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16.1.23 03:01 
Listened to Frankmusik - I Can't
16.1.23 00:26 @TeaKaGee I'd tell Paul Giamatti to hang up his Einstein wig and head for the set to try on some three piece suits!
16.1.23 00:01 
Velvet Moon
16.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 29.5º - 38.3º
15.1.23 22:07 @jeansdegrees You will be shocked! to learn I also didn't need Fuller House - heh
15.1.23 22:03 
Remember the last time the belts were on the line? Why, it was in Saudi Arabia personality Logan Paul RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 71 days since @WWERomanReigns last defended the @WWE Universal Championship.
15.1.23 21:59 @jeansdegrees Well, they ALL do it but NBC feels particularly egregious tonight. Last night a friend was trying to sell me on the notion that the new "That '90s Show" was a good idea and I told him to keep drinking
15.1.23 21:58 @DomJSII A bold re-imagining but I think we gotta keep Benson Black
15.1.23 21:29 Who should play Benson in "Benson (2023)?"
15.1.23 21:27 DISCLAIMER: I still watch The Equalizer and Law & Order - and by "watch," I mean "episodes pile up on my DVR and I don't actually watch them"
15.1.23 21:26 You wonder why NBC airs spots for "Night Court," "Magnum p.i." and "Quantum Leap" but then you realise their NEW output is, like, "Lopez vs. Lopez" and Jimmy Fallon and then you wonder how they even remain valid as a media concern and I guess it's football? Hashtag thoughts
15.1.23 14:52 Even now there's probably some kid on TikTok trying to convince you that the soundtrack to the "Dr. Rick" ads "slaps"
15.1.23 14:41 @hack0tv That map's from 2014, tho
15.1.23 00:28 
 Met up with Andy - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
15.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 13.3º - 31.6º
14.1.23 21:34 
From London, it is Dry Cleaning (@drycleaningband /
14.1.23 21:08 Lookin' for all the people who said they'd be here (Fine Line)
14.1.23 20:55 
 Shoow! - Dry Cleaning - Fine Line Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
14.1.23 20:54 
Joined in progress, from Baltimore, it is Nourished by Time (@nourishedbytime /
14.1.23 16:54 
 LIVE in FIVE - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
14.1.23 15:40 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
14.1.23 03:14 @rmathematicus Not seeing any other replies, gonna point you to this Redditor who posted it 3 months ago as "original content:"
14.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 14.9º - 21.7º
13.1.23 23:00 Okay, so who watched PLANE? Anybody? Plaaaaaaaaaaane?
13.1.23 21:36 @tapemachines N   V   
  S    D
   O  E 
U   L
13.1.23 21:14 
Listened to Aya Nakamura - Baby
13.1.23 21:08 @David_E_Powell I mean, it's pizza. It filled my pizza hole.
13.1.23 20:46 
Listened to Wet Leg - Chaise Longue - Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix
13.1.23 20:27 
13.1.23 20:26 Historically, my expectations seem so low with Papa Johns, but receiving an uncut pizza tonight really raised the - err, lowered the bar
13.1.23 20:08 @hansen9j Oh no, you missed all her derpy faces???? Go back and watch it two more times
13.1.23 20:04 
@hansen9j I searched on Emma!

For an encore, I had ALSO completely forgotten her name in NXT! To be fair, I'm pretty sure all she ever did in NXT was stand around in various places HEEEEEEY like backstage with Liv and Emma tonight! FULL CIRCLE
13.1.23 19:56 
Bray's QR code is still popping up, which seems a little ... deprecated? #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:53 
Might as well change her name since nobody remembered her current one? On the other hand, I now understand why they put chyron up for EVERY backstage segment when folks like Maxxine Dupri are out making such a lasting impression on the WWE Universe #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @BigJohnRasslin: Liv Morgan, Emma, Raquel González and who's the blonde ‍♀️ with perky nipples??? #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @BellyTopsForMen: Who was just standing there with Liv and Emma? #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @canada_jason: Who was the lady next to Emma? #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @PeterLGatt: For those watching #SmackDown who was standing next to Emma
13.1.23 19:51 
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @SpeedyTheFox_17: Who is the chick standing with Emma?? #SmackDown
13.1.23 19:51 
13.1.23 19:51 
RT @Codchrist89: Who was that woman next to Emma not Liv the other woman? #Smackdown
13.1.23 18:52 
 WILDWIN half off pizza AND spent some Papabuxx!! - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
13.1.23 18:38 @CraigWeekend Good work! Tell you what...take Monday off, too
13.1.23 17:44 Tonight's the night!
13.1.23 17:35 @johnclyde @rodge_22 Y'all still doing this? Are you up to 2003 or how far did you get?
13.1.23 17:33 OK, I didn't know there might be more options. Poor Hack-man has a third "Wrestlers" option. Clearly the algorithm is trying to tell him something, but I don't know if it's positive or negative
13.1.23 17:29 @HackmanRSPW Oh! You actually HAVE that. My condolences.
13.1.23 17:28 @HackmanRSPW • I think we'd have to give them a tie dye check mark
• I would probably only use it for my - what'd we use to call them? killfiles?
13.1.23 17:26 Today I Learned that Teem soda is still made (and presumably consumed) in Nigeria
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