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31.12.22 05:04 @Omaholic Oh no, it wouldn't matter - I still wouldn't get to opening the card until the 25th ;-)
31.12.22 03:56 Dang RT @P_BenedictXVI: The Lord wins in the end.
— Benedict XVI
31.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 17.4º - 24.1º
30.12.22 22:15 Ugly sweater? I AM an ugly sweater (Mortimers)
30.12.22 22:14 
 Last Gothess of the year! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
30.12.22 20:39 
Oh no. John Cena's hair. No. No. No no no no no no no #SmackDown
30.12.22 20:08 
Well, that was definitely a direction they could take #SmackDown
30.12.22 19:27 2022: the year Paul Giamatti needed Verizon money
30.12.22 19:26 @Omaholic Five days late but thanks for the surprise burrito! I have added your card to its special pile.
30.12.22 19:25 @kimberrussell Geez, you STARTED 2 months after I STOPPED (the first time). Thanks for all the Christmas cards (including this year's)!! Live forever!
30.12.22 19:12 
I hope it turns out that Uncle Howdy is Alexa #SmackDown
30.12.22 19:01 Sounds pretty good. What about everybody else in America? RT
@i/web: Starting January 1, seniors on Medicare can’t be charged more than $35 a month for a one-month supply of insulin.
30.12.22 18:53 Sounds pretty good. What about everybody else in America? RT @JoeBiden: Starting January 1, seniors on Medicare can’t be charged more than $35 a month for a one-month supply of insulin.
30.12.22 17:32 
RT @TheMessageWWE: ˙uɹnʇ ɹno⅄
30.12.22 16:28 @guruzim It's 2022, baby, gotta get that APP. (The price is high because you didn't share any personal information with the machine)
30.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.43 ▲0.18 (Range: 21.00 - 21.46)
30.12.22 11:34 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
30.12.22 10:28 
Part Wolf mirror with my sticker somewhere on it (19 hearts), Debbie Gibson, Krista Wax, ⸘Interrobang‽ on Mort's marquee, WITCH, Kelsey Cornhat, Sparks, old ketchup and The Stonedest - it only took 10 likes to make my Insta Top 9 this year, but I also only took 183 grams this year (so far).

Tying for 9th with 10 hearts: Rosegarden Funeral Party, American Cream Band, the ONE WANK sign
30.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 21.0º - 36.9º
29.12.22 23:40 
Maybe not the best film to watch alone but definitely not a bad film to watch with a packed Parkway Theatre crowd primed by a Simon Husbands performance prior to the showing
29.12.22 19:48 
Man wearing THIS 🇬🇧 jacket remarked to the entire theatre on the fact that I dressed up in a clean hoodie to see him ;-) 😁
(The Parkway Theater)
29.12.22 19:04 
It is Simon Husbands (@simonhusbandsmusic /
29.12.22 18:57 
 Love, Actually AND a Simon Husbands concert! - Love Actually - The Parkway Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
29.12.22 17:13 
JUST IN: I've been invited to be the Special Guest of Downtown Jeff at his monthly vinyl residency at Dusty's! By accepting, I have probably also guaranteed that the Lions/Packers game will flex into the Sunday Night Football spot...but Dusty's has TVs and let's face it, you don't need to HEAR the game - you need to hear Australian punk 7" singles and ... I dunno, probably "Sandstorm" by Darude since I know EXACTLY where it is in this house. Event link is comment numero uno!
29.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.25 ▲0.37 (Range: 20.70 - 21.36)
29.12.22 08:40 
Listened to Muse - We Are Fucking Fucked
29.12.22 08:29 TONIGHT: Not super interested in the movie (the movie is fine, I will love the movie) but VERY excited to see a rare live performance from Simon Husbands himself and very intrigued by the possibility of cover performances......? Tickets are almost sold out btw so make your mind up
29.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 25.7º - 37.4º
28.12.22 23:01 
It is Phillip Saint John (@phillipsaintjohn /
28.12.22 22:42 
Our MC has been Krista Wax - Congratulations on 5 years of MSP Sound! (@mspsoundkfai /
28.12.22 22:05 
It is Slayvannah (@slayvannahdavis /
28.12.22 21:11 
It is iLLism (@illism /
28.12.22 20:28 
It is See More Perspective (mr_seemore /
28.12.22 20:04 
It is Sam Castillo (@samcastillo_official /
28.12.22 19:51 LET'S GO (First Avenue & 7th St Entry)
28.12.22 19:50 
   Shooooow! - 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
28.12.22 19:38 
   Hell yeah that's my spot, mayor me up, son - Parking Spot 14925 (Minneapolis, MN)
28.12.22 17:37 
   37° hell yeah I'm back for the last [Impossible] Whopper Wednesday off the year! - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
28.12.22 17:17 
    Quiet week! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.12.22 16:32 The big show is tonight at 8! SEE YOU THERE
28.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 20.88 ▼0.55 (Range: 20.87 - 21.57)
28.12.22 13:52 
Listened to Homeboy Sandman - Fourth Day of Christmas
28.12.22 13:28 
Listened to David Lee Roth - Everybody Wants Some!!
28.12.22 11:09 RT @whataweekhuh:
28.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 3.9º - 25.9º
27.12.22 22:36 @TheKFV Still not sure I can tell the Spark Zero from the Voo Dew Zero (which is fine with me)
27.12.22 22:30 RT @kransekage_: This is how you know you're about to watch some good shit
27.12.22 18:46 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar
27.12.22 16:02 @jkalyn Elon's showing you my tweets out of order again (yes)
27.12.22 15:21 Man, I wish I had a cold can of Mtn Dew Pitch Black Zero Sugar RIGHT NOW. But it's not January yet...
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