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28.12.22 13:52 
Listened to Homeboy Sandman - Fourth Day of Christmas
28.12.22 13:28 
Listened to David Lee Roth - Everybody Wants Some!!
28.12.22 11:09 RT @whataweekhuh:
28.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 3.9º - 25.9º
27.12.22 22:36 @TheKFV Still not sure I can tell the Spark Zero from the Voo Dew Zero (which is fine with me)
27.12.22 22:30 RT @kransekage_: This is how you know you're about to watch some good shit
27.12.22 18:46 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar
27.12.22 16:02 @jkalyn Elon's showing you my tweets out of order again (yes)
27.12.22 15:21 Man, I wish I had a cold can of Mtn Dew Pitch Black Zero Sugar RIGHT NOW. But it's not January yet...
27.12.22 15:20 
Yes, I also say that RT @WONF4W: Nakamura says Muta NOAH match wouldn't have happened under old WWE regime
27.12.22 15:11 
Lost in all the hoopla around WWE's Pitch Black match is the fact that MTN DEW PITCH BLACK IS RETURNING

(Also, I'm starting to worry that Brain Alvy may not understand the concept of match sponsorship even tho he's seen countless
#RAW matches brought to you by Sonic or whatever)
27.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.43 ▲0.13 (Range: 21.21 - 21.50)
27.12.22 11:53 
100% Colombian
27.12.22 03:58 
Roadshow 70mm edition, watched seven years ago tonight (★★★★½)
27.12.22 01:25 @d_feldman I know you're funnin' but I enable Spotify's "private session" all the time to keep my algorithm minty
27.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 1.6º - 13.8º
26.12.22 21:33 
Listened to Death Grips - On GP
26.12.22 19:27 When Twitter says "Show 6 Tweets" and I click on it and I'm only shown five tweets, the one I don't see was for Elijah
26.12.22 19:06 Ooh, Chargers vs. Colts!
26.12.22 19:05 
Vince may be gone but somebody's still forcing everybody to say "two thousand twenty-two" *click* #RAW
26.12.22 16:07 
Pumpkin Spice
26.12.22 15:36 @hack0tv Yeah my theories were about that too except I am not running an ad blocker. Maybe it's an old school "Latest Tweets" timeline vs. "Home" timeline thing too
26.12.22 15:28 
Listened to Paramore - This Is Why
26.12.22 15:25 
Listened to Paramore - The News
26.12.22 15:00 Markets closed - Christmas Day (observed)
26.12.22 11:18 It's FUN when Twitter shows a thing for me to click on that says "Show 2 new tweets" and I click on it and it shows me one tweet
26.12.22 11:07 
Happy Boxing Day, everyone!
26.12.22 11:05 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
26.12.22 10:47 @ryderfakin IT'S SLIME TIME
26.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -3.3º - 7.2º
25.12.22 23:59 Guys did Jokic score 1 point yet
25.12.22 23:31 
Our special guests are The Stonedest
25.12.22 21:38 
It is Brian Herb and the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence (@momunist /
25.12.22 20:35 
It is the debut of SwapTacos
25.12.22 19:13 IT'S TACO TIME (Mortimers)
25.12.22 19:12 
  Taco Christmas! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
25.12.22 16:21 Wait, I could have been watching NICKELODEON this whole time?!
25.12.22 15:30 Still not sure who the other guy in the NFL on Fox studio team was
25.12.22 15:00 Just when I thought "can it ever just be easy?" Thanks, Tua!
25.12.22 03:28 
It was on again so I watched it again. Way too much crammed in there but that's probably exactly what they were going for. Just as weirdly entertaining even tho I knew what was going to happen this time. Still wish Letterboxd correctly listed it under "The Fireplace." (★★)
25.12.22 02:42 

(📷: Yo Ritchie)
25.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -4.4º - 7.9º
24.12.22 17:07 
Live for the next four hours on your radio and on Mixcloud at!

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24.12.22 15:06 Oh my.
24.12.22 14:52 @hansen9j What I'm hearing you say is this game's guaranteed to go to overtime
24.12.22 14:49 That SHOULD be a dagger, but this IS the Vikings, so
24.12.22 14:17 
RT @KFAIweekend: What the heck, let's do a four hour CHRISTMAS ON DEMAND tonight.

TUNE IN: Saturday 12/24/2022 5-9 p.m. CST

@kfaiFMradio 90.3 FM-HD

STREAM: or the KFAI Community Radio app

@mixcloud />
24.12.22 12:31 THIS JUST IN: I will be covering Temposphere tonight. Suddenly I need four hours of content instead of two! Please throw me some requests. Just for fun, let's make them NOT Christmas tracks - there'll be plenty of that in the first two hours
24.12.22 03:54 @medwynsofangles Amazing as usual - Happy Christmas, Medwyn! Thanks for being a quality follow on this hellsite. (Thanks also to @geraldstratfor3 for introducing me to your account!)
24.12.22 03:50 I'm sure what El Musko meant to say was "If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, please know that you are not alone. Grab your phone and dial 988 to be connected with a trained crisis counselor who can help. You can call OR text. 9-8-8."

@988Lifeline RT @HawaiiDelilah: Twitter removes the suicide prevention feature during the holidays when folks are particularly vulnerable to loneliness & depression

Please help me spread the suicide prevention hotline: 800-273-8255

HD message to all: You're beautiful, special, & loved
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