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24.4.23 07:13 
Visiting Eric's Vinyl & Coffee - it's so new they haven't even moved the Q. Lazzarus from the "ask me" section to the "£400 and up" section 😁 (sadly, I did have to leave it behind - for YOU, perhaps?)
23.4.23 07:46 
Took the "your train is delayed an hour so make the train station sign a picture frame" selfie challenge, which I just invented
(Branksome railway station)
21.4.23 10:01 
Day 9: finally decided to try to make a salad
20.4.23 02:27 
Temporary profile photo change
20.4.23 02:27 
Updated my cover photo
19.4.23 04:30 
Waiting for a bus, only one in shorts again
(Shirley Precinct)
19.4.23 03:58 
17.4.23 14:27 
"So you got any cool photos from Portsmouth?" you may be asking. Here's a thing I finally bought and tried. It wanted to be a lot of different things but just kinda ended up tasting like the corn tortilla version of Doritos - pretty bland. I guess BK here has a Doritos crossover where they use their "Chilli Heatwave" flavour (haven't tried yet) to season some chicken fries. In return, Doritos came up with this thing. I'm not sure the "Burger Not Included" is something they actually had to put on the bag or not.
17.4.23 14:21 
Note to self: next time, ask more questions about where we're going BEFORE we start going 😅
14.4.23 16:53 
All tuckered out after a full day
(Waterloo Station)
14.4.23 12:36 Glam Slam (O2 Academy Islington)
13.4.23 02:00 
I'm heeeere
(Heathrow Airport)
12.4.23 15:32 Is this heaven? (Delta Sky Club)
12.4.23 11:39 
One last lazy vinyl set at Dark Horse!

Hour One:
Love and Rockets - Body and Soul (album version)
Biting Tongues - Surrender
Liquid Liquid - Cavern
Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Long/Album version)
Big Audio Dynamite - Medicine Show (U.S. Remix)
Ce Ce Peniston - We Got A Love Thang (LP Version)
Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a Winner

Hour Two:
Ta Mara & The Seen - Everybody Dance
Steve Arrington - Dancin' in the Key of Life
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Rick James - Give It To Me Baby
Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious
Lionel Richie - Running With The Night
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus
Starship - We Built This City (Special Club Mix)

Hour Three:
Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (extended version)
Midnight Star - Freak-A-Zoid
Osmose - I Wouldn't Wanna B Like Disco
The Beat Broker - Satin Kimono
Haircut One Hundred - Favourite Shirt (Boy Meets Girl)
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer?
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
2 Unlimited - Get Ready for This (Orchestral mix)
The Babys - Isn't It Time
ABC - Love Conquers All (Extended Version)
11.4.23 18:13 
We're on!
(Dark Horse Bar&Eatery)
11.4.23 13:04 
Drove to KFAI over lunch to meet a representative of the Hennepin County Sheriff's office and officially get served notice of Sean Tillmann-Hauser's denied petition for an ex parte harrassment restraining order. Rather than write my own zingers, here's all 18 pages in a PDF for you to write your own:
10.4.23 16:32 
RIP to Dean Hagen (also known as Dean Hagen), a friend, coworker, motorcycle man and guy who once sold me a weed whacker which is still sitting in my garage never having been used. 55 is way too young.

(Shared from Obituary information for Dean J. Hagen)
View Dean J. Hagen's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.
9.4.23 14:05 
I'm sure I never knew his name until today. WHAT A PLAYLIST!

(Shared from The Alan Parsons Project)
Very sad to learn of the passing of APP guitarist Ian Bairnson, aged 69. Ian played on every APP album and his guitar solos were a great characteristic of so many recordings in the catalogue. Our thoughts are with his wife Leila, family and friends.

You can hear a selection of Ian's personal favourite APP guitar solos on this Spotify playlist - />
#IanBairnson #AlanParsonsProject #app
9.4.23 13:42 
Happy Easter from Zuck!
8.4.23 16:26 
Tune in to Caribbean Jam RIGHT NOW to wish the Golden Voice Lynval Jackson a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Then, stick around for my last show at 5. KFAI/90.3/ (or .org)
7.4.23 12:22 
Happy 75th Birthday to John Oates! Won't you please live with him?

(Shared from Spotify: Why Can't We Live Together)

6.4.23 21:25 

(Shared from CRZ Eats It)
6.4.23 15:50 
1.4.23 17:24 
I'm on the air, no foolin'! 90.3 /!
31.3.23 21:02 Staying in! And blaming the weather.
30.3.23 03:02 
"Reached by the Forum, Nielsen had no additional comment."

And what a headline!

(Attn: Cavalier Theater & Lounge and Raccoon Motel)
29.3.23 22:15 
From Newcastle Upon Tyne, it is Satan (@officialsatanpage /
(Turf Club)
29.3.23 21:11 
From Ventura, it is Night Demon (@nightdemonmetal /
(Turf Club)
29.3.23 20:07 Let the record reflect that on this night I chose Satan over Transmission (Turf Club)
29.3.23 20:02 
From Fresno, it is Haunt (@hauntthenation /
(Turf Club)
29.3.23 18:10 
Fargo show cancelled. While it's certainly nice that Jade EVENTUALLY did the right thing, please don't go out of your way to pat him on the back - he did book the show, perhaps even over the better judgment of the other Fargo Brewing owners, then doubled down in a really icky way ON THE RECORD once the Fargo newspaper came calling. That story, by the way, was included in the MinnPost roundup "The Glean" this afternoon, bringing even more light and heat to the situation. (If you missed it, it can be found at and the MinnPost link is )

This week, Team Tillmann announced two shows - which have now both been cancelled.

Believe survivors and deplatform predators!

(Shared from Jade Presents)
28.3.23 23:51 
No, fans, I did NOT try that ranch dressing ice cream tonight. I DID try these - and tried them, and tried them one more time. Quite tasty! White chocolate with a "Rice Krispies treat" center. THEY'RE not allowed to call it that, but I am! Somehow I left some in the bag for another day (which will be tomorrow, perhaps for breakfast).
28.3.23 18:32 
All right, sickos, are you happy now?
(Walmart Minneapolis)
28.3.23 18:25 
Ya ever just pull off the freeway to make sure you can get photos of your odometer
28.3.23 14:08 I bought a big gold luggage, it must be happening
28.3.23 12:51 
Looks like the newspapers ARE paying attention - thanks to the anonymous person who passed this story about the Fargo show along. (Fargo Brewing has said they don't want anything to do with this show, yet seem powerless to stop the event from happening at The Hall. By the way, someone else pointed out to me that celebrating your sobriety with a brewery show is an.....interesting choice.)

(No word from LaCrosse or the Quad Cities yet, as far as I know.)

(Shared from Fargo concert promoter under fire for booking show with Minneapolis performer accused of sexual assault)
Jade Presents has booked Har Mar Superstar to perform at The Hall at Fargo Brewing on June 1.
27.3.23 14:38 
27.3.23 13:57 
25.3.23 19:44 Oops, didn't wear black (The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge)
25.3.23 17:15 
On air right now with an hour of music from the 14th and later (NOTHING older than 11 days!) and also other people's requests which are probably better but I'm making you waaaaaaaait

90.3 / another DYNAMITE thumbnail I see
24.3.23 17:48 
Coke keeps pumping 'em out and I keep buying 'em. This one is called MOVE and was a collaboration with Rosalía, a Spanish singer I'm not sure I've ever heard before. It has a VERY prominent coconut bouquet and definite piña colada influence in its taste profile, which isn't really something I'm looking for in a cola. Mind you, it wasn't TERRIBLE but it sure wasn't what I wanted. This was the Zero Sugar version - I still have an All The Sugar version in the fridge but I am scared of it.
21.3.23 21:05 
I think these have been around for months, dunno why I finally bought a bag but I guess sometimes I gotta catch 'em all. Back on Sunday I finally cracked it open and while they weren't the atrocity I was expecting, they also weren't memorable enough for me to remember to tell you about them until tonight. Funyuns should be Funyuns. These definitely aren't and it's not an essence that you can transfer to another medium. I think I now understand why any time you see "onion" on a tater chip bag it's always preceded by "sour cream and" because these weren't much on the flava scale at all.
21.3.23 07:31 
SURPRISE I'm on the air at 8am with two hours of brand new music and ten minutes of begging you to make a tax-deductible donation for Fresh Air Radio!

90•3 / kfai•org
We may even do the video thing at kfai•org/live although I look like I need looooots of coffee
18.3.23 22:04 I don't care, (I'm waiting for it, that green light,) I love it (Mortimers)
18.3.23 17:32 
I'm on the air adding five bucks to every donation coming in for KFAI! 90.3 / kfai dot org / donate at kfai dot org! Blake already came through, how about YOU?

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
17.3.23 08:13 
17.3.23 08:10 
I guess St. Patrick's Day could also be the traditional chopping of the sideburns day, but I suspect I'll not be near clippers all day. (Also WOW look at the camera I had to use for mirror selfies before I knew they could be part of your phone! I dunno, I think I must have still had a Blackberry in 2010.)

(Shared from Christopher)
16.3.23 20:17 There are men in the box (Eagles 34)
15.3.23 10:16 
Oof - the price of verification.... but I think it's still about twenty bucks cheaper per than the 2016 ticket I bought?
14.3.23 20:48 Well hell, now that it's my second time here, I'm an old pro at getting to the White Squirrel (West 7th)
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