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5.7 19:06 
Well, it's not Costco but it'll probably do - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
5.7 18:52  Hey guess which dumbass left his Costco card at home - Costco (Maplewood, MN)
5.7 18:05 
Hey so uh anybody got a bluesky invite
5.7 16:58 
    The July cheque always makes it out later - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
5.7 15:00 GEN closing quote: 18.04 ▼0.41 (Range: 17.99 - 18.30)
5.7 12:39 
Listened to Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam - Jax Jones Remix
5.7 11:17 
Donut Shop
5.7 10:58 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
5.7 10:26 
Listened to The Chemical Brothers - Live Again (feat. Halo Maud)
5.7 09:57 
Listened to Nick Muir - All One Word - Trilucid 2AM Extended Mix
5.7 09:51 
Listened to Nick Muir - All One Word - Trilucid Midnight Extended Mix
5.7 09:45 
Listened to Nick Muir - All One Word - Trilucid 2AM Mix
5.7 09:41 
Listened to Nick Muir - All One Word - Trilucid Midnight Mix
5.7 09:37 
Listened to Nick Muir - All One Word
5.7 09:30 
Listened to Craig Connelly - Other Side of the World - Extended Mix
5.7 09:22 
Listened to Craig Connelly - Other Side of the World
5.7 09:11 
Listened to The Sabres of Paradise - Smokebelch II - David Holmes Mix
5.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 67.1º - 79.2º - 0.77" rain
4.7 23:57 
Listened to HVOB - Essential Mix 2022-03-26
4.7 15:36  Sadly, changes to their APIs (and because their figureheads suck) are preventing me from importing my Twitter and Facebook activity onto this page, so it's gonna look a whole lot less active than I really am online. This may not be a bad thing?
4.7 15:00 Markets closed - Independence Day
4.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 69.8º - 92.5º
3.7 23:16 
 Well it DID end early, so back here to meet Andy one last time - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 22:15 
From Milwaukee, it is Convert (@convertsaves /
3.7 21:20 
It is shadingthesun (@shadingthesun /
3.7 20:27 
It is Cult Sequence (@cultsequence /
3.7 19:49 
 Shoooow! Golly did it HAVE to start at 7.30 tho?! - Convert, Shadingthesun, Cult Sequence, and Stranger Gallery - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 19:44 
Joined in progress, it is Stranger Gallery (@strangergalleryband /
3.7 19:14 
 Sneaking in for some SUPER SALE SODA and maybe a PowerBall ticket - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 17:53 
Listened to Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
3.7 15:00 GEN closing quote: 18.45 ▼0.10 (Range: 18.37 - 18.63)
3.7 09:58 UPDATE: Global Entry appointments opened up at MSP for THIS FRIDAY! I just grabbed the last one of the day, they'll love me.
3.7 09:02 
Listened to Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
3.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 67.5º - 89.2º
2.7 23:12 
I'm late, but I found her - I also made sure we were looking at her phone and not at mine when I took mine, so... more to come from better angles
(Fraternal Order of Eagles)
2.7 22:36 
  In search of North Carolinans - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
2.7 16:56 
 Thank you Twins for half off! - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
2.7 15:49 
Listened to Diplo - Essential Mix 2022-03-19
2.7 15:31  Looking at Asian food again - EBISU Life Store (Bloomington, MN)
2.7 14:22 
 My second job is playing Pokémon GO - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
2.7 14:22  Mall Of America West Parking Ramp (Bloomington, MN)
2.7 13:47 
Listened to The Great Depression - Satellite
2.7 13:43 
Listened to The Great Depression - We Could Be Changed
2.7 02:44 
I go into the VFW through the back door - I mean, I park back there and there's no line... unlike at the front. With my ID ready, I tried to present it but the security guy said "didn't I already stamp you? Don't you have a wrist band already?" Without missing a beat, I said "I think you probably have me confused with some other guy wearing the same shirt," and he was like "OH YEAH" which was hilarious - especially since that's TOTALLY what happened by the time I DID see Bobby out on the floor before his DJ set. I honestly can't remember if we'd met face to face before tonight as I think I really (re)learned about him during pandemic times and I was shocked to see how close our beards were. Slap a hat on me to hide my hair and I can definitely see how we'd confuse a security guy at a quick glance. Anyway here's the "I got the memo" photograph - there were at least three of these shirts out at the VFW tonight and here's two of 'em. I bet you wish you'd bought o!
ne NOW! Also the FUNK OF JULY event was super funky and I wish you could've been there with us.
2.7 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 66.2º - 85.8º
1.7 21:15 
 FUNK OF JULY - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
1.7 19:00 
Ah, Hardee's, it never gets old
1.7 18:45 
Early game means it's still light out on the bus back, so no party lights... but it's the last one of the year and I can't break my streak of sexy photos. Remember, LACK IVES ATTE
1.7 18:03 
AURORA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! A PERFECT 12-0-0 regular season! #AuroraFC 7 #ChicagoCitySC 0 #undefeated #champs
1.7 16:55 
HALFTIME: #AuroraFC 1 #ChicagoCitySC 0
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