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23.1.23 23:04 
It wasn't EVEN Tue. RT @RealKurtAngle: You Suck + Suck it = You Suck It @WWE #raw30 #itstue
23.1.23 21:07 
Ten years without him #RAWXXX RT @Steve_Blackman: Can you guys get @CMPunk to follow me. I'd like to talk to him. If you could all retweet this you'd be doing me a big favour. Thanks
23.1.23 21:01 
Zelina's still got "Queen" in her Twitter bio #RAWXXX
23.1.23 20:42 
#RAWXXX! brought to you by JESUS!
23.1.23 20:39 
23.1.23 20:39 
23.1.23 20:39 
23.1.23 20:39 
23.1.23 20:33 
Definitely a throwback #RAW when they use a ten minute talky talky to set up a match we'll get to see four minutes of at best #RAWXXX
23.1.23 20:05 
23.1.23 20:04 
COMING UP: Six Pizza Hut ads in a row! #RAWXXX
23.1.23 20:00 
Undertaker called them his fireflies #RAWXXX
23.1.23 19:44 
Hey is this one of those ad-free first hours? Craig Robinson should have eaten three pizzas by now #RAWXXX
23.1.23 19:40 Tonight's *really* the 30th anniversary of Monday Night RAW Episode 3 - so.... sparkling wine from Frankenstein's monster, as it were
23.1.23 19:35 
Tonight's attendance, according to Kevin Patrick: 16,957 thousand, or just a hair under 17 million #RAWXXX
23.1.23 19:09 
I haven't visited Sean Mooney's Cameo so I dunno if he made it to Philly tonight #RAWXXX
23.1.23 19:07 
WWE in 2023: Hulk Hogan and Bebe Rexha

Sounds about right
23.1.23 18:59 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar
23.1.23 17:57 The "watchin' @NBCNightlyNews on KARE 11" experience
23.1.23 17:57 The "watchin' @NBCNightlyNews on KARE 11" experience
23.1.23 17:51 ATTiTuDe RT @dhm: The Wells Fargo Center now has a big plaque in the club level dedicated to reminding fans that the Big Boss Man was once hung from the rafters with a noose
23.1.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 22.81 ▲0.38 (Range: 22.43 - 22.89)
23.1.23 12:34 
Listened to Tolstoys - Salt - Bulp Remix
23.1.23 10:26 
Breakfast Blend
23.1.23 10:14 Still haven't gotten the call to be Twitter's next CEO. smdh
23.1.23 10:09 I spy @NickKnutson2 and @DJGwiingwans! RT @WedgeLIVE: Wedge LIVE Ice Cast teaser trailer
23.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 16.5º - 22.5º
22.1.23 18:40 Joke's on you, us superstans of TAPE ain't goin' ANYWHERE RT @tapemachines: everyone likes to drag whatever doofus hobby they have with them everywhere they go all the time. not me. i am a very compartmentalized person other than my twitter feed being a disorganized jumble to discourage superstans of any one thing from following me very long
22.1.23 15:43 
Latergram from BOOOM BOX where I did two hours and then a bonus third hour after a late cancellation. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the outside as well as a selfie with the silver twins (I'm just glad I got the memo and wore the gold!) Quite a few people with REAL cameras did try to capture me from outside but I doubt I'll ever see any of those photos...which is probably a relief. It wasn't THAT cold, but it WAS cold.
(Lake Harriet Bandshell)
22.1.23 14:39 
Listened to Farley Jackmaster Funk - It's You (Club Mix)
22.1.23 14:31 
Listened to Badly Drawn Boy - Let The Sunshine In
22.1.23 14:28 
Listened to The Art of Noise - It's Not Fair
22.1.23 14:24 
Listened to Mr. Vegas - oh my gosh
22.1.23 14:21 
Listened to Björk Guðmundsdóttir & tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar - Það Sést Ekki Sætari Mey
22.1.23 14:17 
Listened to Newcleus - Time After Time (24Track Rough Mix)
22.1.23 11:01 It's 19 and snowing. Let's do this! (Lake Harriet Bandshell)
22.1.23 11:00 
 It's 19 and snowing. Let's do this! - Lake Harriet Band Shell (Minneapolis, MN)
22.1.23 10:59 
DJ'd BOOOM Box at Art Shanty Projects, Lake Harriet Bandshell
22.1.23 10:45 
Listened to Overmono - Essential Mix 2021-10-30
22.1.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 18.5º - 25.5º
21.1.23 22:21 Oh hello
21.1.23 22:21 
 Hooray The Assortment! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1.23 21:12 Can of Dr Pepper Dark Berry Zero Sugar
21.1.23 18:39 No Jagwires WWF belt huh
21.1.23 17:37 
RT @KFAIweekend: I haven't been playing a really long track, this is DRONE NOT DRONES: THE RETURN of the 28 hour drone - on since 7PM yesterday, going until 11PM. If you MUST experience THIS show, here are all the episodes I've ever hosted - pick one and pretend I'm live:
21.1.23 17:34 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
21.1.23 16:56 
 Engineering DRONE NOT DRONES! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1.23 15:46 
Highlander Grog
21.1.23 03:28 @Mixmag How can you possibly still be surprised? You've tweeted this story out, like, a DOZEN times
21.1.23 00:40 All the stars are out tonight (Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
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