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19.10.22 19:06 
   Also not what I came here for but that's okay - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
19.10.22 18:49 I think I just received a Senior discount. (I ain't complainin'!) (Goodwill)
19.10.22 18:48 
 Not what I came here for...but what DID I come here for? - Goodwill Roseville 2 (Roseville, MN)
19.10.22 18:17 
Well, since I'm here - Total Wine & More (Roseville, MN)
19.10.22 18:07 
 What's left? - Dollar Tree (Roseville, MN)
19.10.22 17:22 
   It's still [Impossible] Whopper Wednesday! - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10.22 17:09 
 Picking up my 10 free prints from T-Mobile! (And dodging ICE PELLETS?!) - Walgreens (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10.22 17:06 
    US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.51 ▲0.04 (Range: 21.27 - 21.54)
19.10.22 11:55 @tapemachines These were funny tho
19.10.22 10:09 
From KFAI! FINALLY way above freezing (up to 36°!)
Walk: Distance: 1.99 miles, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:32:11, Average Speed: 3.73 mph
19.10.22 08:37 
Can of Dr Pepper
19.10.22 06:28 
Gevalia Colombia K Cup
19.10.22 06:24 
 Member Drive morning 2! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10.22 05:37 
To KFAI! 26°, but I wore a hat this time (there's no way I walked this far this fast but I'll take it)
Walk: Distance: 2.11 miles, Elevation Gain: 12m, Moving Time: 00:29:06, Average Speed: 4.29 mph
19.10.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 22.6º - 42.3º
18.10.22 21:53 It's not on Letterboxd, and technically it's not a movie, but:

HEY WHAT (2021) ★★★½ Shane Donahue's visualisation of Low's album lands squarely between _Koyaanisqatsi_ and _The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld: Patterns and Textures_. It made me want to listen to the album again.

(Tagging the three people I follow on Letterboxed: Kelly, Scott and Mark, none of whom NEED to read this but let's be completists)
18.10.22 21:05   Picking up some half and half for the station - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
18.10.22 19:04 
It is IOSIS (@IOSISdrone /
18.10.22 18:59 
   Little movie about LOW (and IOSIS, too!) - The Parkway Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
18.10.22 18:29 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
18.10.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.47 ▲0.27 (Range: 21.30 - 21.78)
18.10.22 12:45 @d_feldman SUPER FOLLOWERZZZZZZZZZZ
18.10.22 11:57 
As many of you may be aware, I volunteer, host AND serve on the Board of Directors of the best radio station in the Twin Cities and one of the best in the world. Fresh Air Radio is a nonprofit, non-commercial station, beholden to no corporate interests, providing voices to communities whose voices aren't always amplified elsewhere, serving the community in a dozen languages and even playing your requests when you ask us. In return, two or three times a year we remind the community that their support is an important part of what sustains us, keeping the lights on and the waves airing for 44 years and counting. If you are able, won't you please make a financial contribution and become a member - or continue your membership? I'm not a big fan of giving Facebook any financial details - if you Feel Like I Do*, you might want to head over to to make a secure donation. But if you're more into expediency and HAVE given to a cause before here on the 'book, I wil!
l certainly not complain if you do so again. Let me know if you would like this season's wacky photo of me (not posted online!) as a personal thank you.
18.10.22 10:31 
From KFAI - now a balmy 30 degrees!
Walk: Distance: 1.99 miles, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:32:05, Average Speed: 3.73 mph
18.10.22 08:31 @AndiHarriman The Quad because it's got that bit where it goes "if you hip take a trip with the whip c'mon let's take a trip tell the people where it's at"

*(I tweeted this for Allison, who expects me to mention this every chance I possibly get - hi Allison)
18.10.22 08:26 Happy Birthday to my brothers in radio and in life, DJ SLT, Tom Wollenberg and Thomas Wollenberg, all of whom have inexplicably locked down their pages despite the teeming masses greatly desiring a chance to pollute their Facebook walls with well wishes. Here's a member drive memory from back when we could sit in the same studio. Aw shit, gotta start another member drive campaign. Later.
18.10.22 08:13 Ah, ol' blue eyes and his Schlitz neck label. I love that kid. Where is that kid.
18.10.22 06:36 
Cafe Bustelo Brazil K cup
18.10.22 06:16 
 Pledge Central is OPEN! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
18.10.22 05:38 
To KFAI! 25° wasn't too bad but I may have frozen my face
Walk: Distance: 1.99 miles, Elevation Gain: 12m, Moving Time: 00:29:30, Average Speed: 3.98 mph
18.10.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 28.2º - 38.8º
17.10.22 20:41 
No Bingo #RAW
17.10.22 20:36 
JBL and Gravy trying hard to win the "who can out-uh-oh the other" competition #RAW
17.10.22 19:47 @tapemachines JBL in Oklahoma? What's NOT to watch?!
17.10.22 15:50 
New look fingerless gloves are here
17.10.22 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.20 ▲0.42 (Range: 21.08 - 21.33)
17.10.22 12:49 
100% Colombian
17.10.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 34.7º - 47.5º
16.10.22 23:45 
Chilly! Got down to 34° but I had thermal shirt AND leggings on so it was quite cozy
Walk: Distance: 4.38 miles, Elevation Gain: 150ft, Moving Time: 01:06:34, Average Pace: 15:11/mi
16.10.22 21:47 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
16.10.22 18:32 LOL Mahomes
16.10.22 14:00 
Hey NASCAR's on
16.10.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 30.9º - 54.3º
15.10.22 22:09 
Millions served
15.10.22 22:05 
 Keith Millions tonight - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
15.10.22 19:23 
From KFAI!
Walk: Distance: 1.99 miles, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:33:17, Average Speed: 3.6 mph
15.10.22 17:12 
I'm playing requested RUSH right now! But don't worry - there'll be other requests after that. 90.3 / kfai dot org / KFAI/live
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