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23.12 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.30 ▼0.01 (Range: 21.17 - 21.38)
23.12 14:51 
Listened to Dick Move - Eyes For Christmas
23.12 02:12 
Listened to The Falcon Project - Little Drum N' Bass Boy
23.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -10.5º - -2.9º
22.12 23:43 
Settling back in to more mundane house news, had to drag the space heater down to the ground floor for the seemingly yearly thawing of the downstairs toilet (which is now working just fine - we'll keep some warm air on it while it remains around -10)

I believe I have now earned a more traditional 11:30PM ice cream as it's now too hot to sleep upstairs... but I will resist the temptation to crack open the window ;-)
22.12 23:09  Taka-taka-taco bell
22.12 17:39 I love me some @plastikboxes but the weather outside is frightful RT @FirstAvenue: Tonight in the 7th St. Entry: Synthmas 2022. Doors at 7:30pm, DJ Bionick Jones at 8:00pm, Plastik Boxes at 8:30pm, @NorthInnsbruck at 9:30pm, @c_Kostra at 10:30pm. $15 tickets available at the door. 18+ show.
22.12 17:37 @masonbutler The world's only two man trio!
22.12 16:22 E N G A G E M E N T
22.12 16:21 
Listened to ARTBAT - Tibet
22.12 16:17 
Listened to The Randy Paserntes Trio - Waterfalls
22.12 16:14 
Listened to Hamish Hawk - Angel Numbers
22.12 16:11 
Listened to Hamish Hawk - Money
22.12 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.31 ▼0.20 (Range: 21.04 - 21.35)
22.12 11:16 Breakfast Blend
22.12 09:48 
So! The preliminary diagnosis was that the water heater part of the system was taking priority over the radiator part of the system, which wasn't so great since I wasn't actually using THAT hot water. Also, this feels like kinda a hidden "feature" of linking the hot water heater to the boiler I wasn't aware of a year be fair, it didn't bite me until now, but I feel like we had some -10 days back in January?

The tech (hats off to the company for sending somebody out IMMEDIATELY) was one of the crew who INSTALLED this thing last December - he made a call to find out what needs to be tweaked. ("Boiler tech support" sounds hilarious.) In the meantime, he'd forced the boiler to get boiling while ignoring the water heater and we've finally seen an uptick in the thermostat's reported temperature - up to 51 from 50, wheeeeeeee

Whatever is happening was surely a result (a snowball?) of it being pretty much below zero all day (and much of the previous two days) - the radiators just weren't keeping up and maintaining the house temperature the way they were supposed to with the way the heaters were running.

It sounds like I may be a test case for other folks who will call in with the same problem. They adjusted some settings, then wrote it up as a warranty call, no charge. I guess I can now name them - it was Snelling Heating, who came off my boss' recommendation last year.

It will take a while to get equalized but we're on the road back to the 60s! I'll keep you posted. I know you love the episodic stuff!
22.12 09:09 
100% Colombian
22.12 08:27 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
22.12 06:11 
WELL. Think I'll call somebody
22.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -7.4º - 0.3º
21.12 18:39 Just went downstairs and glimpsed at the thermostat which said it was... 52! I wonder when the heater was turned off. It's definitely on now!
21.12 18:02 @tinderbox_heart Donezo
21.12 17:58 Other than spamming them, what's a good way to let people who followed and enjoyed @everycolorbot that @everycolorbot2 picked up right where they left off and have been going strong for three weeks? Would vaguetweeting work? How META ....
21.12 17:48 @tapemachines Hey TAPE if you're back to Christmas movies I still have an open request to which I attached three American dollars on your Kofi
21.12 17:32 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: A Snow Emergency has been declared in Minneapolis. Day 1 parking rules begin at 9 p.m. tonight, Dec. 21. Learn more about the parking rules:
21.12 16:28 I don't wanna say the weather sucks, but I'm apparently breaking a streak of 14 weeks when I don't find my way to BK for a $3 Impossible Whopper by midnight
21.12 15:37 RT @whataweekhuh:
21.12 15:00 
Pumpkin Spice
21.12 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.51 ▲0.02 (Range: 21.37 - 21.73)
21.12 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -7.1º - 11.8º
20.12 23:24 I'm really sick of the Sprite cousins
20.12 23:04 
@TheKFV @hack0tv Screw that, I'm staying inside!
20.12 23:02 
Listened to Lazenlow - Christmas (I Don't Like)
20.12 22:12 
Five days since Nora told me this existed, and Cub helpfully put it on sale, so let's try it. When I think "Old Bay," I think "it's for crab!" so it seemed that the perfect delivery medium would be to slather it on some Morey's imitation crab flakes. With the primary ingredients of cayenne peppers and vinegar, this seems to be on the Tabasco side of the sauces but it is a lot thicker than Tabasco. It's definitely spicy - perhaps too spicy for some Minnesotans! - but not overpoweringly so although my tongue is still pleasantly tingling a while later, although that might be more the vinegar than the other ingredients. It would be PERFECT on oysters, a food I have never eaten at home and have no intentions to (although there are a few spots out there where it'd be a mandatory appetizer). What can I say? It delivers, it probably tastes like you'd expect, and if you think you'd like it you probably would. This jar will probably last me long enough to start to dry u!
p, get super concentrated and then get REALLY interesting. I guess I should put it on some of those Herr's chips once things get REALLY blizzardy and I've been in the house for 72 hours straight - STAY TUNED TO THIS SOCIAL NETWORK
20.12 21:50 @hack0tv I do wear fingered gloves when shoveling. Two layers of fingers, even!
20.12 21:46 @jkalyn Whooooooooooooa
20.12 20:03 
Listened to Tears for Fears - Shout (Dub Mix)
20.12 19:56 
Listened to 808 State - Let yourself go (D50 mix)
20.12 19:51 
Listened to D Train - You're the One for Me (Dimitri Remix)
20.12 19:08 
 They already had a run on the kale so you KNOW a blizzard's coming tomorrow - Cub Foods (Roseville, MN)
20.12 18:55 
Listened to Karate Break - And Then What?
20.12 18:52 
Listened to Thompson Twins - Judy Do
20.12 18:48 
Listened to The Future Sound of London - We Have Explosive (Pt. 4)
20.12 18:47 
Ya know what, kids? Two below MIGHT be too cold for the fingerless gloves
20.12 18:13 @DJDanielson You, sir, are a man of your word. Also there's no network in here
20.12 17:52  Everybody's blizzard shopping, including me - Costco (Maplewood, MN)
20.12 17:40 
Listened to NewOrder - True Faith-94
20.12 17:36 
Listened to Tangerine Dream - Towards the Evening Star
20.12 17:30 
Listened to Bob Sinclar - I Feel for You (original club mix)
20.12 17:24 
Listened to Vice Device - Even Blind
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