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25.1 03:04 
Bring on Tracy Morgan RT @RickandMorty:
12.12 00:16 
Truly, it Adult Swim Yule Log
8.10 02:08 
Thus far the Venture Bros. have not returned. :'(
25.4 09:49 
You're a boy who was a man who is a tree
Perfect hair forever
27.3.21 03:13 
THREE AM THOUGHTS: EVERY time Adult Swim slots in the original "12 oz. Mouse" I am....just spellbound. It's inexplicable, yet inexplicably great
16.12.20 03:13 
I'd be Jo Firestone's friend in zero cookies, but I also believe it would be highly unlikely for our paths to cross
30.11.20 13:59 
Hi @adultswim! If you have any staff* left, could you please have someone fix your email subscriptions page ( so that unsubscribing actually works?

*or lay off the people composing the spam, whatever's easier
25.8.20 16:06 
Now, more than ever
(Relaxing Old Footage With Joe Pera)
17.8.20 22:28 
@albertxii I was off by one, but I also fall asleep to Adult Swim 7 nights a week
16.8.20 02:30 
Golly! (This has existed since March without me knowing!)
(Samurai & Shogun (Rick and Morty))
16.8.20 02:23 
Mmmmm! Is this canonical?
(Rick and Morty vs. Genocider)
15.8.20 02:48 
Moltar, are you aware of the health risks caused by tallboys?
24.4.20 11:29 
"Pierre" with the only take that matters
13.4.20 19:47 
D'you think when Chloe from Colleyville, TX agreed to do this anti-vaping spot she had any inkling she'd be on Adult Swim about 50 times a night and how ANXIOUS does THAT make her
30.3.20 20:42 
Less #TheBigShowShow, more #AquaTVShowShow
17.1.20 23:31 
Dang.... those Joe Pera Talks With You episodes tonight
17.1.20 23:15 
@danlicatasucks @midnight Well that was a bit of an understatement
15.2.19 03:51 
My closet door just spontaneously opened on its own...clearly my house is falling apart around me, the foundation shifting imperceptibly in subzero temperatures
30.1.19 03:14 
Holy crap Adult Swim is re-airing the "Welcome To Eltingville" pilot which is super close to 17 years old - "ECW! ECW! ECW!" (cc: Joel)
8.10.18 02:31 
19.9.16 18:13 
:'( :) (Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Idlewild South)
13.9.16 12:38 
RT @CRZ: "Moltar, are you aware of the health risks caused by tallboys?"
19.4.16 01:30 
I have enjoyed this ad every time I've seen it, so now I'm making you enjoy it! ("Adult Swim: Bob's Burgers Opera Ad")
14.2.16 23:29 
Ahhhh what would I do without fresh "Venture Bros.?" So great!
23.8.15 23:44 
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever 11x8 "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We F....)
21.8.15 19:40 
A chance to be emotional on Sunday that doesn't involve SummerSlam; the allegedly final episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" will air. (Video shared by Off the Air)
18.8.15 20:15 
Reblogged from Rick 'n' Morty (animated GIF)
15.8.15 03:03 
It's on! (Link to YouTube video: "Off the Air: Animals")
25.7.15 03:26 
It's a good show (Link to YouTube video: "Off the Air: Colors")
24.7.15 15:28 
We'll know it's serious if they redub "China, IL" and Dean has someone else's voice
26.6.15 23:31 
@Markysparkly Not better! Only 90 minutes left here though so I'll be watching Adult Swim sooner than I think
25.6.15 00:41 
PRO TIP LIFE HACK: That episode of "Family Guy" you've seen 1,000 times is BRAND NEW after you hit "SAP" to get the Spanish feed
8.6.15 02:31 
Adult Swim is STILL playing this "Alberto del Rio" Ad Council/Fatherhood ad:
15.5.15 11:55 
Adult Swim Upfront News (from a week ago)
4.2.15 01:21 
19.1.15 23:37 
(sighs, sets DVR for 2:30am)
19.1.15 23:36 
17.1.15 00:26 
I'm...getting overly excited for the Venture Bros. special coming Monday night?
4.1.15 23:15 
@adultswim Could you please play the "Rick & Morty" DVD/Blu-ray commercial another ten thousand times?
28.10.14 14:12 
Mike Tyson Mysteries 1x1: "The End"
22.10.14 22:30 
"Moltar, are you aware of the health risks caused by tallboys?"
7.9.14 02:31 
OBEY CARL (Video: Carl's Lock - 2014 Season 1: Vikings Vs. Rams)
5.9.14 03:42 
So was the pixelated guy on this Loiter Squad episode Frank Ocean or what?
10.8.14 02:44 
Oh shit Honey just gave Dr. Gel an Emerald Frosien and namechecked Misawa - that's it, I'm outta here
10.8.14 02:25 
Whoa, worlds collide! A Korakuen Hall reference on SPACE☆DANDY!
6.7.14 03:15 
If you had 71 minutes in the pool, you win! Off to bed
6.7.14 02:33
6.7.14 02:25
6.7.14 02:22 
As I experiece Skillet's drum solo, hot damn, it will never not blow my mind that this actually aired on television at one time
6.7.14 02:04 
♪ Some people like their cod
some people slop them hogs
Me I do it different
I grow big ol' fat corndogs ♪

Where's that mustard at
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