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6.1.23 21:28 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
6.1.23 20:58 
Fun fact and one thing I know: the website hasn't been updated since 2018 RT @f7_136: @CRZ You are wrong that you do not know anything about Saudi Arabia
6.1.23 19:45 Can of Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar
6.1.23 19:37 "Remember Erin Esurance? You won't BELIEVE what she looks like now!"
6.1.23 19:36 You think Dr. Rick and Flo ever hooked up? #progressive #fanfic
6.1.23 19:33 
Can you imagine the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands ready to hand over seven billion simoleons to Vince just so they can find out who Uncle Howdy is a couple of weeks before everybody else? #SmackDown
6.1.23 18:43 
Listened to Shania Twain - Giddy Up!
6.1.23 17:41 
   Digging out took way too long BUT they hadn't closed yet + got a week of vinyl orders! (and finally mailed my 1st-of-the-month cheque ope) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.1.23 16:22 
Listened to Eaves Wilder - Morning Rain
6.1.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.50 ▲0.40 (Range: 20.92 - 21.58)
6.1.23 14:56 
Listened to Shintaro Sakamoto - Like A Fable
6.1.23 13:27 Boy the algorithm really thinks I'm interested in Arial Pank making a big comeback (I am not)
6.1.23 12:08 
This is, like, almost the exact opposite of Beyoncé RT @usbankstadium: JUST ANNOUNCED!

Two Icons! One Night! Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks live for the first time in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium on Friday, November 10.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 13 at 10 am.
6.1.23 11:44 
Listened to DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - All I Can Feel
6.1.23 11:19 
Listened to Javier Segura - Malagueñas 2
6.1.23 09:10 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
6.1.23 08:43 Kirkland cold brew can
6.1.23 03:27 
Listened to Peter Gabriel - Panopticom - Bright Side Mix
6.1.23 03:18 
Back when they still existed, KTEH would syndicate Canadian TV like "The Newsroom" (not the HBO one) and throw it on Sunday nights before the SciFi block, so somehow I got roped into it. When they dutifully paid rights to rebroadcast "More Tears" once they were out of Newsroom episodes, I watched that too. It's not really a proper sequel but ... well, I guess it DID stick with me. Dunno what compelled me to seek this one out for a binge 24 years later, but it was worth it and it largely holds up. Thanks to that one guy who kept it alive on the 'Tube, no thanks to Kenny F for never giving it a proper DVD/streaming release.

(Shared from More Tears - Ken Finkleman, 1998 TV VHS rip, complete series)
Here is a poor quality TV-to-VHS-to-VHS rip of Ken Finkleman's More Tears as aired on CBC in 1998. All four episodes are in one video. If you just want a t...
6.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 18.3º - 29.5º
5.1.23 22:38 
Sometimes when you're snowed in you just start trolling the unfortunate souls and/or AI whose incredibly repetitive and deceptive Facebook ads get algorithm'd into my feed
5.1.23 21:53 
@HackmanRSPW Can't make it; Saturdays afternoons are radio days. Why start so early?
5.1.23 21:03 
TOMORROW: Another fun fun episode of strong mayor roulette! Will my trash get picked up (a day late) before the Day 3 plow comes by to completely bury my can?
5.1.23 21:00 
Oooooooooooh RT @masonbutler: This is on Saturday and I'm psyched.
5.1.23 20:48 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Cherry
5.1.23 19:55 
Time now to play "Find the Luxton Park fire hydrant!"

Stellar job, lads
5.1.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.10 ▼0.77 (Range: 20.94 - 21.56)
5.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 29.5º - 32.9º
4.1.23 19:15 
• Shoveling: Phase 2 COMPLETE
• May require one more pass at midnight since it started snowing AGAIN while I was outside
• Extremely unofficial snow cover measurement from the back yard: 19½" - I believe about 10" of that is "new"
• I may have pulled a tricep I didn't even know I had getting my cans to the curb - stay tuned
• This AEW TV show is pretty good
• I have earned snacks
• More notes on each individual photo if you crave detail
(Prospect Park)
4.1.23 17:52 @masonbutler Every reply contains a different Chilled Animal!
4.1.23 16:00 
A fresh new 2023 Timberwolves embrace of NFTs wasn't on my bingo card but definitely feels on brand for the franchise... I just can't believe they used Saint Münn as the vector. I hope he was paid well for this (not in crypto) and we never see a photo of a player in one of these
4.1.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.87 ▲0.25 (Range: 21.49 - 21.94)
4.1.23 11:56 
@jeveuxreveiller Got some, uh, bad news
4.1.23 11:55 RT @whataweekhuh:
4.1.23 10:43 
Sea Salt Caramel
4.1.23 10:04 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: A Snow Emergency has been declared in Minneapolis. Day 1 parking rules begin at 9 p.m. tonight, Jan. 4. Learn more about the parking rules:
4.1.23 09:37 
4.1.23 09:02 Many people are saying this RT @tapemachines: in my own way i am strong style
4.1.23 03:14 @hack0tv No you didn't
4.1.23 02:54 Also, for this American, Twitter trends aren't worth a poop this time of night
4.1.23 02:52 What I've learned from ten thousand Samsung India bots and/or sweat shop social media interns is that the new Galaxy F04 has 8GB RAM, a stylish glossy design, and is competitively priced at 7,499 Rs and not one R more. (Don't they use their own ₹ sign? Guess not)
4.1.23 00:04 
Almost forgot I bought some wacky ice cream for 2023! This is a pretty subtle one - in fact, I get more "egg nog" than "champagne" from it but that might just be Van Leeuwen's double-the-yolks gimmick. It's still ice cream! It tastes good!
4.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 22.8º - 30.7º
3.1.23 19:53 @jpkmets This is like the Monty Python sketch where the cascading documentarians keep interrupting each other
3.1.23 19:50 
Hoo boy, NXT stinks
3.1.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.62 ▲0.19 (Range: 21.23 - 21.77)
3.1.23 14:32 After two rounds of voting, Justin Amash and I have received the same number of votes for Speaker
3.1.23 12:49 JUST IN: Amash receives 0 votes for Speaker
3.1.23 10:38 
Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend
3.1.23 09:23 
Staying in all week.

NEXT week, back on the vinyl (Dark) horse and coming to YOUR town (if your town is Minneapolis or St Paul)!

SUNDAY: It's Still The Weekend with DJ Jeff Recommends and CRZ at Dusty's! 9PM-midnight?

TUESDAY: Finally, CRZ has come back to Dark Horse! 6PM-9PM?

Facebook events are comments #1 and #2 if you'd like to pretend you are Interested. E N G A G E M E N T

Do you have empty turntables at YOUR establishment and love music for old people?* Please contact my booker. (My booker is Jeff. OBVIOUSLY)

*I do still own those two Harry Styles LPs tho
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