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9.11 13:23 RT @whataweekhuh:
9.11 13:21 Ope @GovTimWalz
9.11 09:23 So happy that we're done with political ads for a while...only downside is today heralds the beginning of SHEN YUN SEASON
9.11 01:17 NARRATOR: In fact, Ilhan beat Cicely by FIFTY points.
8.11 19:41 @d_feldman County attorney
8.11 16:30 @hack0tv Yikes! Do you ever worry that something might happen between the time you early voted and Election Day which would make you wish you'd voted differently?
8.11 15:47 Hey so didja vote yet
7.11 23:00 None of these people just bought $7,366 in Powerball tickets but keep up that engagement, ya greedy bastids
7.11 22:58 @unknownrelic Never change
7.11 21:12 
I think if Kevin Patrick thinks hard about it, he'll regret saying Miz called Gargano a "weasel blower" later #RAW
7.11 21:05 
@tapemachines Ya know, tho, as WWE "stories" go this one about Miz paying Dex, then stopping paying him and so on, has been given a good slow(er than most) build and ended up making more logical sense than most of these attempts usually make
7.11 21:00 @tapemachines Miz' dad, apparently
7.11 20:54 You know what? Here, see it yourself. Try not to bust a gut laughing! @Ilhan easily re-elected by 30 or 40 points tomorrow (re-uploaded the entire clip, thanks Twitter for truncating it on my first try)
7.11 20:45 You know what? Here, see it for yourself. Try not to bust a gut laughing! @Ilhan easily re-elected by 30 or 40 points tomorrow
7.11 20:43 Finally saw a Cicely Davis TV ad! It did NOT disappoint in its awfulness. "If you send me to Congress, I won't tell anybody you voted Republican!" Wow, you mean my BALLOT will be kept SECRET? Also, Ilhan Omar "singlehandedly" founded the "Defund the Police" movement - I WISH!
7.11 17:58 Here now: TONIGHT'S winning Powerball numbers!
7.11 15:47 @d_feldman If it means they lost those elections? MAYBE.
7.11 15:46 It did.
7.11 15:30 So did that Twitter Blue deadline slip or what
6.11 01:34 Is this the first 0130 or the second 0130?
5.11 16:49 Here now, tonight's WINNING POWERBALL NUMBERS - I'm just not sure WHICH ones are the winners
5.11 14:25 I gogotta say it's truly wowonderful how well Peacock ststreams their auaudio
4.11 16:28 Sent my first post to
4.11 14:52 
Didn't this account tweet out wrestling "news" once? RT @WONF4W: WOL: Bryan gives an odd update on our YouTube F4WLive service sign up deal.

It might be 20%, 50% off, or the established $9.99 for your first month.
4.11 14:17 
I hope, after @keithellison is re-elected, he returns to Moon Palace for, like, a hundred new photos posing with the Antifa handbook
3.11 16:17 @guruzim I never did figure out which instance you joined (which is to say I checked the one I joined five years ago and never used and that was it)
3.11 14:37 During Cybersecurity Awareness Month - and every month - 100% of the phishing attempts that actually land in my Outlook account are "gotcha" emails originating from the internal security team which wouldn't get by the gateway without their blessing, so.... don't ever believe cops
2.11 22:22 Boy, "news" outlets sure love tweeting out "Powerball numbers have been picked!" leaving 200 characters actually thinking you'll engage them with a click to go to their website to actually get the stupid numbers they wouldn't include in their tweet

(2, 11, 22, 35, 60 and 23)
2.11 22:10 UPDATE: These actually WERE poop numbers after all
2.11 17:42 (I may have claimed this instant Hendrix collection)
2.11 17:41 The millennium is back at yet another Little Free Library
2.11 17:33 Here now are tonight's WINNING POOP NUMBERS (damn you, autocorrect - POWERBALL NUMBERS)
2.11 16:36 Gee there's a lotta books about Hitler in the Little Free Library today
2.11 12:04 RT @whataweekhuh:
1.11 19:43 @swampynomo That'd be a different bit entirely
1.11 19:38 Eight bucks a month for El Musko to verify me? I don't even spend eight bucks a month for Only know, I'm'a have to check; I MIGHT be spending eight bucks a month on Only Fans
1.11 11:21 @d_feldman Sounds like a mammoth task
31.10 23:48 I think it's fair say I could NOT have published ANY of these "AI-generated" tweets
31.10 23:10 I did not select the winning Powerball numbers (because I neglected to buy a ticket)
30.10 22:26 Tirico loves saying "10 point margin" in a way that reminds you that bettors were presented with a 10.5 point line
30.10 20:53 Twenty bucks a month for El Musko to verify me? I don't even spend twenty bucks a month for Only Fans
30.10 20:31 Boy that "Lopez vs. Lopez" looks just awful huh
30.10 18:49 RT @HennepinSheriff: The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office offers free Opioid education and Naloxone training classes. The next class is TUESDAY, November 1st at 5:00 pm and it is available virtually.

Register for class by clicking on this link:
29.10 16:32 Idle thoughts: Weird how we've heard absolutely nothing about Cicely Davis since Don Samuels lost the primary
28.10 18:55 Sometimes it even feels like Twitter is still a thing and I'm on it RT @guruzim: I already miss Twitter
28.10 15:40 
Frank texted me back! It was WAY too long and I didn't read it. I suspect I failed to change his mind.
28.10 14:28 
Geez, wonder which 2008 Ron Paul voter list Martha's campaign bought
28.10 09:54 
@BullyCreative You can take the boy out of WCCO, but taking WCCO out of the boy...
27.10 23:43 Why hasn't El Musko verified me yet
27.10 18:49 
RT @MplsWard2: Yesterday Mayor Frey said “too often, elected leaders are dehumanized. We forget that under a particular policy or vote, there’s a person with a family and good intentions.” Hours later, he dehumanized residents by doubling down on his inhumane practices towards unhoused people.
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