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26.5 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 56.5º - 75.7º
25.5 23:39 From Turf Club
Walk: Distance: 2.86 miles, Elevation Gain: 11m, Moving Time: 00:47:41, Average Speed: 3.6 mph
25.5 23:14  Oh shit forgot to check into the shoooow! - All The Pretty Horses with Silent Treatment, butter boys, and SURLY GRRLY - Turf Club (Saint Paul, MN)
25.5 22:36 
It is All The Pretty Horses (@venusdemars /
25.5 21:40 
It is The Silent Treatment (@silenttreatmentmn /
25.5 20:50 
It is Butter Boys (@butterboys_music /
25.5 20:02 
It is Surly Grrly (@SurlyGrrly /
25.5 19:12 To the Turf Club! 74° but I'd washed my hair and it was breezy
Walk: Distance: 2.8 miles, Elevation Gain: 29m, Moving Time: 00:41:45, Average Speed: 3.98 mph
25.5 16:03 
Here they are! The Old Bay Goldfish seem to have already came and went - I checked their spot in the Target last night and it was like they had never existed. Now that I've actually cracked them open and tried them....I mean they're OKAY but you could probably just as easily sprinkle Old Bay on regular goldfish and get the same thing. The scent is unmistakeable and completely pulverizes any of the cheesiness of the originals. (EDIT: As I peruse the ingredient list, maybe there ISN'T any cheese on these and it's just Old Bay? Makes sense I guess) I think I'm happy sticking to getting my goldfish Flavor Blasted with Xtra Cheddar...which will work out fine because they said "limited edition" and by God they MEANT it. And no, I did not dip them in the Old Bay hot sauce.
25.5 15:37 Old Bay Goldfish
25.5 15:00 GEN closing quote: 16.84 UNCH (Range: 16.63 - 16.99)
25.5 01:26 
 Followed the crowd - Leaning Tower of Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
25.5 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 54.5º - 74.3º
24.5 22:18 
 Yep, gonna be late for Transmission for the next four weeks - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
24.5 21:46 
I didn't buy these.
(Target Store St-Paul-Midway)
24.5 21:44  Since I'm in the neighbourhood, how about a quick bag of kale? - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
24.5 21:26 
This bus got MOOD LIGHTING so.... here's a photo of my junk
(Ayd Mill Rd)
24.5 21:02 
AURORA WIN! #MNAurora 5 #RochesterFC 0
24.5 19:56 
HALFTIME: #MNAurora 4 #RochesterFC 0
24.5 18:37 
LET'S GO #AURORAFC!! (@ TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN)
24.5 18:37 
 LET'S GO #AURORAFC!! - TCO Stadium (Eagan, MN)
24.5 17:40  New season - get on the bus! - The Black Hart Of Saint Paul (Saint Paul, MN)
24.5 17:14 
   It's [Impossible] Whopper Wednesday!ll - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
24.5 15:00 GEN closing quote: 16.84 ▼0.12 (Range: 16.69 - 16.99)
24.5 14:11 Tina Turner was really important to me, and Kenneth Anger was really important to people who are really important to me, and this is a lot for one day
24.5 13:47 Kirkland cold brew can
24.5 11:43 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
24.5 10:43 
Listened to Dannii Minogue - Blame It on the Music - AMYL Remix
24.5 10:29 RT @whataweekhuh:
24.5 00:18 It shouldn't still be 71 at midnight DAMN
Walk: Distance: 4.25 miles, Elevation Gain: 150ft, Moving Time: 01:05:52, Average Pace: 15:28/mi
24.5 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 59.4º - 83.8º
23.5 21:55 Well, I was wrong, but also I was right? I feel like I was more right than Charles Barkley somehow? Thanks, Earvin Johnson, for teaching me how to tweet!
23.5 21:29 CALLBACKS: Just "enjoyed" another spoonful of the Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream, which now makes....I think three spoonfuls have been taken out of this pint. It's back in the freezer again.
23.5 19:55 I feel like the Boston Celtics will have to make a higher percentage of their shots in order to score more points than the Miami Heat, which is the easiest way for them to win this game, which they will not
23.5 15:00 GEN closing quote: 16.96 ▼0.10 (Range: 16.86 - 17.19)
23.5 13:59 
Keep trying, fellows! SOME day I'll join, I'm sure. BUT NOT TODAY

(no, it's not my birthday for another - oh shit, two weeks?)
23.5 13:46 
Breakfast Blend
23.5 11:15 
Listened to 12 Rods - Private spies
23.5 10:59 
Listened to Julio Bashmore - Bubblin
23.5 01:05 First loop in the new Pumas - weird but okay! 66°
Walk: Distance: 4.33 miles, Elevation Gain: 150ft, Moving Time: 01:05:58, Average Pace: 15:13/mi
23.5 00:17 
24 hours of metal on @kfaifmradio just starting and they're easing us in with Ratt, Warrant, Europe and Great White RT @kfaiplaylist: "Desert Moon" by Great White
23.5 00:06 @grumpymartian (JU$T)
23.5 00:06 @grumpymartian That'$ what I wa$ u$ing but Zapier JUST killed it thank$ to Twitter API change$

(IFTTT i$ out for $​imilar rea$on$)
23.5 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 58.6º - 82.8º
22.5 23:59 @grumpymartian Nah Twitter killed that off years ago
22.5 23:42 In 2023, is there a (free) service still inexistence that would send me a text every time an account tweets?
22.5 20:27 
As part of their continuing "we're really lazy, let's just use potato chip flavours" series, here now are ULTIMATE CHEDDAR DORITOS which are really just Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles orange blasted onto the ol' standard corn tortilla chips you know and love and secretly wish were Nacho Cheese (fun fact: in Britain they're called TANGY CHEESE because I have no earthly idea) because, yes, all of this just doesn't work as well when it's NOT on a rrridged potato chip. I passed on these the first time I saw them figuring they'd be kinda boring - and then Bonita said almost exactly that, which didn't motivate me - but Target had them and they were on "sale" and I was like "gotta catch 'em all" so here we are eating junk food on a Monday but don't worry, a big bowl o' kale is coming right up to balance that out.
22.5 16:44 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
22.5 15:40 RT @POTUS: Our Administration won't stop fighting to get everyone access to the mental health care they need to live full and happy lives.

Treatment works. And there's no shame in seeking it.

Call or text 988 if you or someone you know needs support. We have your back.
22.5 15:00 GEN closing quote: 17.06 ▲0.86 (Range: 16.44 - 17.14)
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