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