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10.3.23 21:30 
 No ranch ice cream here :( - Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery (Roseville, MN)
10.3.23 20:43 @PalmerAdamJames Golly! Don't you have a casino to visit?
10.3.23 19:55 @jasoncomix Feels like they need their editor to do that
10.3.23 17:15 However, Mayor Frey is still a big fan.
10.3.23 17:15 In the two years since allegations of sexual abuse and sexual assault were made and extensively reported on, Team Tillmann-Hauser have attemped to book five shows. Four haven't happened, including announced shows at PNA Hall and in Chicago.
10.3.23 17:13 A little over a month back, a graphic touting three Har Mar Superstar shows was posted from the Har Mar Superstar page. While the "free" show at the casino is taking place tonight, the Fargo show was never announced, while the Sioux Falls show was later cancelled (cont)
10.3.23 17:00 
Friday news dump: While he's taking his first victory lap tonight, one thing you might take comfort from is the knowledge that in the original graphic, still available on Facebook if you know where to look, THREE shows were listed.

The free one at the casino tonight is the one still happening. Sadly, "The Turtle Will Surprise You."

The second one listed for Fargo never seemed to get announced and the venue wouldn't confirm or deny if it had ever had his show booked.

The third one listed for Sioux Falls WAS announced, but the venue was shortly thereafter removed from the "hosts" of the Facebook Event page and today when you click on the link to buy tickets, it takes you to a blank page. It appears to still exist as a Facebook Event merely for optics.

That would make the running total since the allegations two years ago 1 for 5 on shows actually happening, with previously announced gigs for PNA Hall ("rescheduled to a larger venue due to demand" but really silently disappeared) and Reggie's Bar in Chicago (silently disappeared) also not taking place.

Obviously 0 for 5 would be a better outcome, but at least nobody's paid a dime in ticket charges to see him perform yet.

Shows are no longer announced or even mentioned on Twitter - one could speculate that that's because it's harder to control the replies there.

It seems that Joady will keep trying to book gigs for him. I hope the money's worth it.

Let's not forget and let's continue to help venues who may not be unaware who they might be platforming as new shows are announced.
10.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 16.61 ▼1.13 (Range: 16.35 - 17.67) New 52 week low!
10.3.23 14:38 @tapemachines C'mon, "crack, Snapple and pop" is mic gold
10.3.23 14:00 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sgar
10.3.23 10:56 
Breakfast Blend with Caramel Macchiato creamer
10.3.23 07:30 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
10.3.23 06:47 
 Gosh it's MEMBER DRIVE Day 1! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
10.3.23 00:26 I don't normally do these deals but darned if it didn't actually nail my exact age (which probably wasn't the intended result) RT @CharlieJSnicket: I'm 90.
10.3.23 00:10 @swampynomo @Allrecipes Last time I hit up Walmart they had ZERO Van Leeuwen (and no empty space where it used to be) but I'll certainly make a special trip to try to find it!
10.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 30.0º - 34.0º
9.3.23 21:30 
RT @masonbutler: If you have no problem calling it the WWE, you can handle not dead naming a trans person
9.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 17.74 ▼0.61 (Range: 17.65 - 18.53) New 52 week low!
9.3.23 14:42 
Listened to Jazzanova - Beyond The Dream - musclecars’ Reimagination Instrumental
9.3.23 14:31 
Listened to Jazzanova - Beyond the Dream - musclecars' Reimagination
9.3.23 14:21 
Listened to Jazzanova - Face at My Window - Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix
9.3.23 09:26 
Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend
9.3.23 08:43 @DublDownDrew It's even worse - this time they're playing St Paul the day after my birthday instead of ON my birthday like they did in 2016
9.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 32.0º - 35.8º
8.3.23 19:00 RT @DollarBinShow: My favourite Discogs sellers are the ones who cheerfully accept my order for 55 items but send a box with 47 items in it. Dude, *I* can count even if YOU can't

Also, I know how much media mail costs and you're really testing my goodwill
8.3.23 17:10 
  Need some half & half that doesn't smell ghastly - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
8.3.23 16:59 
    WOW LOOKIT THIS BIG BOX - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.3.23 16:16 
Listened to Ren - Hi Ren
8.3.23 16:07 
Listened to Michael Bolton - Spark of Light
8.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 18.35 ▼0.34 (Range: 18.33 - 18.73) New 52 week low!
8.3.23 14:53 
Listened to Buffalo Daughter - Stereotype C - with Ciba Matto - 2022 Remastered
8.3.23 13:46 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
8.3.23 12:52 
Breakfast Blend
8.3.23 12:09 RT @whataweekhuh:
8.3.23 02:57 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
8.3.23 02:52 
ROUNDY'S KITCHEN, A CONTINUING SERIES: At Dark Horse last night, Tamara turned the conversation towards my pantry by expressing her curiosity surrounding it, with an emphasis on exactly how many Rainbow items I bought umpteen years ago that may still be buried deep within my house waiting for me to take photos of and share with you in a Facebook post. Because there are no coincidences, I had an opportunity to put a pork butt roast (haha butt) in the crock pot 15 minutes ago for Wednesday (and Thursday, and probably Saturday) consumption, and with my usual recipe calling for a packet of Italian dressing seasoning - if there's any in the house - I explored the shelves under the kitchen island and wouldn't ya know, it turns out that not only did I still HAVE some Roundy's Italian dressing seasoning in the house, I still had THREE of the four envelopes - although its contents had hardened into a single large clump of flavour.....which is just fine when you're gonna diss!
olve it in a crock pot with the contents of a couple much newer jars of giardiniera (one "hot," one "mild") and half a giant jar of jalapeños for 15 or 16 hours anyway.

I did NOT look for a freshness date...maybe after we all sleep on it.
8.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 26.8º - 39.9º
7.3.23 23:09 Play house music (Mortimers)
7.3.23 23:08 
 Made it to the house music party - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.23 22:07 
7.3.23 18:02 LET'S GO (Dark Horse Bar&Eatery)
7.3.23 18:01   Hey DJ (it me) - Dark Horse Bar & Eatery (Saint Paul, MN)
7.3.23 17:58 
DJ'd at Dark Horse
7.3.23 17:34 
 $3.049/g wow did I time this badly, I swear it's gone up 40¢in a week - Costco Gasoline (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.23 17:21 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 18.69 ▼0.58 (Range: 18.55 - 19.27) New 52 week low!
7.3.23 14:17 
Golly I'm busy - hey did you NOT get carpetbombed by my semi-relentless self-promotion recently? You may somehow be unaware that I will be heading to Lowertown in a scant few hours to share some of my vinyl with a largely nonplussed crowd of drinkers, diners, pulltabbers and televised sports watchers and maybe YOU but also Very Special Guests ANDY'S FATHER AND MOTHER, so don't come for ME, come to meet THEM. Hover over that event link in comment numero uno for the nittiest of the gritty! (Photo from Falling Knife Saturday and my extremely poor attempt at an action shot - I forgot my Pikachu cap and my feng shui was VERY off)
7.3.23 13:57 So busy! You can find me spinning vinyl at @darkhorsestpaul from 6-9:??PM TONIGHT!
7.3.23 13:07 
What have I done
7.3.23 10:31 
Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend
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