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13.1 12:09 
Listened to FEATER - Expensive Zeit
13.1 11:52 
Listened to Feater - Positive People on Spotify
13.1 11:05 
Pumpkin Spice
13.1 10:25 Your occasional reminder that Trooper Grabow also has a passion for going 94 in a 55 RT
@i/web: The squads have changed, but our passion for traffic safety hasn’t. We still want you to drive the speed limit! #DriveSmart
13.1 09:53 Happy Plane Day to all who celebrate. PLAAAAAANE
13.1 09:49 RT @crz_ebooks: tweets have been a mistake I only intend on making once in my lifetime!
13.1 09:30 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
13.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 19.9º - 32.0º
12.1 18:13 
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey chubby boy

(Shared from Christopher)
It gives me HOW much red eye?!
12.1 17:50 Boy that "72sold" guy LOVES to talk with his hands, huh ....
12.1 16:58 Those apes don't look fun at all!
12.1 15:55 Here now are the winning Mega Millions numbers for Friday's projected $1.35 billion jackpot
12.1 15:54 
   Cashing in the winning Mega Millions ticket; buying exactly the same amount of Mega Millions tickets for Friday - Holiday Station Store (Minneapolis, MN)
12.1 15:45 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
12.1 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.96 ▼0.03 (Range: 21.79 - 22.10)
12.1 14:47  Quick $3.75 lunch and snack run - Costco (Maplewood, MN)
12.1 14:40 
 $2.899/g - Costco Gasoline (Maplewood, MN)
12.1 14:32 
Listened to LSDXOXO - Essential Mix 2021-10-23
12.1 13:32 
Lounge carafe
12.1 13:32 
    WHOA FREE TIRE Schmelz Countryside Volkswagen Saab (Maplewood, MN)
12.1 01:33 @TeaKaGee @lihcrulz THERE YOU HAVE IT.
12.1 00:31 
How appropriate I wore this 1992 shirt to the 90s Preservation Society night the same day as the 30 year anniversary of Episode 1! I'm not sure it'll survive one more wash... but we shall see! (📷: Krista Wax)
12.1 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 27.1º - 34.3º - 0.04" rain
11.1 23:05 
Poor Gidget
11.1 22:46   Finally, a proper reload - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
11.1 21:16 
It is Crush Scene (@crushscene_band)
11.1 20:29 
It is Laura Hugo (@laurahugomusic /
11.1 19:42 
It is The Controversial New 'Skinny Pill' (@cnspband /
11.1 19:33 
@jakevass Happy Impossible Whopper Wednesday to you and yours
11.1 19:24 Re-upping with the The 90s Preservation Society ! (The Cedar Cultural Center)
11.1 19:22 
   Shooow! - The Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN)
11.1 18:56 
    Back to [Impossible] WHOPPER WEDNESDAY - NICE - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
11.1 18:51 
11.1 17:30 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
11.1 15:48 
Not only did I experience my flat tire six days before my AAA was set to expire with me forgetting to renew, it turns out the tire I busted was bought FOUR days shy of one year ago... meaning I'm JUST under the wire for a 100% FULL WARRANTY replacement! Best flat tire ever? I guess if the universe wanted me to go through that trauma Monday night there must have been an unseen good reason behind it.

(The "best flat tire ever" is not getting a flat tire ever but we've since learned that I am incapable of that platonic ideal)
11.1 15:11 
Happy 30th #RAW
Then. Now. Forever. Together. Uncut. Uncensored. Uncooked.
©1992 TitanSports, Inc. All rights reserved.
11.1 15:00 GEN closing quote: 21.99 ▲0.39 (Range: 21.39 - 22.02)
11.1 14:02 @tapemachines Sony discovered "PLANE" was taken
11.1 13:26 @TrctrDrvngChamp Ah but if you'd read ANY 2023 r.s.p-w, you'd know that nothing could be further from the truth
11.1 12:56 
Listened to The New Pornographers - Really Really Light
11.1 12:36 
Listened to Altin Gün - Rakıya Su Katamam
11.1 11:34 
@FiddleElphier @lihcrulz I feel like it was white on black (WrestleManiacs invented night mode!) but all the backgrounds and bars and accents were red. My own site's white on blue has either held up or you hated it then and you'd still hate it now
11.1 11:32 @lihcrulz That's very kind! Any recaps I'd write now would surely suuuuuuuuuuuuck so I'll just stick to occasional shitty tweets
11.1 10:46 @eastcoast_joe Alas.
11.1 10:30 XXX

(Shared from Christopher)
11.1 10:21 @masonbutler Only in small doses!
11.1 10:15 Untitled by Phil Thies, posted yesterday, depicts Hacksaw Jim Duggan on the moon:
11.1 10:13 
Today I learned that the former Damien Demento, he of #RAW Episode 1, has been an artist for decades and his Insta only has 11 followers #RAWXXX
11.1 09:57 Sean Mooney has a very reasonable $35 rate on Cameo! Also, a fun user ID:
11.1 09:53 I know you love to hear us nostalgic old farts talkin' 'bout how in 1993 there warn't no World Wide Web and there DEFINITELY wasn't a two hour "reaction video" for a one hour rasslin' show. We scrolled rec.​ posts at incredible speeds of up to 28.8/33.6K!
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