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1.1.23 20:02 First show of...what year is it again? 2023? Ouch! (Fraternal Order of Eagles)
1.1.23 20:01 
 Shooow! - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
1.1.23 18:22 Could "Adding this to my ghost notes - this is huge!" be the FUNNIEST LINE EVER DELIVERED IN TELEVISED SITUATIONAL COMEDY HISTORY?

CBS seems to think so!
1.1.23 18:03 
@hansen9j @DustysNe Ooh, Saturday is just as likely since I'd surely be doin' the radio while it happens. Probably MORE likely since I also didn't know about the Hawks wrinkle
1.1.23 17:56 
I can now reveal that last week when I agreed to play records at @DustysNe with DJ Jeff Recommends on the night of Sunday the 8th - that moment was when I knew I had cursed the Packers/Lions game to get flexed
1.1.23 15:58 
1.1.23 15:40 
Goodness! #GoPackGo
1.1.23 15:20 
Listened to AFP - September (Newsletter mix)
1.1.23 15:13 
Listened to AFP - September (an ambient overture)
1.1.23 14:21 
Listened to Frankmusik - White Bronco
1.1.23 06:30 So 2023's several hours old; El Musko do anything stupid yet
1.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 20.7º - 36.3º
31.12.22 21:55 Kissing off 2022, pissing off 2023 (First Avenue & 7th St Entry)
31.12.22 21:52 
 NYE Transmission!! - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.22 21:39 
 (okay, it was really space 14933 - I'm running late!) - Parking Spot 14925 (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.22 20:25 
 (I had ten expiring Papabux) - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.22 19:38 
I can't believe I almost forgot the traditional drink of my people - and I'll have to check last year's photo but I think it escaped inflation this year!
(Total Wine & More)
31.12.22 19:37 
  I can't believe I almost forgot the traditional drink of my people! - Total Wine & More (Roseville, MN)
31.12.22 17:11 
Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
31.12.22 16:54 
Hey hey it's my last show of 2022 and I'm finna play 22 requests AT LEAST - check it out at 5PM OH SHIT THAT'S IN FIVE MINUTES! 90•3 / kfai•org / kfai•org/live
31.12.22 16:51 
 Last live show of the year starts in ten! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.22 15:56
31.12.22 13:28 RT @geraldstratfor3: Just a little msg wishing you all a healthy and happy new year and may all all your dreams come true cheers
31.12.22 12:06 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
31.12.22 11:55 
This is hard to tell you. My grandmother, my mother's mother Dorothea Morgan passed away at 2am PST on New Year's Eve. She had taken a severe turn just after Christmas and while this result was inevitable - guess it always is after long enough - it's still somehow a surprise and a shock. She was 94, which as I always say is too young to go, but it was time. She was the eldest and only daughter of six children - having five younger brothers surely honed her sense of humour into the wicked one she carried throughout her life. I believe the youngest brother is still with us but honestly I'm not sure. She grew up in Ocheyedan, Iowa, where her father's house was turned into a museum (which of course has no website, but DOES have a Facebook group: Tracy House Museum), eventually settling down with Grandpa Wayne in Concord, California, where she raised my mother and three other children and worked for the US Postal Service as a letter carrier. Just like her mom, my m!
om is the eldest and the last living sibling (so I guess my kid brother better watch out). She was my last living grandparent. There's probably a whole lot more I should tell you but I've run out of words and even these seem pretty clumsy. Being in Minnesota has insulated me from recent events and having to experience Grandma's last years in person, for better and for worse, so my thoughts definitely turn to the rest of the family and circle of friends who have been up close and know way better than me how things feel and are probably feeling it way more intensely. Mostly, Mom, yes. We'll all grieve differently of course but what's important is that we're still here and can be present for each other as needed - or leave people the hell alone as needed, we're too good at that too. Two photos - mine marks the last time my brother and I and Grandma were all in the same space just before Christmas 2014 which has been my profile pic every Mother's Day since; the other one !
stolen from my aunt Laura, a more recent snap of Grandma, her !
#1 daughter and her #1 daughter-in-law. No flowers, please! If you are so moved, you may make a donation to the charity of your choice and/or visit the Tracy Museum. Meanwhile, tomorrow's another year - we're still here. I love you all!
31.12.22 05:04 @Omaholic Oh no, it wouldn't matter - I still wouldn't get to opening the card until the 25th ;-)
31.12.22 03:56 Dang RT @P_BenedictXVI: The Lord wins in the end.
— Benedict XVI
31.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 17.4º - 24.1º
30.12.22 22:15 Ugly sweater? I AM an ugly sweater (Mortimers)
30.12.22 22:14 
 Last Gothess of the year! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
30.12.22 20:39 
Oh no. John Cena's hair. No. No. No no no no no no no #SmackDown
30.12.22 20:08 
Well, that was definitely a direction they could take #SmackDown
30.12.22 19:27 2022: the year Paul Giamatti needed Verizon money
30.12.22 19:26 @Omaholic Five days late but thanks for the surprise burrito! I have added your card to its special pile.
30.12.22 19:25 @kimberrussell Geez, you STARTED 2 months after I STOPPED (the first time). Thanks for all the Christmas cards (including this year's)!! Live forever!
30.12.22 19:12 
I hope it turns out that Uncle Howdy is Alexa #SmackDown
30.12.22 19:01 Sounds pretty good. What about everybody else in America? RT
@i/web: Starting January 1, seniors on Medicare can’t be charged more than $35 a month for a one-month supply of insulin.
30.12.22 18:53 Sounds pretty good. What about everybody else in America? RT @JoeBiden: Starting January 1, seniors on Medicare can’t be charged more than $35 a month for a one-month supply of insulin.
30.12.22 17:32 
RT @TheMessageWWE: ˙uɹnʇ ɹno⅄
30.12.22 16:28 @guruzim It's 2022, baby, gotta get that APP. (The price is high because you didn't share any personal information with the machine)
30.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.43 ▲0.18 (Range: 21.00 - 21.46)
30.12.22 11:34 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
30.12.22 10:28 
Part Wolf mirror with my sticker somewhere on it (19 hearts), Debbie Gibson, Krista Wax, ⸘Interrobang‽ on Mort's marquee, WITCH, Kelsey Cornhat, Sparks, old ketchup and The Stonedest - it only took 10 likes to make my Insta Top 9 this year, but I also only took 183 grams this year (so far).

Tying for 9th with 10 hearts: Rosegarden Funeral Party, American Cream Band, the ONE WANK sign
30.12.22 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 21.0º - 36.9º
29.12.22 23:40 
Maybe not the best film to watch alone but definitely not a bad film to watch with a packed Parkway Theatre crowd primed by a Simon Husbands performance prior to the showing
29.12.22 19:48 
Man wearing THIS 🇬🇧 jacket remarked to the entire theatre on the fact that I dressed up in a clean hoodie to see him ;-) 😁
(The Parkway Theater)
29.12.22 19:04 
It is Simon Husbands (@simonhusbandsmusic /
29.12.22 18:57 
 Love, Actually AND a Simon Husbands concert! - Love Actually - The Parkway Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
29.12.22 17:13 
JUST IN: I've been invited to be the Special Guest of Downtown Jeff at his monthly vinyl residency at Dusty's! By accepting, I have probably also guaranteed that the Lions/Packers game will flex into the Sunday Night Football spot...but Dusty's has TVs and let's face it, you don't need to HEAR the game - you need to hear Australian punk 7" singles and ... I dunno, probably "Sandstorm" by Darude since I know EXACTLY where it is in this house. Event link is comment numero uno!
29.12.22 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.25 ▲0.37 (Range: 20.70 - 21.36)
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