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7.3.23 22:07 
7.3.23 18:02 LET'S GO (Dark Horse Bar&Eatery)
7.3.23 18:01   Hey DJ (it me) - Dark Horse Bar & Eatery (Saint Paul, MN)
7.3.23 17:58 
DJ'd at Dark Horse
7.3.23 17:34 
 $3.049/g wow did I time this badly, I swear it's gone up 40¢in a week - Costco Gasoline (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.23 17:21 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 18.69 ▼0.58 (Range: 18.55 - 19.27) New 52 week low!
7.3.23 14:17 
Golly I'm busy - hey did you NOT get carpetbombed by my semi-relentless self-promotion recently? You may somehow be unaware that I will be heading to Lowertown in a scant few hours to share some of my vinyl with a largely nonplussed crowd of drinkers, diners, pulltabbers and televised sports watchers and maybe YOU but also Very Special Guests ANDY'S FATHER AND MOTHER, so don't come for ME, come to meet THEM. Hover over that event link in comment numero uno for the nittiest of the gritty! (Photo from Falling Knife Saturday and my extremely poor attempt at an action shot - I forgot my Pikachu cap and my feng shui was VERY off)
7.3.23 13:57 So busy! You can find me spinning vinyl at @darkhorsestpaul from 6-9:??PM TONIGHT!
7.3.23 13:07 
What have I done
7.3.23 10:31 
Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend
7.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 29.8º - 36.5º
6.3.23 23:49 
RT @kfaiFMradio: KFAI's #IWD2023 line-up is here! It's the first broadcast event to feature 24 consecutive hours of all Trans voices. This year's #IWD theme is #EmbraceEquity, and we're increasing understanding and championing acceptance by uplifting the lives of #TwinCities Trans Women.
6.3.23 22:10 
It is Stranger Gallery (@StrangerGallery /
6.3.23 21:08 
It is shadingthesun (@shadingthesun /
6.3.23 20:17 
It is Wish Wash (@wishwashmpls /
6.3.23 19:39 
 Shoooow! - Stranger Gallery, Shadingthesun, Wish Wash, and Plastik Boxes - Memory Lanes and the Flashback Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
6.3.23 19:38 
It is Plastik Boxes (@plastikboxes /
6.3.23 17:37 
    TWO surprise early orders - one is from Poland!! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 19.27 ▲0.01 (Range: 19.22 - 19.59)
6.3.23 11:41 Uh oh, my current API plan does not include access to this endpoint
6.3.23 11:38 I'm concerned that if I post a screen grab of the Twitter image will only see yet another image error, so how will you know it's my image?
6.3.23 11:32 Wow, still working RT @everycolorbot2: 0x31e563
6.3.23 10:56 
Listened to Eurythmics - Fame - Remastered Version
6.3.23 10:15 Wondering if Friday's free predator show at @StCroixCasinos will get snowed out. Gosh, it'd really be a shame if that happened
6.3.23 09:41 
100% Colombian
6.3.23 09:03 
Listened to Plastik Boxes - Head Nurse - DreamReaper Remix
6.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 19.4º - 41.0º
5.3.23 22:51 Okay, bring on Dr. Britt Baker #AEWRevolution
5.3.23 22:27 Why's it take Bryce Remsburg 90 seconds to count to ten #AEWRevolution
5.3.23 20:35 Can of Dr Pepper Dark Berry Zero Sugar
5.3.23 03:27 
Holy cow I'm tired. Hey here's something fun

DJ Drew Miller:
The Monochrome Set - The Strange Boutique
The Clash - Capital Radio
The Fools - Psycho Chicken

The Eurythmics - The First Cut
Lene Lovich - New Toy
Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not
Robert Hazard & The Heroes - Escalator of Life
The Elements - I Know That You Know
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator
Ministry - Effigy (I'm Not An)

Bronski Beat - It Ain't Necessarily So
Eurythmics - You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart
Bryan Ferry - The Right Stuff
Simple Minds - Once Upon a Time
Queen - Body Language
Thomas Dolby - Europe and the Pirate Twins
Duran Duran - Girls on Film (Night Version)
Spandau Ballet - Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
Nina Hagen - New York, New York
David Bowie - Shake It
INXS - The Swing
Altered Images - I Could Be Happy

Prince - Gotta Stop (Messin' About)
The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
Depeche Mode - New Life
Telex - Rock Around the Clock
Gang of Four - I Love a Man in Uniform
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
The B-52s - Song for a Future Generation
Ēbn-Ōzn - Bag Lady (I Wonder) (Late Nite Version)
Soft Cell - What!
Fashion - Love Shadow
Hue & Cry - Labour of Love
Duran Duran - The Reflex (Dance Mix)
Torch Song - Prepare to Energize
Intaferon - Get Out of London
Flying Lizards - Money (That's What I Want)

(Shared from CRZ x JamEZ LIVE from Falling Knife Brewing Company for Twin Cities New Wave Day 2023!)
Vinyl from Falling Knife Brewing Company for March 4th! Two hours were simulcast on KFAI and FA2 - this extended cut brings you a little bit before and a whole lot after what you heard on the radio. 00:00 DJ Drew Miller 07:11 CRZ 37:25 JamEZ 1:43:48 CRZ
5.3.23 02:36 
Listened to Alan Fitzpatrick - Essential Mix 2021-12-18
5.3.23 01:28 
 Somehow, we're here! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
5.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 24.8º - 39.4º
4.3.23 20:41 HOORAY no responsibility for Part II!!! Although I've already heard one song I spun earlier (Grumpy's Northeast)
4.3.23 20:40 
 Part Two! NO responsibility!! - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
4.3.23 14:41 
4.3.23 14:41 
Radio fans, no @KFAIweekend this week but instead it's my first remote live broadcast EVER from @FallingKnifeBC when Jamez (@KRSMradio) and I spin from 5 to 7PM CST as part of today's Twin Cities New Wave Day festivities! Join us in person or on the @kfaiFMradio radio/stream!
4.3.23 13:04 In the office until 7...on air at 5! (Falling Knife Brewing Company)
4.3.23 13:00 
   Today's office for TWIN CITIES NEW WAVE DAY! - Falling Knife Brewing (Minneapolis, MN)
4.3.23 12:35 
 Decided I really needed a 24oz coffee - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
4.3.23 12:23 
    Ooh, it's a big Discogs order!! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
4.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 24.3º - 41.2º
3.3.23 20:56 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
3.3.23 17:44 
    Ooh finally bought an ARABIAN HORSE vinyl! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.3.23 16:59 
@tapemachines Wow, I had thought maybe it had just been a one week anti-Pepe gimmick and that's why I didn't remember it.
3.3.23 16:56 
Okay but what's with Heenan's.... raccoon?? RT @tapemachines:
3.3.23 16:08 
Listened to Bandlez - Tornado
3.3.23 15:50 
In advance of Twin Cities New Wave Day 2023, here once again is the 2 hour set I recorded two years ago for TCNWD 2021! Will I just play all these tracks again tomorrow? PROBABLY.

Torch Song - Prepare to Energize (1983)
Ministry - I Wanted to Tell Her (1983)
ABC - Alphabet Soup (Swapshop Version 29-11-81)
Talk Talk - Why Is It So Hard? (1984)
Lene Lovich - New Toy (1981)
Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not (1982)
Intaferon - Get Out Of London (Intacontinentalballisticmix) (1983)
New Musik - All You Need Is Love (1982)
The Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Produced by Bobby "O") (1984)
The B-52's - Song for a Future Generation (1983)
Kraftwerk - Mini Calculateur (1981)
Missing Persons - Destination Unknown (1982)
The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended) (1983)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (1985)
Taco - Puttin' On the Ritz (1983)
Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises (12" Mix) (1983)
Ēbn-Ōzn - AEIOU Sometimes Y (Long Version) (1983)
Fashion - Move On - (1982)
Howard Jones - New Song (New Version) (1984)
INXS - Burn For You (Extended Remix Version) (1983)
A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Long Version) (1983)

(Shared from 7pm - CRZ)
A special 24 hours of New Wave music in celebration of Twin Cities New Wave Day originally broadcast on
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