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16.3.23 21:46 
It is Uncle Jesse's Comb (@unclejessescomb /
16.3.23 20:45 
It is Pink Tower (@_pinktower /
16.3.23 20:17 There are men in the box (Eagles 34)
16.3.23 17:45 RT @KRSMradio: If you can, please support and share RT @truartspeaks: Peace, family. On behalf of the Cottman Family, we are seeking cash and check offerings in the amount of $6K to bring Auntie Beverly home & begin the rituals surrounding her transition to the ancestral plane. Donations can be made directly to the family using the links provided.
16.3.23 16:20 
Listened to Belinda Carlisle - Big Big Love
16.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 16.17 ▲0.21 (Range: 15.68 - 16.20)
16.3.23 14:45 
Jamaican Blend
16.3.23 13:59 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
16.3.23 10:11 
@WedgeLIVE Could KFAI exploit your hard work by rebroadcasting the audio from this video? (And by KFAI I mean me and maybe @masonbutler)
16.3.23 09:03 
 Forgot to check in at 6 - Spring Drive Day 7! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
16.3.23 08:58 
Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
16.3.23 07:14 
Breakfast Bend
16.3.23 01:37 
Listened to Essential Mix 2022-01-08 - Innellea
16.3.23 00:31 
Listened to Everything But the Girl - Caution To The Wind
16.3.23 00:29 @tapemachines Oooh I'd recognise Buck Quartermain's cool Japan/USA boots anywhere
16.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 27.9º - 45.5º
15.3.23 15:07 RT @whataweekhuh:
15.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 15.96 ▲0.06 (Range: 15.52 - 16.04)
15.3.23 13:49 
  Finally mailing the tax docs AND picking up a long coveted 7 inch! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.3.23 11:05 
2 liter bottle of Dr Pepper
15.3.23 10:16 
Oof - the price of verification.... but I think it's still about twenty bucks cheaper per than the 2016 ticket I bought?
15.3.23 09:53 
 Rare office visit! - Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
15.3.23 09:52 
 Back in the PURPLE lot!! - Centennial Parking Ramp (Saint Paul, MN)
15.3.23 08:57 
Breakfast Blend
15.3.23 07:24 
Starbucks Maple Pecan
15.3.23 06:59 
 Spring Drive Day 6! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
15.3.23 01:16 
Hmm, none of my Instagrams got tweeted tonight. Is that a new broken thing here on El Musko's Tweetie?
15.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 12.4º - 32.7º
14.3.23 23:46   Well, they were KINDA on the way home...and I wanted to see if they had any $3.14 pie specials Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
14.3.23 22:56 
It is The Trashwells, aka Trash Catties (@trashcatties /
14.3.23 22:09 
It is Pill Cutter
14.3.23 21:15 
It is PALS (
14.3.23 20:48 Well hell, now that it's my second time here, I'm an old pro at getting to the White Squirrel (West 7th)
14.3.23 20:46  Shooow! - Trash Catties with PALS (MN) and Pill Cutter - The White Squirrel Bar (Saint Paul, MN)
14.3.23 20:26 
  Bag of kale will probably keep - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
14.3.23 18:52 
Listened to kx5 - Avalanche (feat. James French)
14.3.23 15:00 GEN closing quote: 15.90 ▼0.52 (Range: 15.73 - 16.69) New 52 week low!
14.3.23 14:16 RT @HennepinSheriff: We offer free online and in-person classes on the dangers of opioids and how to administer Narcan. The classes are open to anyone! Our next in person class is this Thursday, March 16th. Check out the link for more information and future dates!
14.3.23 11:36 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
14.3.23 09:36 @allnewtpir Thank God he's beautiful?
14.3.23 09:10 
Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
14.3.23 08:32 (read in Vince voice) I would suggest that Mister Cena has made a mistake, a poor decision if you will, in his attempt to draw focus towards his love of Vince McMahon
14.3.23 08:30 Hey so @JohnCena is a little sexual misconduct okay as a treat or perhaps you might like to get on the record that your perspective is that sexual misconduct is a bad thing which shouldn't be tacitly encouraged or AT THE VERY LEAST not so easily ignored? RT @WONF4W: John Cena was asked by @AP if it's tough to reconcile the feelings he has toward Vince McMahon with the sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him:
14.3.23 07:39 
RT @DollarBinShow: SPRING DRIVE SUPER SIZED (105 minute) edition of Dollar Bin comes your way at noon on FA2! Take a long lunch, pack extra snacks and water and get ready to GROOVE!

Your financial support of Fresh Air Radio includes support of FA2!
14.3.23 07:27 IT'S POO DAY
14.3.23 07:07 RT @MercuryMN: hey all @HarMarSuperstar is an abuser
14.3.23 06:48 
Breakfast Blend
14.3.23 06:02 
 Spring Drive Day Five! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
14.3.23 05:01 @Toast_Jr CUUUUUUUUUUTE
14.3.23 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 18.3º - 30.9º
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